2 days 2:28
Erika Hilton | Next Generation Leaders:
Erika Hilton became the first trans woman elected to the city council in São Paulo the same year murders of trans women surged by 45%.
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2 days 1:59
Rayner Loi | Next Generation Leaders
Rayner Loi's company, Lumitics, tracks food waste on a commercial scale to help businesses make smarter decisions about the food they use.
2 days 2:34
Rina Sawayama | Next Generation Leaders
With her music, the Japanese British singer-songwriter pushes Asian and queer representation to new heights See more of TIME's Next Generation Leaders
3 days 2:08
Sara Wahedi | Next Generation Leaders
Sara Wahedi's app, Ehtesab, crowdsources reports of bombings, shootings, roadblocks and more—giving residents of Kabul clarity amid chaos.
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3 days 2:57
Kodo Nishimura | Next Generation Leaders
Buddhist monks are typically trained to live austerely, wearing plain robes and few accessories. Kodo Nishimura does anything but.
3 days 2:20
Bismack Biyombo | Next Generation Leaders
Bismack Biyombo is raising funds to build schools and sports facilities, provide scholarships and improve health care in his home country.
4 days 3:41
William Shatner is Now the Oldest Person Ever to Leave Earth | TIME
Today William Shatner went to space—flying a popgun suborbital mission aboard a Blue Origin New Shepard spacecraft that took off at 10:50 AM EDT and carried him and three other passengers 100 km (62
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6 days 1:43
Timothée Chalamet | Next Generation Leaders
Ahead of the release of "Dune" and "The French Dispatch," Timothée Chalamet opens up about dealing with fame and breaking the Hollywood mold.
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11 days 4:47
Squid Game's Jung Ho-yeon Talks About Being Part of a Global Sensation | TIME
Jung Ho-yeon talked to TIME about reading the Squid Game script for the first time, relating to Sae-byeok’s sense of loneliness and how she envisions the future of her acting career.
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12 days 3:37:47
LIVE: Facebook Whistleblower Testifies To Senate About Leaked Documents
Frances Haugen, a former Facebook employee, revealed her identity on Sunday as the whistleblower who handed thousands of internal Facebook documents to Congress.
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17 days 2:45
Jane Goodall, a Portrait of Enduring Hope | TIME
Environmental activist Jane Goodall says she understands the bleak projections from climate scientists and the economic and political structures that hinder change.
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18 days 26:11
The Racial Politics of Abortion: A Short Film by Dawn Porter
(From 2016) Acclaimed filmmaker Dawn Porter 's intimate and personal view of the often-overlooked stories of Black women who seek out reproductive services in America.
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26 days 3:49
Allyson Felix and Tracee Ellis Ross | TIME100
2021 TIME100 Honorees Allyson Felix and Tracee Ellis Ross reflect on Allyson's record-breaking Tokyo Olympics, Tracee's expansive career in Hollywood, and how women have been shifting the system
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26 days 3:18
Bowen Yang and Nikole Hannah-Jones | TIME100
2021 TIME100 Honorees Bowen Yang and Nikole Hannah-Jones sit down for a conversation about The 1619 Project, what it's like breaking new barriers as an Asian-American comedian, and the pressures of
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28 days 2:36
Jensen Huang | TIME100
"Artificial intelligence is transforming our world.
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28 days 2:56
Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala | TIME100
"What will it take to vaccinate the world? Unity, cooperation—and leaders like Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.
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28 days 3:02
Kate Winslet: "We're not... achieving some strange idea of perfection that doesn't exist"
"I first auditioned Kate Winslet when she was 17. I thought she was 25. Such was her self-possession, presence and concentration in the room.
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28 days 2:32
Cathy Park Hong | TIME100
"When I read Cathy Park Hong’s Minor Feelings: An Asian American Reckoning, it felt like I was being shaken awake to something I had convinced myself wasn’t real.
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29 days 2:25
Inspiration4: Inside the SpaceX Crew Dragon | TIME
Here’s how you fly a SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft: Climb aboard; strap yourself in; close the hatch; fly to space.
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29 days 4:58
Inspiration4: What to Know About the Mission | TIME
After this mission, the history of human spaceflight will instantly be divided into two eras.
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30 days 2:43
Simone Biles | TIME100
"There’s something poetic about the way Simone Biles moves.
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30 days 2:59
Billie Eilish: "I have loved growing up"
"Billie Eilish is a unique soul, with a voice, style and attitude all unapologetically her own. I first met Billie at the Grammys this year.
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30 days 1:15
Inspiration4: SpaceX Launches First All-Civilian Crew Into Orbit | TIME
SpaceX's first private flight has blasted off with two contest winners, a health care worker and their rich sponsor.
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30 days 2:54
This Is What the World’s First Lab-Grown Fish Maw Tastes Like | TIME
TIME’s Amy Gunia tries the world’s first lab-grown fish maw. The Chinese delicacy was cultivated in a lab from fish cells by Hong Kong-based food tech start-up Avant Meats.
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31 day 4:28
Esperanza Spalding Performs "Formwela 9" | 2021 TIME100
TIME100 Alum Esperanza Spalding performs "Formwela 9." In this special series of TIME100 Talks, members of the #TIME100 community speak on resilience, innovation and equity. Presented by Citi.
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31 day 4:31
Juanes Performs "Odio Por Amor" | 2021 TIME100
TIME100 Alum Juanes performs "Odio Por Amor." In this special series of TIME100 Talks, members of the #TIME100 community speak on resilience, innovation and equity. Presented by Cadillac.
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33 days 31:45
Juanes, Misty Copeland, Sherrilyn Ifill | TIME100 Talks
Join TIME100 Talks featuring 2021 TIME100 honoree Sherrilyn Ifill and TIME100 alums Misty Copeland and Juanes. Presented by Cadillac.
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33 days 1:27
The 2021 Met Gala Highlights | TIME
The best red carpet looks from fashion's biggest night, the annual Met Gala.
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34 days 25:30
Tim Cook, Tarana Burke | TIME100 Talks
Join TIME100 Talks featuring conversations with 2021 TIME100 honoree Tim Cook and TIME100 alum Tarana Burke. Presented by Citi.
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37 days 3:27
The Pool Cleaner: Cleaning the Reflecting Pools at the 9/11 Memorial Honors a Painful History | TIME
James Maroon is part of a crew that cleans the two square reflecting pools which stand on the site of the Twin Towers as part of the 9/11 Memorial.
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