23 hours 9:59
Ghosts Of Tuskegee Experiment Haunt COVID Vaccine
What happens when the racist history of medical experimentation on Black people, convinces African Americans not to get the life saving COVID-19 vaccine?
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1 day 8:00
Why Congress Must Lower the Medicare Age
Congress must lower the Medicare Age to save the lives of older Americans. Why does turning 65 mark such a visible transition point in preventing illness and death? The answer is simple: Medicare.
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1 day 11:27
Civilization-Ending Climate Change is Knocking On Our Door
Emperor Nero, it’s said, fiddled while Rome burned; If you don’t want our politicians to continue to follow his example while the world burns, get politically active now.
2 967
1 day 4:42
We're Still in Danger of Trump & His Extremist Followers
America is at a tipping point and in danger of losing our democracy thanks to Trump and his extremist followers.
3 932
1 day 9:20
"4th Turning" Is Here: Which Path Will We Take?
Things seem bleak, but it’s that very bleakness that history tells us produces movements to overthrow psychopathic oligarchs.
5 409
2 days 12:03
Dr Jason Box Says We're On "Catastrophic Path." (w/ Dr. Jason Box)
Dr Jason Box talks about the alarming rate the arctic is malting and likens us to the frogs as they slowly warm up.
5 491
2 days 9:58
If Infrastructure is Defeated the Outlook is Grim (w/ Prof Richard Wolff)
What will be the impact on America if the 3.5 infrastructure is passed or defeated? If it passes we can do something about climate change and put people to work. Is it fails - the outlook is grim.
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2 days 8:45
Delta Variant: What Do We Do Now?
How will America respond to alarming new info about the Delta Variant Covid 19?
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2 days 9:54
Donald J. Trump's Catastrophic Final Year (w/ Philip Rucker)
Does the reporting of Jan 6 by the Pentagon, differ from what happened? Should we be worried about that? The riots at the Capital were part of Donald J.
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3 days 5:14
Will Americans Catch On to GOP "Freedom Scam?
More Americans are seeing through the “freedom” scam & are leaving the Republican Party in droves. How will they market voter suppression as their latest twist on “freedom”? You know they'll try...
5 231
3 days 10:58
Climate Change: Can We Stop Deadly New Phase? (w/ Dr. Michael Mann)
Has the world left tackling climate change too late and have we hit the climate change tipping point?
4 288
3 days 4:42
Hawley & White Supremacist Buddies Wrote “Love America Act”
White supremacy, racism & the rest of America subsidizing Red states weren’t just realities in 1787: they’re alive and well today & Hawley and his white supremacist buddies want to keep it that way.
2 798
3 days 3:54
GOP Interrupts Jan 6th Hearing To Lie To America
Marjorie Taylor Greene and other members of the GOP held a press conference to lie to America about the January 6th attack on the capitol. According to them, it was Nancy Pelosi's fault. Really!?
5 174
4 days 6:19
Caller Wants Black Lives Matter Arrested After January 6th?
Misled right winger caller thinks that Black Lives Matter and Antifa need to be prosecuted but his reasons are nothing but whataboutism... 🔴 Subscribe for more clips like this: youtube.
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4 days 11:54
Jan 6 Committee Hearings – As Important as Watergate (w/ Eric Holder)
The attack on democracy on January 6 was an attempt to subvert the democratic process and prevent the peaceful transfer of power.
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4 days 12:32
How Should Americans Feel When Anti-Vaxxers Catch Covid?
Should we have compassion or disgust for anti-vaxxers that are dying? What about the anti-vaxxers that caught Covid that promoted misinformation?
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4 days 4:31
How Does America Defend Itself from the Death Cult Grifters?
Researchers & regulators say Joseph Mercola, a physician, makes and profits from misinformation claims about Covid-19 vaccines.
3 398
5 days 6:12
Is Demanding Vaccine Passports Bullying?
Thom disagrees with anti-vaxxer caller when he is accused of bullying them.
1 474
5 days 12:07
All About the Lambda Variant, Vaccine Passports & More. (w/ Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding)
Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding weighs in on the Lambda variant coming, and the most important cautions we can take. Are Americans going to find that they will need vaccination passports to go almost anywhere?
3 137
5 days 5:24
Healthcare Parasites are Sucking Americans Dry
The only way to deal with parasites is to remove them from their host.
2 574
6 days 8:06
Will Next Financial Crisis Be Caused By Climate Change?
There's another looming economic crisis coming... Climate change.
2 930
7 days 8:49
Is New COVID Strain So Deadly Anti-Vaxxers Are Switching Sides?
Why are the Anti-Vaxxer GOP Now Telling Folks to get Vaccinated? Is the Mass Deaths & Destruction About to Arrive With the Delta Variant - Freaking Out the GOP?
6 622
7 days 3:25
Texas Says "You can't teach the Ku Klux Klan is Morally Wrong"
In a new political low in Texas, the Republican-dominated state Senate has passed a bill to eliminate a requirement that public schools teach that the Ku Klux Klan and its white supremacist campaign
3 669
8 days 2:53
Is America Normalizing Terrorism?
Why Aren't We Treating Trump Terrorists Just Like Any Other Terrorist? It is appearing that Trumpist terror groups are organizing and planning violence in the name of Trump... Again?
2 337
8 days 11:27
How the GOP Delivers More Crime to America?
Inequality causes crime because it destroys social trust, the core fabric of any society: Without social trust, empathy and shared values disintegrate and culture begins to collapse.
3 186
8 days 10:26
Breaking News: More Flint Water Crisis Cover-Up Exposed(w/ Jordan Chariton)
There may be more to the Flint water crisis then originally known. It gets worse.
3 445
9 days 8:29
Fox News Fact Check: FAIL (w/ Dean Obeidallah)
A recent Consumer Protection Act empowers the FTC to investigate and punish companies or people trying to profit from certain misinformation.
2 446
9 days 10:25
Sen. Bernie Sanders' Two Solutions to Healthcare & Infrastructure
Bernie Sanders knows how to save America and you just need to do these two things.
5 261
9 days 11:28
Why Is Your Internet So Expensive? (w/ Yosef Getachew)
Why is broadband in the US so slow and so expensive? Many have only the option of one provider or a couple where the price is held high. And why Americans don't have fast internet.
2 315
9 days 5:46
Can The U.S. Go From Empire to “Good Neighbor?”
If we're not going to be a force for good in the world, it’s time for us to close down our foreign military bases & operations & spend some time & money rebuilding this country, gutted by Reaganomics?
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