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Giuliani In Trouble After Borat Catches Him With His Hand In His Pants
The new movie Borat Subsequent Moviefilm will be available to stream on Friday, but one of the biggest reveals in the movie is already making headlines.
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Mitch McConnell Admits He's Been Sabotaging COVID Relief Talks
Mitch McConnell has apparently admitted to his fellow Republicans that he has been sabotaging COVID relief talks with the White House in order to get Amy Coney Barrett confirmed to the Supreme Court.
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'Proud Boys' Emailing Threatens Florida Citizens To "Vote Trump, Or Else!"
Emails claiming to be from the Proud Boys have been received by some residents in Florida, threatening that if they vote for anyone other than Trump, they will be targeted by the far right group.
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Trump's Cruelty Has Left Hundreds Of Immigrant Children Orphaned
According to lawyers, at least 545 migrant children who were separated by their parents by the Trump administration are now orphans because the administration has no idea where the parents were sent.
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Amy Coney Barrett Claims That Science Is "Controversial" In Alarming Testimony
During a written portion of her confirmation testimony, Judge Amy Coney Barrett referred to the science behind climate change as "controversial," a terrifying statement for anyone who lives on
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Nancy Pelosi Has Let Her Hatred Of The President Put Stimulus Relief On Hold
Via America’s Lawyer: While Americans continue struggling to make ends meet during the pandemic, are negotiations for another COVID stimulus bill being hampered by Nancy Pelosi’s personal grudge
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