22 hours 8:17
Biden Approval CRUSHING Trump, Bush, Clinton
Joe Biden's approval rating remains high, ahead of where Donald Trump, George W.
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1 hour 1:47:09
LIVE: Derek Chauvin Verdict in George Floyd Trial
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2 hours 10:35
Trump Resurfaces in Bizarre, Unintelligible Fox News Interview
Donald Trump resurfaces in a strange, unintelligible interview with Fox News propagandist Sean Hannity, still telling the same corrosive lies about the 2020 election 😎 Use code PAKMAN for 20% off
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1 hour 9:47
Deranged Closing Statement from Derek Chauvin's Lawyer
Attorney Eric Nelson, representing former police officer Derek Chauvin, charged in the killing of George Floyd, delivers a bizarre, deranged closing statement as the case goes to the jury 🩳 Use
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3 hours 3:05
Matthew McConaughey Leads TX Republican Governor by 12!!!
Actor Matthew McConaughey leads incumbent Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott by 12 despite not even being a candidate for that office, potentially spelling more trouble for Republicans in
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20 hours 55:34
Vaccination AND Anti-Vax Both Accelerating 4/19/21
New Show: College-educated abandoning Republicans, Matthew McConaughey leads TX Governor by 12%, Pat Robertson has a good take, and much more...
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20 hours 5:49
Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Expected to Resume This Week
The Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccine is expected to resume usage later this week after a pause over 7 cases of blood clots in women aged 18-48 ⚠️ Use code PAKMAN to get your first shipment
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EVERY ADULT is Now Eligible for COVID Vaccine
As of April 19, every American adult is eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine 🥄 Use code PAKMAN for $5 off Magic Spoon low-carb cereal: magicspoon.com/pakman
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