3 days 13:40
Tucker Carlson Called "Worst Human Being" To His Face
A Montana man called out the "worst human being" Tucker Carlson to his face, and it has right-wingers triggered so hard.
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3 days 8:21
Viral Video Accuses Police Misconduct, But Is It Real?
A video went viral accusing cops of planting evidence after a traffic stop, but body camera video disputes those claims.
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3 days 16:48
YouTubers Blow Whistle On Vax Disinformation Plot
Two European YouTubers were approached to make paid vaccine disinformation content for an unnamed client, and instead went public to expose the misinformation." Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss
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3 days 20:07
Frito-Lay Worker Tells of HORRIFIC Work Experience
Brandon Ingram was severely injured working on the job at Frito-Lay, and what happened next is truly terrifying. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks. Watch LIVE weekdays 6-8 pm ET.
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4 days 12:45
Kids Are Hiding Vaccines From Anti-Vaxx Parents
New reporting from Slate are showing how kids and young adults are sneaking their COVID vaccines from their anti-vaxxer parents. Ana Kasparian and Dr.
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4 days 10:20
Anti-Vaxxers Are Dying, Pleading For Vaccines
A Sacramento woman is pleading for people to get vaccinated after her vaccine-hesitant husband died from COVID-19. Ana Kasparian and Dr.
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4 days 6:09
Politician Uses DISGUSTING Racial Slur in Meeting
A local elected official in Alabama casually used the n-word in reference to a colleague, causing her to leave the hearing crying.
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4 days 7:26
Capitalist Children's Book Releases DUMPSTER FIRE Ad
There is a new children's book geared toward the most freedom-loving and capitalist kids out there, and it is as laughable as you can imagine.
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4 days 13:48
Eric Swalwell Calls Out "Pro-Wrestling" Republicans
Democrat Eric Swalwell is calling out just how fake Republican members of congress are. Ana Kasparian and Francesca Fiorentini discuss on The Young Turks. Watch LIVE weekdays 6-8 pm ET.
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4 days 7:16
EXPOSED: Sean Hannity's COVID Hypocrisy
Sean Hannity can't recommend the COVID vaccine because he's not a doctor, but that didn't stop him from hawking hydroxychloroquine earlier. John Iadarola, Kenya Evelyn, and Charles F. Coleman Jr.
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5 days 8:12
Deforestation Brings The Amazon To The Brink
Due to recent fires and deforestation, the Amazon rainforest may no longer be a carbon trapping area but actually a carbon emitter.
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5 days 8:46
Turning Point USA Cancels VIP Attendee
A right-wing adult actress who purchased a VIP ticket to the Turning Points USA conference in Florida - before being removed and banned from the event.
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5 days 9:44
CNN Host Gets Punked By Trump Author
Noted author Michael Wolff and CNN host Brian Stelter, argued who was worse on Stelter's CNN show Reliable Sources.
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5 days 11:45
Insane Kid RESENTS $100,000 Gift From Parents
A college student received a $100,000 gift from his parents, and that he was resentful for such a large gift. Ana Kasparian and Wosny Lambre discuss on The Young Turks. Watch LIVE weekdays 6-8 pm ET.
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5 days 10:09
How To END Racial Discrimination in Foster Care
Los Angeles County is starting a new plan to help end racial discrimination in the foster care system through the use of a new technique called "blind removal." Ana Kasparian and Wosny Lambre
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5 days 5:23
Anti-Maskers Caught ATTACKING Cancer Patient
People protesting Los Angeles's new mask mandate attacked a cancer patient outside a medical facility. John Iadarola, Kenya Evelyn, and Charles F. Coleman Jr.
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6 days 44:17
Old School: July 19, 2021
Jayar, Brett, and David Shuster host. Brett is banned from Old School. Jayar's trip to Baton Rouge. Baton Rouge's Vaccination rates. Brett's travel anxiety. How to die. Planning fights.
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6 days 16:50
Man Loses $30 MILLION Building Trump's Wall
A man in Texas spent $30 million to build his own version of Trump's border wall, and now he wants to be paid for his work.
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6 days 7:24
Right-Wingers TRIGGERED Over Team's New Name
Right-wingers on social media are losing it after the Cleveland Indians officially became the Cleveland Guardians.
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6 days 8:28
NFL Unveils Harsh Rules for Unvaccinated Outbreaks
The NFL revealed new rules and penalties for unvaccinated outbreaks, that could result in forfeit games and loss of revenue.
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6 days 11:22
Republican Governor Blames The Unvaccinated For COVID New Outbreaks
The Alabama Governor Kay Ivey, a noted Republican, took to blaming the unvaccinated for Alabama's continued COVID problems.
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6 days 7:12
Tucker Gets Sean Hannity To Backtrack On Vaccines
Sean Hannity is taking back his pro-science, take-COVID-seriously message from earlier, telling viewers to be safe but not going so far as to recommend the vaccine.
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6 days 15:10
Republicans Eating Each Other Over Riot Committee
Republicans are in a fit over recent developments in the Capitol Riot Committee selection process.
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6 days 15:58
Republicans INSANE Dr. Fauci Attacks Ramp Up
After Rand Paul and Dr. Anthony Fauci got into it at a Senate hearing, Rep. Madison Cawthorn says he wants to jail Fauci. John Iadarola, Kenya Evelyn, and Charles F. Coleman Jr.
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6 days 12:36
Trump CAUGHT Scamming Supporters Again
Trump raised more than $75 million for his election defense and auditing PAC, but so far none of that money has gone to anything election-related. John Iadarola, Kenya Evelyn, and Charles F.
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7 days 10:17
Karen Kicked Off Plane for Insane Disney Rant
A woman was removed from a flight for going on a strange, oddly homophobic rant targeted toward Disney. Ana Kasparian and Dr. Rashad Richey discuss on The Young Turks. Watch LIVE weekdays 6-8 pm ET.
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7 days 8:45
Matt Gaetz & Marjorie Greene's Grifting Tour Loses THOUSANDS
Reps. Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene's barnstorming "America First" fundraising tour is actually costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars. Ana Kasparian and Dr.
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7 days 5:27
Woman Confronts Thief That Stole Her Car
For three days Bianca Chambers tracked down her own stolen car, and apprehended the suspect on her own - and that has police upset. Ana Kasparian and Dr.
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7 days 8:17
Charlie Kirk's Brain Melts Explaining Anti-Vaxx Conspiracy
Charlie Kirk tried to fearmonger vaccine safety by claiming that over 1 million people had died from the COVID vaccine, falsely citing the VAERS database. Ana Kasparian and Dr.
40 333
7 days 9:09
Liz Cheney Doesn't Hold Back On Republican Leader
Liz Cheney called House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy "despicable and disgraceful" in his move pulling Republicans from the Capitol Riot Committee. Ana Kasparian and Dr.
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