21 hour 10:39
Economist says Biden's COVID-19 relief bill is "right on the mark"
President-elect Joe Biden unveiled his "American Rescue" plan to stimulate the U.S. economy, which has been crippled by the COVID-19 pandemic.
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22 hours 13:46
Trump aides moving out of White House ahead of Biden inauguration
With the Trump administration winding down, the transition period is moving into high gear.
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9 hours 3:42
U.S. on high alert ahead of Inauguration Day
The U.S. is on high alert as law enforcement personnel across the country scramble to get security measures in place amid safety concerns ahead of Inauguration Day.
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9 hours 7:47
Federal investigators suspect some Capitol attackers had military training
A Washington, D.C., police officer witnessed rioters using military-style hand signals to communicate inside the U.S.
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6 hours 13:02
FBI tracking "extensive" chatter involving potential inauguration threats
CBS News has confirmed President-elect Joe Biden has canceled his plans to ride an Amtrak train to Washington for his inauguration because of security concerns.
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22 hours 24:35
Biden outlines coronavirus vaccination, economic relief plans
President-elect Joe Biden on Thursday unveiled his $1.9 trillion coronavirus economic relief package, an ambitious plan that includes a drive to vaccinate 100 million people in his first 100 days in
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23 hours 8:28
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6 hours 0:29
Russia abandoning Open Skies arms control treaty
Russia has announced it will follow the Trump administration's move to walk away from the Open Skies international arms control treaty.
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4 hours 17:32
Nancy Pelosi addresses Trump impeachment, inauguration security concerns
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi held her weekly press conference at the Capitol Visitor Center on Friday, two days after the House voted to impeach President Trump for a second time. Watch her remarks.
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4 hours 6:43
Law enforcement prepares for President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration
The Department of Justice's inspector general is opening an investigation into law enforcement's preparation and response to the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.
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20 hours 7:49
Virginia governor addresses security efforts in Washington metro area ahead of Inauguration Day
Members of Virginia's National Guard have been deployed to D.C. ahead of Inauguration Day. Troops are posted around the Capitol and other parts of Washington.
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7 hours 8:23
Norway warns of coronavirus vaccine risks for elderly
As the U.S. grapples with chaos in its vaccine distribution system, officials in Norway are warning COVID-19 vaccines may be too risky for the elderly and terminally ill. Dr.
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8 hours 3:05
WorldView: Crews search for survivors after earthquake in Indonesia; North Korea unveils submarin…
Dozens were killed and hundreds injured after a 6.2 magnitude earthquake rocked Indonesia, toppling buildings and triggering landslides.
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21 hour 8:12
Lawmakers call for Washington, D.C., statehood following U.S. Capitol attack
Lawmakers are renewing calls for D.C. statehood following last week's attack on the U.S. Capitol. Under federal law, U.S. presidents have control over the D.C. National Guard and D.C.
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7 hours 18:04
New York attorney general sues NYPD over response to Black Lives Matter protests
The New York attorney general is suing the New York Police Department over its response to Black Lives Matter protests in the spring of 2020, accusing the department of making false arrests and
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2 hours 12:11
Some Republicans argue Trump's pre-riot comments are protected speech
President Trump could face legal troubles for his comments prior to the attack at the U.S. Capitol that led to five deaths.
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22 hours 24:46
Biden unveils COVID-19 economic response plan and vows to speed up vaccinations
President-elect Joe Biden addressed the nation on Thursday night to outline his coronavirus economic recovery plan — and pledged to ramp up vaccinations against COVID-19.
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22 hours 6:47
Previewing Biden's $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief plan
President-elect Joe Biden is unveiling a coronavirus relief package proposal worth $1.9 trillion.
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7 hours 9:12
Report blames former Attorney General Jeff Sessions for family separations at the border
A scathing report from the Justice Department's internal watchdog blames former Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his aides for the separation of families at the U.S.-Mexico border.
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8 hours 9:11
What was social media's role in the deadly Capitol assault?
When a mob of pro-Trump rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol, disturbing footage of the insurrection flooded social media platforms.
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4 hours 20:09
Rioters used anti-Semitic imagery during Capitol assault
During the assault on the U.S. Capitol, rioters displayed anti-Semitic symbols on flags and clothing.
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4 hours 8:38
Biden proposes $1,400 payments and $15 minimum wage in coronavirus relief proposal
President-elect Joe Biden released a comprehensive economic relief bill to help the country dig out of the hard times brought on by the pandemic.
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2 hours 28:25
Biden speaks on COVID-19 vaccination plan
President-elect Joe Biden delivered remarks about his COVID-19 vaccination plan, a day after unveiling his $1.9 trillion coronavirus economic relief package, which includes a drive to vaccinate 100
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1 hour 3:03
Officer describes being assaulted during Capitol riot
Mike Fanone, a Washington, D.C, police officer, described being attacked by a mob during the Capitol assault in a disturbing account. Bruce Leshan of CBS affiliate WUSA-TV reports.
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1 hour 6:08
Former Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and 8 others charged in 2014 Flint water crisis
Nine current and former Michigan city and state officials have been charged in connection with the Flint water crisis. They have all been arraigned and are waiting for their day in court.
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2 hours 6:59
Former FDA official calls Biden's vaccine plan "aggressive" but "something we need"
President-elect Joe Biden is unveiling his plan Friday for how he will administer COVID-19 vaccines. Mr. Biden wants to administer 100 million doses of the vaccine in his first 100 days in office.
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3 hours 1:32
COVID-19 deaths create work overload for funeral homes
Funeral directors say they've been inundated with extra work, forcing their staff to work longer hours than usual.
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3 hours 2:01
The best gadgets you might have missed at CES
Tech companies rolled out new devices geared to pandemic living from monitoring your health to providing comfort.
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4 hours 4:59
"48 Hours" preview: The Murder of Jackie Vandagriff
This week's "48 Hours" investigates the case of a young Texas woman who may have been murdered because she resembled the killer's ex-girlfriend.
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2 hours 6:56
Doctor discusses COVID-19 vaccine after receiving key second dose
The U.S. has recorded its deadliest week of the coronavirus pandemic with over 23,000 reported deaths.
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