31 min 4:16
How Far Did Trump Sink Republican Party?
Would any have believed that Republicans would go as low as Trump? Thom and a caller discuss the history of the Republican Party, from Reconstruction to Trump. Will there be any republicans left?
38 min 8:05
Six Republicans Stole Presidency We Can Stop The 7th
The last six Republican presidents stole their elections. We have a chance to stop the seventh. Impeachment is going to the senate Monday.
5 hours 18:09
The New Climate War (w/ Dr. Michael Mann)
What challenges do we currently face on climate change and are we now closer to achieving the action which has been sought for so long?
23 hours 3:20
Will Biden Take On Criminal Justice Reform?
One of the major criticisms of Joe Biden from the left was his participation in the 1994 crime bill. Now activists are calling on Biden to undo the damage he did.
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1 day 9:23
Biden Needs To Take These Steps To Heal America
Thom Hartmann reveals the three most important actions Joe Biden's administration can take, to restore democracy and heal America for four years of Donald Trump.
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1 day 8:49
Economist Radical Idea To Supercharge Economy (w/ Richard Wolff)
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2 days 5:51
Far Right Scared Everyone Will Get Healthcare
We are closer than ever to getting Universal heatlhcare. The far right knows this and they are running scared. Thom debunks the lies surronding Medicare for all.
4 160
2 days 9:58
Why The Far Right Fears Biden
The far right is scared of Joe Biden. And they want you to be scared too. Thom Hartmann exposes the new lie being spread by the far right about America's newest president.
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2 days 8:50
These Crimes Prove Money Corrupts Politics
Donald Trump is out of office, but money still have a seat in our democracy. Thom Hartmann goes through the historical of corrupt Republican presidents that prove money doesn't belong in politics.
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2 days 3:44
Should We Laugh At Trump's Sick Cult Now?
Celebrations are happening around the world. But should liberals and progressives sink to the level of mocking Donald Trump's supporters and fans.
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2 days 1:36:59
Thom Hartmann Program Live (01/20/2021)
The Inauguration of Joe Biden & Kamal Harris Call 202 808 9925 Subscribe for more clips like this: youtube.com/user/thomhartmann Join our Membership and Support the Channel
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2 days 1:31:43
Thom Hartmann Program Live (01/20/2021) Presidential Inauguration Special
The Inauguration of Joe Biden & Kamal Harris Call 202 808 9925 Subscribe for more clips like this: youtube.com/user/thomhartmann Join our Membership and Support the Channel
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2 days 3:55
Could Nat Guard Troops Turn on Biden?
The National Guard is being mobilized to protect against Trump's fans in case they try to stop the inauguration.
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2 days 9:07
Dark Money Turns Democracy Into Oligarchy
America is facing a “dark money” crisis & the supreme court is about to make it worse - Joe Biden must “pack the court”.
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2 days 7:28
Caller: Trump Supporter Can't Defend Trump Without Racism
A new challenge. Can any trump supporter defend Trump without going into anti-jewish conspiracy theories? This caller couldn't.
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3 days 2:30
Pelosi Won't Back Down - From What?
Nancy Pelosi won't back down after everything Trump put America through. So why does the right think she will?
4 111
4 days 6:00
Psychology of Mob Mentality (w/ Dr. Justin A. Frank)
What turned Trump's fans into a riot on January 6th? What happens to people in crowds and groups that brings out the worst of our impulses? Was it their violent far-right belief system?
4 580
4 days 6:03
America Can Never Get Rid Of Racism (w/ Joe Madison)
Can America ever get rid of racism? Joe Madison thinks that America will never exist without racism.
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4 days 9:13
Trump's Big Lie At War With Democracy
The media must explode this generation’s Big Lie: Donald Trump’s assertion that he really won the election and “voter fraud” handed a false victory to Joe Biden.
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4 days 10:04
The Black Women Who Paved the Way (w/ Judith Browne Dianis)
The first woman, a black south Asian woman, is sworn in as Vice-president on the USA. How will this affect black women as Kamala Harris takes her place in the White House and in history?
4 days 13:05
Do Your Friends Still Like Trump? (w/ Dr. Justin A. Frank)
What do Trump’s fans think about themselves? Their loss, hurt and rage is something Trump tapped in to during his run as president.
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4 days 6:40
Growing Up in Racist America (w/ Joe Madison)
What is he impact of racism in America today? What was it like growing up dealing with racism? Joe Madison shares his experiences and how racism affected him from the age of five.
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4 days 2:47
Debunking Right Wing Lies! There Were No Dueling Electors
The far right is trying to say that Joe Biden lost the election because of something called Dueling electors, where a state offers two competing slates of electors.
2 903
5 days 9:22
Did Big Oil Fund Trump's Insurrection? (w/ John Noël)
Big Oil is no stranger to funding coups and insurrections in the third world. John Noël from Green Peace may have proof that funded Trump's insurrection on Capitol Hill!
10 233
6 days 5:59
Did a Foreign Power Fund the Right Wing Riot?
New evidence suggests that a foreign power may have funded the far-right coup attempt by Trump's most vicious supporters. But who sent the money?
15 189
6 days 9:30
Right Blames Pelosi & Leftist For Trump Riot?
The right wing is blaming Nancy Pelosi, Democrats and "leftist" for Donald Trump's attempted coup on January 6th. This is what happens when the right wing is not held accountable.
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7 days 6:12
They Sold Out Democracy For Pocket Change
America's oligarch's have sold out Democracy just to get out of paying taxes. According to the rich, the price of suffering Americans, was worth it.
7 915
7 days 9:19
Trump Screamed Absurdities - They Committed Atrocity
Donald Trump's lies have led too many Americans into believing dangerous conspiracy theories, and now they are acting on it.
12 149
8 days 8:51
Where Did Your $50 trillion Go? (w/ Richard Wolff)
The gutting of the middle class has seen trillions of dollars, $50 trillion, since Regan, with trillions going to the rich. Where did your $50 trillion go?
13 175
8 days 10:14
Did Flint City Poison Residents For Profit? (w/ LaTricea Adams)
What if Flint's water crisis was a con by disgraced governor Rick Snyder to save the city barely one-hundred dollars a day?
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