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Climate Change is Drowning Kenya’s Rift Valley | TIME
In Kenya’s Rift Valley, climate change has brought an unprecedented increase in annual rainfall over the past several years, drowning pastureland, farms, homes, schools, churches, clinics and
2 days 1:10:35
Jury Reaches Verdict in Derek Chauvin Trial
The verdict is reached in the trial of Derek Chauvin, former Minneapolis police officer charged with killing George Floyd.
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Walter Mondale: In Memoriam | TIME
Walter Frederick Mondale, one of the most influential vice presidents of his era, died on Monday in Minneapolis, according to multiple reports. He was 93.
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Making the COVID-19 Vaccine: A 50,000 Step Process | TIME
Exclusive: Inside the facilities making the world's most prevalent COVID-19 vaccine ti.me/3grX0v9 Subscribe to TIME’s YouTube channel ►► ti.me/subscribe-time Subscribe to TIME
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8 days 7:16
How Biden's Infrastructure Plan Can Impact Electric Vehicles | TIME
The Biden Administration wants to bet big on electric vehicles. Can it implement policy that reduces transportation emissions while positioning America as the leader in global EV production?
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8 days 6:22
Behind TIME's 'Climate Is Everything' Cover | TIME
Malaysian artist Red Hong Yi spent two weeks creating an image that is part sculpture, part performance art.
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14 days 1:32
Philip, Duke of Edinburgh: In Memoriam
Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and husband of Queen Elizabeth II has died at the age of 99. Philip’s health had been deteriorating for years, with each scare making headlines.
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The College Gap: A Lost Senior Year | TIME
The first sign that Twyla Joseph’s college application process was not going to go as planned came on March 13, 2020, when, a day before her scheduled SAT, she learned the test had been canceled.
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Derek Chauvin Murder Trial Begins, Marks ‘Referendum’ on Racial Reckoning Over George Floyd’s Death
Derek Chauvin’s murder trial began Monday in a landmark moment for the nationwide reckoning on race sparked by George Floyd’s death, with prosecutors saying the former Minneapolis police officer
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Space Explorers: The ISS Experience “ADVANCE” - Teaser
Watch the full episode on Oculus oculus.com/experiences/quest/developer-post/1195735964215175 The daily workload of conducting pioneering scientific experiments continues on the Space
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A Giant, Stranded Cargo Ship Is Blocking All Traffic Through the Suez Canal
Rescuers are racing to dislodge a vast container ship stuck in the Suez Canal before tides shift next week, potentially stranding it there for weeks and costing the global economy tens of billions
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President Joe Biden Holds His First Formal News Conference | TIME
President Joe Biden holds his first formal news conference, where he is expected to answer questions on topics including the COVID-19 pandemic, guns, and immigration.
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‘Risking Everything.’ A Democracy Activist on Myanmar’s ‘Spring Revolution’ | TIME
Thinzar Shunlei Yi is one of the most prominent figures in the resistance against Myanmar’s Feb. 1 coup. “I can get killed. I can get arrested,” the 29-year-old democracy activist tells TIME.
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Atlanta Spa Workers Respond After Shooting | TIME
Workers in massage parlors near the Gold Spa talk about the pain and fear they experience in the wake of shootings last week in Atlanta.
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Asian American Religious Leaders Reflect On The Atlanta Shootings
TIME spoke with Asian American religious leaders in Atlanta about the March 16 shootings that left eight people dead, many of them Asian women.
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Long COVID: A Year of Suffering | TIME
A year into the pandemic, Long COVID is still burdening patients—and their caregivers.
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Patrisse Cullors and Dolores Huerta | TIME's "Voices Of The Future" Women's Summit
Patrisse Cullors and Dolores Huerta on building movements that shape policy Subscribe to TIME ►► bit.ly/SubscribeTIMEGet closer to the world of entertainment and celebrity news as TIME
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42 days 24:31
President Joe Biden Delivers His First National Primetime Address | TIME
President Joe Biden addresses the nation one year after the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic.
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43 days 16:31
Jane Goodall | TIME's "Voices Of The Future" Women's Summit
Jane Goodall on coming together in response to global challenges. Interviewed by Haley Sweetland Edwards, TIME Senior Editor.
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America's COVID-19 Housing Crisis Is Hurting Black Women Most | TIME
Joining us in the chat is Kathleen Flynn, New Orleans-based independent photojournalist and filmmaker, Frank Southall, Lead Organizer at Jane Place Neighborhood Sustainability Initiative, Breonne
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44 days 3:25
Raquel Willis | TIME's "Voices Of The Future" Women's Summit
Raquel Willis on the power of intersectional activism.
44 days 27:12
Reimagining Leadership Panel | TIME's "Voices Of The Future" Women's Summit
Chelsea Miller, Tammy Cho, and Xiye Bastida on the future of leadership. Moderated by Alyse Nelson.
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Cate Blanchett And Stacey Sher | TIME's "Voices Of The Future" Women's Summit
Cate Blanchett and Stacey Sher on how storytelling can create change Subscribe to TIME ►► bit.ly/SubscribeTIMEGet closer to the world of entertainment and celebrity news as TIME gives
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45 days 26:05
Amanda Gorman And Alicia Keys | TIME's "Voices Of The Future" Women's Summit
Alicia Keys and Amanda Gorman on inspiration and impact Subscribe to TIME ►► bit.ly/SubscribeTIMEGet closer to the world of entertainment and celebrity news as TIME gives you access and
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45 days 2:06:56
Alicia Keys, Cate Blanchett And More | TIME's "Voices of the Future" Women's Summit
Watch TIME's 'Voices of the Future' Women's Summit featuring conversations with Alicia Keys, Cate Blanchett, Amanda Gorman, Dr. Jane Goodall and more.
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How To Build A Fairer Digital Future | TIME
As public opinion turns against Big Tech companies and their CEOs, here is a look at how social media platforms have changed our lives and what we can do to build a more democratic digital future.
49 days 8:20
John Amos Looks Back On 50 Years In Hollywood I TIME
John Amos carries eight decades of American history in his sturdy 6-foot frame. Even if you don’t know his name, you’ve surely seen him onscreen, whether you’re a baby boomer or a member of Gen Z.
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55 days 9:53
The Black Panthers' Overlooked Health Programs | The History You Didn't Learn | TIME
The History You Didn't Learn is a series that sheds light on past events that may have been omitted, misleading, or just downright wrong in our history education in school.
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56 days 2:11
Inside An Edible Insect Farm In Madagascar | TIME
A cricket farm in Madagascar provides insect protein for famine relief and conservation. How much further could it go?
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58 days 6:39
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s 1963 ‘Dream’ Speech Recreated | TIME
A recreation of Dr. Martin Luther King's speech from the 1963 March on Washington. This content was created in partnership with TIME Studios, Intellectual Properties Management, Inc.
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