9 hours 4:54
These 17 States Are Going Rigging The 2022 Election
Billionaires & racists who killed the GOP are now turning it into an anti-American insurgency, along the lines of the Confederacy.
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11 hours 9:52
Everything They Told You About Marxism Was a Lie (w/ Richard Wolff )
What is Marxism? America's media and Education systems either leave Marxism out altogether or tell you horror stories, but what if Marxism is only scary for the rich and powerful? Richard D.
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13 hours 11:16
Will Manchin Cause the Democrats to Lose Control of Senate?
Mother Jones is reporting that Joe Manchin confided to President Biden he is thinking of leaving the Democratic Party, if they do not meet his demands on on the proposed Democratic budget
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15 hours 3:09:47
The Thom Hartmann Program Live (10/20/2021)
National Progressive Townhall Meeting - Congressman Mark Pocan (full hour w/calls) (1)-- Professor Richard Wolff on Marxism (2)-- Is The Final Stage for the GOP & Democracy the 2022
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1 day 12:04
Weaponized Schoolboards Manipulated To Elect GOP Governor (w/ Judd Legum)
Judd Legum explains how Virginia school boards are being weaponized to elect a republican governor.
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1 day 6:59
Was This SCOTUS Judge Working With Jan 6th Coup Plotter?
Is Justice Clarence Thomas Going to Help the Supreme Court Blow Up the Jan 6th Investigation?
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1 day 10:33
The Middle Class Won't Survive Unless We Do Something Drastic
If if we want to stop the destruction of the remnants of the last generation's middle class, it all starts with taxing the rich: The time is long past due for us to roll back the Reagan tax cuts.
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1 day 3:11:01
The Thom Hartmann Program Live (10/19/2021)
There’s Nothing “Normal” About Having a Middle Class: It has to be Chosen-- When Will Voters Figure Out the Scam Rich Legislators Like Joe Manchin Are Running?
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1 day 3:03
Billionaires Are Telling Sinema to Jump & She Says, "How High"
The head of a Koch-tied group is urging Sinema to "stay strong" in her opposition to tax hikes on the rich. Right Wing Billionaires Are Telling Sinema to Jump & She Is Saying How High.
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2 days 11:52
Is Resistance To COVID Futile? (/w Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding)
Where are we at with this pandemic and is heard immunity going to happen? Winter is coming and boosters are delayed, kids are not vaccinated and there are potential dangers ahead.
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2 days 3:39
Fox News Freaks Out On Superman
Crazy Alert - Fox News is in a tizzy. They say, It's scary," and are terrorized that the "American Way" is removed from Superman's motto.
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2 days 9:56
How the Right-Wing Media has Caused More Death Than Tobacco
Now that rightwing media has arguably killed more Americans than has tobacco, it’s time to consider a strategy like we used with cigarettes to balance their deadly lies and misinformation ๐Ÿ”ด
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2 days 2:42
He Refused Vaccine Only For COVID Complications To Ruin His Life
His father was living alone, in fine mental and physical health until COVID took his indepence from him.
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3 days 3:55
Bad Weather Continues As Long As Manchin Serves Money
Manchin, the in the pockets of the Coal Lobby is stopping vital legislation to fight climate change, he gets paid but your children will be the ones paying the real price ๐Ÿ”ด Subscribe for more
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4 days 9:03
Leaked Documents Expose Amazon's Exploitation To Gobble Up America
We an break monopolies up just like Jimmy Carter did with Ma Bell & create a renaissance for America. How monopolies gobble Up America.
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5 days 2:49
WARNING: IF You See Trumpist Waving These Black Flags... RUN!
The Trumpists' latest threatening symbol is the black flag and it means the opposite of the white flag. It's a threat of violence & it's appearing on houses all over America.
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5 days 9:20
Trump's Hateful Plan Is Brought To Light
What they’ve created has taken on a life of its own & is now tearing America apart - Steve Bannon, echoing Hitler, predicted, “We’re putting together a coalition that’s gonna govern for 100 years”
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5 days 9:03
EXPOSED: These Rich Wall Street Billionaires Profit Off The Extreme Poverty They Caused!
We’re seeing massive homelessness in cities across America because a handful of Wall Street billionaires want to make a killing - Will America remove housing from their clutches?
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6 days 12:22
Why Is Mafia Merrick Garland Protecting Trump? (w/ Sarah Kendzior)
Why is Merrick Garland protecting Donald Trump and his attackers. A personal attorney to Donald Trump continues. And cover ups follow. Is Merrick Garland a Mafia State Enabler?
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6 days 11:14
Why The Work Requirement For Child Tax Credit Hurts Parents (w/ Rebecca Vallas)
Joe Manchin is messing up Biden's Child Tax Credit by adding a work requirement that will only hurt working parents.
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6 days 2:59
Trump WARNS GOP Over 2024 Election
Trump Just Announced a "Sophie's Choice" for the GOP - What Will They Do? Will the republics choose to end the GOP or the end of democracy?
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6 days 11:08
Is A GOP Fascist Plot Behind Texas Election Theft?
Here's a guide to Trump's 2024 plan - Can we stop him?
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7 days 10:57
Will These New Fossil Fuel Projects Make Climate Emergency Unwinnable? (w/John Beard, Jr. )
Why We Need to Declare a Climate Emergency & Stop All New Fossil Fuel Projects... ๐Ÿ”ด Subscribe for more clips like this: youtube.com/user/thomhartmann John Beard, Jr.
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7 days 11:01
Millions Quitting Their Job โ€“ WHY? (w/ Prof. Richard Wolff)
We're seeing changes in employment patterns and supply chains as a result of the pandemic - What changes are long term or short term and how will that change the economy?
18 976
7 days 10:17
What Happens If Americans Are Denied Peaceful Progressive Revolution?
Americans Begged Politicians for Peaceful Progressive Revolution for 40 years: Will It Happen?
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8 days 16:43
Until I Am Free: Fannie Lou Hamer (w/ Dr. Keisha N. Blain)
Who was Fannie Lou Hamer and what was her contribution to the black rights movement? The granddaughter of enslaved laborer, how did she rise to prominence in the Civil Rights movements?
8 days 2:58
Are Republicans The Most Mediocre People In The World?
How Trump's coup is being carried out by people of low talents who don't want a real job.
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8 days 9:55
Is There Time For Genuine Patriots to Rescue America?
How Far Down the Road Towards Fascism Has America gone? We are close to either a collapse or a renewal of democracy: which way will America go?
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8 days 19:37
Conversations w/Great Minds! The Brainwashing Of My Dad Part 2 (w/ Jen Senko)
Fox News is brainwashing America, how can we fight back against political propaganda? A radio changed Jen Senko's dad and divided... what can heal that divide?
2 484
9 days 18:45
Conversations w/Great Minds! The Brainwashing Of My Dad Part 1 (w/ Jen Senko)
How did a radio change Jen Senko's dad and divide America? Jen Senko reveals how Fox News brainwashed her dad in Thom Hartmann's Conversations with Great Minds.
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