7 hours 3:44
He Normalized Can Trump Normalize A Coup?
Is Donald Trump trying to start a coup?
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8 hours 9:10
Was Trump Involved In Bolivia's Coup? (w/ Mark Weisbrot)
How much damage did the October 2019 coup in Bolivia do? The first indigenous president of Bolivia, Evo Moralas was ousted by a right wing coup, now indigenous Bolivians are in DANGER!
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9 hours 8:56
The Economics of Police Brutality and Racism (w/ Richard Wolff)
Police brutality and racism has cost the US trillions of dollars in the economy so why does it keep happening if racism and police brutality are not so draining on the economy?
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12 hours 6:02
Voter Purge Removes 3,000 Young Black Voters From Mysterious Hit List (w/ Greg Palast)
The Secretary of State of Georgia, Brad Raffensperger, removed over 3,000 people from the voter rolls, mostly young African American people, from mysterious voter hit list.
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1 day 6:32
Did You Hear the News Fox News Won't Tell You?
Donald Trump's slogan of fake news should be applied to the right, not only are they lying to the American people, but they are also ignoring vital information.
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1 day 5:31
Is Believing Trump A Fatal Condition? (w/ Kristin Urquiza)
Kristin Urquiza father died of Covid-19. Mark Urquiza loved his family and his only pre-condition, was trusting Donald Trump.
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1 day 8:59
Is DeSantis Letting Floridians Run Over Protesters? (w/ Nikki Fried)
Ron DeSantis says it is OK to attack protesters with bricks or cars in the run-up to the election. Is he allowing vehicular homicide just to put return to Trump’s good graces?
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1 day 9:12
2020: The Stakes Have Never Been Higher...
Does the replacement of Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court change what your 2020 election plans? Will conservatives start voting blue and will you start getting people active?
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2 days 3:52
The Right Is Organized, Can We Organize The Left?
The right has think tanks, foundations, organizations on every level but where are the left's organizations? Where are the progressive think tanks?
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2 days 9:16
Will They Turn New Mexico Into Nuclear Waste Dump? (w/ Kevin Kamps)
A proposed Nuclear Waste dump site could send all of New Mexico into Nuclear Winter.... Kevin Kamps of Beyond Nuclear joins the Thom Hartmann program!
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2 days 8:11
Trump’s Unseen Modern Day American Genocide...
Donald Trump said that the corona virus affects almost no one, 200,000 Americans no longer with us, would disagree...
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2 days 6:38
Inside Trump's 'Race Horse Theory' The Genes Of Authoritarianism
Is this the start of a new eugenics movement, a new authoritarianism where our place in society is decided by our genes?
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3 days 10:31
Will Trump's Supreme Court End Your Marriage & Take Your Healthcare? (w/ Alphonso David)
The Trump administration is generally against LGBTQ people and may now elect a new judge to the Supreme Court to follows the same mantra.
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3 days 6:23
Is ICE Hiding Grotesque Crimes Through Forced Surgery On Women?
Donald Trump's private army in ICE, immigration and Customs Enforcement, are performing hysterectomies on imprisoned women and girls, are they doing this, to hide the pregnancies resulting from wide
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3 days 9:28
Justice Ginsburg's Replacement Could Change Everything...
Ruth Bader Ginsberg has died, and while everybody is focusing on abortion, the Supreme Court, if it falls into hard-core conservative hands, could do massive damage to the entire spectrum of life in
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3 days 8:46
Will Donald Trump Destroy America? (w/ Sarah Kendzior)
if we don't stop Donald Trump now, we will not have an opportunity to do so later...could Trump destroy America? Sarah Kendzior joins Thom Hartmann for the disrurbing answer.
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4 days 3:53
Trump Stole 2016. Will He Steal 2020 Election?
Three million more Americans voted for Hillary Clinton than for Donald Trump, however Trump somehow still won... Can Trump lose again in 2020 only to retain the presidency again....
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6 days 6:12
Is There A Global Movement Behind Donald Trump?
Is Donald Trump backed by international support aimed at nothing short but the merger of corporate and state power?
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6 days 9:54
Is The Nuclear Industry Holding Democracy Hostage? (w/ David Kraft)
The Nuclear industry is forcing you to pay massive bail outs to a failed, expensive technology, and now they have democracy in a hostage situation!
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6 days 9:22
Media Manipulation: Why Aren't Newspapers Challenging Trump?
Why aren't newspapers calling for Trump to resign? After everything he has done, it seems like the right thing to do!
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6 days 8:36
Trump's October Surprise Could Be Explosive! (w/ Dr. Trita Parsi)
Mike Pompeo is planning an October surprise. What surprise? Declaring an ‘election’ war on someone? Is the plan to start a conflict with Iran?
19 972
7 days 7:03
Can These Three Brothers Defeat Trump? (w/ Brett Meiselas)
Can media defeat Trump? What if there was a way to throw all the media coverage against him?
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7 days 9:39
Is Herd Immunity Fake News?
Donald Trump's plan to use the already failed strategy of herd immunity might run into a problem....
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7 days 9:03
Will Trump's Heard Immunity Economy Crash? (w/Prof. Richard Wolff)
Donald Trump's plan for COVID-19 is herd immunity, and the effects of this dangerous policy could crash the remains of our economy, Richard Wolff joins in for this special and grim warning.
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7 days 7:59
Trump’s Failure Could Kill Six Million Americans!
The Trump administration has decided pursue a herd immunity strategy to deal with the coronavirus.
10 973
7 days 9:27
Are Apocalyptic” Wildfires Just a Warming ? (w/ Dr. Gary Yohe)
As these fires continue to blaze, the consensus from experts is clear: the mounting climate crisis is already here and is exacerbating these wildfires, and climate action is needed to stop the harm
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8 days 7:15
Trump Rolls Out His Final Solution for COVID-19
Trump and his circle appear to be such virulent White Supremacists that even public health policy is contaminated by their deep-seated, long-held racism. A new administration can’t come fast enough.
18 826
8 days 6:16
Is ICE Hiding Mass Rape With Illegal Eugenics Programs?
ICE has consistantly been accused of sexual assault, now they could be getting rid of the "evidence" through mass sterilization of imprisoned migrant women and girls...
2 913
8 days 9:04
Are You About to Be Evicted from Your Home? (w/ Judd Legum)
Despite the moratoriums, an increasing number of families are about to be evicted from their rented home, it into the winter weather.
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