23 hours 13:01
Trump: Facebook must pay the price
NEW: As the 'Oversight Board' decided to uphold Donald Trump's indefinite suspension, the former president swung back with a scathing statement about what social media platforms and 'big tech' have
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16 hours 8:09
Matt Gaetz on regrets, allegations, and the 'venom' being shot at him by the swamp
Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida comments on serious allegations that were made against him, what he feels about the 'swamp' in the Department of Justice, and if he has any regrets pertaining to
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18 hours 9:13
A silenced President, a racial 'reckoning' | Greg Kelly
Trump vs. Facebook and reality vs. a racial narrative: Greg knows who and what to bet on.
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5 hours 7:11
Archbishop declares why Biden should be denied Communion
Biden and the Church: Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone declares the president 'as someone who cooperates with a very grave evil, he is not properly disposed for receiving Communion.' - via Greg Kelly
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22 hours 6:37
Anti-Police sentiment on the rise, Frank Siller has a solution
Tunnel to Towers CEO Frank Siller reacts to the anti-police violence across the nation, the potential solution to the cop hate and what we can do as a community and more - via Newsmax TV's 'Wake Up
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6 hours 5:30
'White' need not apply
Democrat strategist Doug Schoen comments on the recent measures taken by the Biden Administration for providing relief to certain restaurant owners and more - 'STINCHFIELD' weeknights at 8PM ET on
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16 hours 6:57
Kim Guilfoyle: Shameful Democrats ignorant to the mess they're making
Former Senior Advisor to President Donald Trump, Kimberly Guilfoyle joins Newsmax TV's Grant Stinchfield to react to Facebook's decision on the former president's account, plus where the 2022 and
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17 hours 8:44
Trump Jr. slams anti-free speech Democrats: It's their blood sport
Son of the former president and EVP of the Trump Organization, Donald Trump Jr.
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7 hours 7:42
Student speaks out after professor scolds him for calling cops 'heroes'
Cypress College freshman Braden Ellis responds to the viral video of his professor scolding him for calling police officers "heroes." - via Greg Kelly Reports, weekdays at 7PM ET on Newsmax TV
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20 hours 7:17
'Hypocrite' CNN host wants to ban Republicans from his show
CNN: After anchor Jake Tapper seemingly threatened to 'ban' Republicans from his show, Newsmax TV's American Agenda panel reacts to the 'hypocrisy.' - with Newsmax TV's Heather Childers and Bob
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20 hours 12:48
Facebook violated their own rules in Trump decision: Newsmax panel
DEVELOPING: As the social media giant Facebook came to a decision based on their 'oversight committee' regarding the status of former president Trump's account, questions of Facebook's own standards
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Fighter Pilot deserves Medal of Honor distinction, says Brigadier General Demarest
Brigadier General Jim 'Boots' Demarest on his push to award Captain Stephen Phillis with the Medal of Honor, the heroic life of the fighter pilot and more - via Newsmax TV's 'National Report.'
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23 hours 5:14
Blinken's hand was forced on Uyghur comment?
Fred Fleitz examines Secretary of State Blinken's visit with G7 allies, their handling of China, the push to keep the world healthy, Biden's potential visit with Russia's Putin and more - via
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19 hours 5:40
Big Tech MUST come clean: Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton
FACEBOOK: in wake of the social media platform and their 'third-party oversight committee' decision to uphold Trump's permanent suspension from their service, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton
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20 hours 6:35
Defunding the police is 'silly' | Vito Fossella
Candidate for Staten Island Borough President Vito Fosella comments on the recent push to defund police departments - specifically the NYPD and more - via Newsmax TV's 'John Bachman Now.' Watch
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18 min 4:41
Trump understood the power of prayer, Pastor Darrell Scott
Pastor Darrell Scott, on National Day of Prayer speaks to former President Donald Trump's understanding of religion and the important role it can play and how Biden seems to ignore his faith and
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1 hour 7:30
New York is not New York without Broadway | Chazz Palminteri
Legendary Broadway actor Chazz Palminteri discusses the importance of the announced return of Broadway theater productions to New York City beginning in September - Via Newsmax TV's 'National
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