19 hours 7:57
CEO Buddy To Trump: Declare Martial Law
Apparently, Trump and the My Pillow founder were discussing declaring martial law.
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15 hours 9:39
Ivanka and Jared's CRUEL Treatment of Secret Service Detail
Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump got real elitist with their Secret Service detail.
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19 hours 7:41
Loser Donald Planning Goodbye Rally Inauguration Day
Trump is planning on holding a "Please Clap" goodbye party.
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18 hours 9:34
Tucker Carlson's Unconscionable Attack On Aoc
Tucker Carlson's sick comments about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's powerful video on her experiences during the US Capitol siege.
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16 hours 4:33
Q'Anon Shaman Arrested, Held Without Bail for US Capitol Siege
The "Q'Anon Shaman" Jacob Chansley claims he was following Trump's orders during the US Capitol siege.
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20 hours 6:20
NRA Goes Bankrupt But Don't Get Too Excited Yet
The NRA has filed for bankruptcy, but the news is complicated.
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16 hours 9:56
Cop on Being Attacked During US Capitol Siege
A DC Metro police officer recounts being beaten by the MAGA crowd at the US Capitol siege.
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17 hours 12:57
Trump's Vaccine Distribution "A Dismal Failure"
The FED covid-19 vaccine distribution plan an utter disaster.
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