8 hours 7:28
Dow plunges after Trump tells US firms to sever ties with China
Former IMF chief economist Maurice Obstfeld and NatAlliance Securities’ Andy Brenner discuss President Trump’s attack against the Federal Reserve amid trade war worries. 23 Aug 2019, 20:12
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4 hours 5:52
AG Barr making major changes to immigration courts
National Border Patrol Council VP Art Del Cueto discusses the Trump administration's new immigration rule, which will allow undocumented families to be detained together. 24 Aug 2019, 0:09
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14 hours 1:52
China escalates trade tensions with tariffs on $75B of US goods
Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, on U.S. trade tensions with China and Federal Reserve policy. 23 Aug 2019, 13:59
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12 hours 2:47
Explosive Trump tweets overshadow Jerome Powell speech
Was Jerome Powell’s statement on interest rates overshadowed by President Trump’s tweet escalating the trade war with China? 23 Aug 2019, 16:28
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9 hours 3:59
Ben Carson on US-China trade, says Trump is a great negotiator
HUD Secretary Ben Carson reacts to President Trump’s vow to respond to China after the Chinese slapped new tariffs on $75 billion worth of U.S. goods. 23 Aug 2019, 19:13
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5 hours 6:03
GOP congressional candidate looks to unseat Rep. Omar
Minnesota congressional candidate Lacy Lee Johnson (R) discusses why he is trying to unseat Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.). 23 Aug 2019, 23:00
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7 hours 1:11
Trump ups the ante in trade battle, slaps China with more tariffs
President Trump tweeted that the U.S. will raise tariffs on Chinese goods. 23 Aug 2019, 21:18
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15 hours 4:56
Navarro says there'll be a recession if Democrats win the White House
Office of Trade and Manufacturing Director, Peter Navarro, on the factors impacting the U.S. economic outlook, Federal Reserve policy and China trade tensions. 23 Aug 2019, 13:15
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15 hours 0:28
Billionaire David Koch has died at 79
FBN's Maria Bartiromo on the death of former Koch Industries Executive Vice President David Koch. 23 Aug 2019, 13:02
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16 hours 3:09
Could Hong Kong's protests trigger a global recession?
Riley Walters, of the Heritage Foundation, on the economic outlook and the potential impact from the Hong Kong protests and U.S. trade tensions with China. 23 Aug 2019, 12:14
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10 hours 2:16
Will the US-China trade battle impact the G7 summit?
Fox News national security analyst Walid Phares on the potential U.S. concerns over European relations with China and Iran. 23 Aug 2019, 18:09
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8 hours 1:34
Big tech titans end down as US-China trade tensions escalate
Tech stocks ended down, possibly due to the ongoing U.S.-China trade tensions. 23 Aug 2019, 20:35
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12 hours 0:59
Mike Huckabee: Why the US economy needs tax cuts
Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee explains why tax cuts are a boon to the U.S. economy. 23 Aug 2019, 15:48
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2 hours 5:37
Alex Rodriguez teams up with Barstool Sports for podcast ‘The Corp’
Former MLB star Alex Rodriguez and Barstool Sports CEO Erika Nardini discuss “The Corp” podcast and the recent changes in the game of baseball. 24 Aug 2019, 1:49
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