24 min 8:10
Man Charged For DISGUSTING Threat Against AOC
This Texas man has been charged for a plot to assassinate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
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1 hour 6:53
NYT Editor FIRED For Biden Inauguration Tweet
The New York Times fired an editor for saying she got "chills." Ana Kasparian and Benjamin Dixon discuss on The Young Turks. Support TYT by becoming a member: tyt.com/join Read more HERE
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1 hour 23:26
Jimmy Dore Is WRONG About The Boogaloo Boys
Why is Jimmy Dore interviewing right-wing extremists?
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2 hours 8:51
Bernie To Democrats: Check Yourselves Before You Wreck Yourselves
Senator Bernie Sanders has a warning for weak Democrats.
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3 hours 15:36
Bernie's Challenge To Republicans: I Dare You To Oppose My Covid Relief Package
Bernie Sanders dares Republicans to oppose his Covid relief package.
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1 day 17:03
Critics DUNK on Ben Shapiro's New Movie
Ben Shapiro is VERY upset about the Rotten Tomato score of his new movie.
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1 day 13:02
STUDY: Trump's Social Media Ban Had HUGE Impact on Election Misinformation
Election misinformation PLUMMETS after Trump's social media ban.
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1 day 15:31
Trump's WORST Moments As President
Trump's most bitch ass moments as President.
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1 day 8:19
Senate Democrats Fighting To Make Voting Easier
Senate Democrats are working to make voting easier.
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2 days 8:42
Trump Headed To Prison?
Should Donald Trump go to prison? Cenk Uygur, Aida Rodriguez, and Dr. Rashad Richey discuss on The Young Turks.
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2 days 16:45
Can Biden Unite America?
Is Biden capable of uniting the country? Cenk Uygur, Aida Rodriguez, and John Iadarola discuss on The Young Turks.
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2 days 11:42
Surprising Quarantine Work From Home Trend
Why are some men still wearing suits while working from home?
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2 days 9:43
This Sucker Paid Trump Crony For a Pardon That He Didn't End Up Getting
Trump crony Matt Schlapp was paid for a pardon that never happened. Ana Kasparian, Ramesh Srinivasan, and Adrienne Lawrence discuss on The Young Turks.
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2 days 2:14:40
Replay: TYT LIVE: Republicans BLAME Trump For Everything
In the first hour: Senator Ron Johnson tells Joe Biden to choose between impeachment and a cabinet.
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2 days 5:27
AOC Skipped Biden's Inauguration To Help Union Workers Strike
What Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did instead of going to Joe Biden's inauguration.
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2 days 10:23
AOC: A Congressman Tried To Bring A Gun Into Congress
Representative Andy Harris recently tried to bring a gun onto the house floor.
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3 days 15:55
Where Biden Stands on Filibuster Fight
Here's who's still defending the filibuster.
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3 days 10:29
Biden Breaking Campaign Promises on Tax Cuts?
Will Biden REALLY reverse Trump's tax cuts?
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3 days 10:23
Biden Invokes Defense Production Act, Signs Executive Orders to Fight Covid
President Biden is taking bold steps to increase vaccine production and distribution.
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3 days 14:03
REPORT: Systemic Racism in Covid Vaccine Distribution
Texas withholding Covid vaccine from communities in need.
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3 days 12:33
When Trump's Second Impeachment Trial Is Happening
Trump's SECOND Impeachment Trial could start next week.
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3 days 6:49
President Biden Draining Trump's Swamp
President Biden is going to work on reversing Trump's corruption.
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3 days 11:39
Proud Boys Meltdown "Trump Didn't Save Us!"
The Proud Boys and some QAnon groups are done with Trump, calling him weak for not pardoning them.
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4 days 12:37
These Democrats Preemptively Surrendered Filibuster Fight
Will Chuck Schumer cave to POWERLESS Republicans?
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4 days 11:20
George Bush Attacks Bernie Sanders During Biden Inauguration
George W. Bush to Rep. Clyburn: Thanks for stopping Bernie Sanders.
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4 days 16:18
How Biden Can Fix Trump's Economy
The U.S. economy is continuing to slide downward, how will President Biden turn it around?
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4 days 11:00
Biden: Trump LIED About Vaccine Surplus and Left No Distribution Plan
Trump lied about very serious details of Operation Warp Speed.
120 342
4 days 8:47
AOC on Ted Cruz: "Senators Need To Be Competent"
Princeton elitist Senator Ted Cruz pretends to be a man of the people.
215 441
5 days 13:45
Trump Pardons Steve Bannon
Reminder, Steve Bannon was accused of STEALING from Trump supporters.
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5 days 11:18
Who Trump Pardoned on His Last Day
Trump went on a pardoning spree on his last day in office.
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