14 hours 18:28
Pete Davidson Calls Out Jake Paul... To HIS FACE!
Pete Davidson hosted Jake Paul's boxing event, and he wasn't afraid to speak his mind to the "star" of the event.
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13 hours 8:24
Ben Shapiro Could Not Be A Bigger Tool
Ben Shapiro endorses Home Depot against the anti-woke left, in the saddest, most embarrassing way possible. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks. Watch LIVE weekdays 6-8 pm ET.
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13 hours 5:52
Kyrsten Sinema Admits She's Bought By Donors
Senator Kyrsten "F*** Off" Sinema says she'd rather listen to Arizona's business leaders than everyday people - especially on issues like wages and labor.
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16 hours 12:25
LeBron James Succumbs To Right-Wing Outrage
LeBron James deleted tweets calling for accountability in the wake of Ohio police killing a teen girl thanks to fake right-wing outrage.
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Senate Dems Too WEAK To Legalize Weed
The TYT clip you are watching is brought to you by our friends at the COVID Rescue Fund.
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Supreme Court Supports Giving Kids Life In Prison
In a 6-3 partisan decision, the Supreme Court signed off that lower courts are allowed to send kids to live in prison.
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17 hours 11:17
Democratic Senators Bought By Restaurant Lobby?
New reporting by The Intercept shows how deep the ties are between Democrats and the National Restaurant Association.
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18 hours 12:27
Biden Pledges To Cut Emissions In Half By 2030
President Biden unveiled his ambitious climate plan at his event with other world leaders, and it's even more ambitious than Obama's plans.
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