6 hours 4:05
Thom Demolishes Anti-Vaccine Caller
Thom takes apart a misinformed anti-vaccine denier promoting a deadly lie. Was he a Russian troll or just a republican sucker?
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8 hours 9:13
Free-Market Censorship Scares Right-Winger (w/ Patrick Hedger)
This conservative professes fear of corporate censorship, but is fine with government censorship? Or is it the other way around?
10 hours 2:04
Proof Floyd Did Not Die of a Sudden Heart Attack
Thom explains what happened when his two family members had a sudden heart attack, and why Chauvin's defense doesn't make sense.
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20 hours 7:57
Will Brutal White Supremacists Be "Replaced?"
Just like the Confederacy, will white Supremacists become a lost cause in America?
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1 day 4:10
Could the Police Mistake a Gun for a Taser?
Questions surround how a 26 year veteran police officer could mistake a taser for a gun.
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1 day 6:10
Derek Chauvin Puts Dead Victim On Stand (w/Debbie Hines)
Why did Derek Chauvin's defense put George Floyd on Trial? Even going so far as to accuse Derek Chauvin's victim of drug use?
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1 day 9:15
Will the Dangerous Filibuster Get Nuked? (w/ Meagan Hatcher-Mays)
The filibuster is blocking important legislation for a vote. Is it time to nuke the filibuster so we improve our democracy?
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1 day 8:58
The Viral Plot to End Democracy Revealed
Thom exposes the effort to undermine Joe Biden and the Democrats by those who want to end the democracy experiment in the United States. The Viral Plot to End Democracy is Revealed.
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2 days 3:32
How Shameless Republicans Benefit When Covid Kills
What if the reason Republicans were ignoring a deadly pandemic was because they get more votes when more Americans die?
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2 days 9:15
How the Authoritarians are Conning White Bois
Republicans are playing with fire to take down Democracy, but they aren't the only people about to get burned. How the Authoritarians are Conning White Bois.
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2 days 9:14
Fukushima Nuclear Fish Coming to Your Plate, Happy? (w/ Kevin Kamps)
More nuclear waste is about to be released into the Pacific Ocean from Fukushima.
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4 days 8:30
Republican's Toxic Tie To Racism Blows Up
It is not traditional values, economic "freedom", the Republican party is run off this toxic idea from America's past and sadly present.
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5 days 3:44
Why Are Seniors Leaving Medicare Advantage?
Were you tricked into giving up Medicare for the very limiting privately owned, Medicare Advantage? One caller tells their difficult story switching back and how you can get back on Medicare too!
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5 days 5:33
Capitol Gains Loophole Cost US Billions! (w/ Ro Khanna)
This tax loophole is letting the rich keep money that should have been paid in taxes, can Congressman Ro Khanna close it?
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5 days 7:05
Why Did Floyd's Autopsy Leave Out Asphyxiation? (w/Debbie Hines)
Derek Chauvin's Trial now turns to the questions the autopsy of George Floyd raises.
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5 days 5:54
Conspiracy Says White People Are Being Replaced
Far Right conspiracy says that white men are being replaced and the cure is racism. Now we have to fight not only the racist but also the conspiracy theories that fuel their racism.
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6 days 6:12
Only Higher Taxes Can Save Democracy
Taxes are not only a good thing, but they may be the only thing that can save our democracy.
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6 days 3:32
Food Shortages Coming to America? (w/ Grace "Gracy" Olmstead)
Eat something before you watch this video, you might not get the chance tomorrow. Food is dominated by mega-corporations and they control your food supply.
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6 days 9:15
Can We Democratize The Economy? (w/ Richard Wolff )
America is supposed to be a democracy, so why don't you have a say in where the economy goes? Economic growth will bring technology which will produce less carbon. Vs.
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6 days 8:39
Who Should Pay Taxes? The Poor or the Rich? (w/ Charles Sauer)
Charles Sauer doesn't want corporations to pay any taxes but Thom Hartmann does. What happens when a libertarian debates a progressive?
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7 days 8:59
You're Throwing Away Profit & Planet (w/ Ron Gonen)
Americans could save the planet and make money at the same time, Ron Gonen explains how Closed Loop Partners is doing it.
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7 days 9:10
Dead Republicans Rise From Grave Against McConnell!
Republicans serving during reconstruction left modern American statemen a tool to fight Republicans today.
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7 days 6:36
Chauvin Trial Asks Is Torture Excessive Force! (w/ Debbie Hines)
The Nation watched Officer Chauvin torture George Floyd but even that is not enough in a court of law. Debbie Hines joins Thom Hartmann to discuss the latest from the Derek Chauvin trial.
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8 days 9:15
Did Republicans Send Christianity To Hell?
Have Republicans tainted Christianity so much that not even Jesus could save it?
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8 days 8:42
Democrats Can Pass Bills Without GOP Help!
Democrats can now pass much needed infrastructure bill without Republican support, will this be the case for future legislation?
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8 days 6:24
Chauvin Trial: Is Police Training at Fault? (w/ Debbie Hines)
What if Derek Chauvin's defense is telling the truth and Chauvin was trained to murder George Floyd? Far from making Derek Chauvin innocent, wouldn't that just mean the whole system is guilty?
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8 days 9:26
Climate Change's Fire Season Could Keep You Inside All Summer (w/ Dr. Michael Mann)
Climate change could make Fire Season 2021 worse than last year. This isn’t temporary. Summers of smoke could be the new normal due to man-made climate change.
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8 days 6:04
Do Republicans Want You Using Dial Up?
President Biden has a plan to connect America through broadband by treating the internet like a utility, but Republicans are furious.
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9 days 9:22
GOP Cancel Culture Obsession Revealed
The GOP is trying to cancel your social security, your Medicare, and your rights to vote, do you think that has anything to do with their obsession with Cancel Culture?
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9 days 20:01
Will Cyber Attacks Bring the End of the World? (w/ Nicole Periroth)
Could the next war be fought online? Cyber-attacks and cyber weapons could break into and cut power to Wall Street, the Pentagon and even your whole city.
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