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BREAKING: Trump Received Millions from Foreign Governments, Hid Debts & Losses
πŸ’° Get $5 just for signing up for FREE at privacy.com/pakman –A new report from the House Oversight Committee reveals that Donald Trump received million from foreign governments through his
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GA Republican Lt Gov Explains Voting for Trump, Then Denouncing Trump
–Geoff Duncan, Lieutenant Governor of Georgia and author of the new book “GOP 2.0: How the 2020 Election Can Lead to a Better Way Forward for America’s Conservative Party,” joins David to discuss
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Reporter Asks Jen Psaki About Package Delivery
–Joe Biden’s White House Press Secretary is asked about USPS package delivery times by a reporter β˜• Get $20 off Cometeer coffee at cometeer.com/pakman --- Become a Member
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Still No Evidence That COVID Vaccines Caused Even ONE Death
–Despite rampant claims, there is still no evidence that COVID vaccines are responsible for even a single death πŸ₯„ Use code PAKMAN for $5 off Magic Spoon at magicspoon.com/pakman
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Unemployment Claims Hit Pandemic-Era Low!
–New unemployment claims hit another pandemic-era low as we continue to see the job market rebound and strengthen πŸ›Œ Get up to $200 off a Helix Sleep mattress at
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Jobless Claims Plummet, Trump Says Maybe Don't Vote 10/14/21
🧴 Use code PAKMAN for 30% off Disco skincare products: letsdisco.com NEW SHOW: Trump Tells Republicans NOT to Vote in 2022 & 2024 Still No Evidence That COVID Vaccines Caused Even ONE
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Cringeworthy National Anthem Fail at Justice for J6 #shorts
How would you rate this performance of the National Anthem?
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TSA Confiscates Record Number of Guns from Passengers
The TSA has confiscated a record number of guns at airports from airline passengers β˜• Get $20 off Cometeer coffee at cometeer.com/pakman
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