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Arizona Ballot Audit Is Getting More Insane By The Day
The right-wing group conducting the Arizona ballot audit is now demanding access to county routers and computers, saying that they need to turn over their passwords to the group.
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16 hours 4:14
Republicans Start To Realize Trump Is A Liability To The Party
Another high-profile Republican has come out and expressed annoyance with the fact that the Republican Party continues to allow Trump to dominate their lives, even though he is a massive liability
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15 hours 4:03
Florida Man Arrested After Bragging On Facebook About Attending Capitol Riot
A Florida man was arrested after he bragged on Facebook - and posted pictures and videos - about attending the January 6th riot at the Capitol.
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Ilhan Omar And Bernie Sanders Push To End Student Lunch Debt And Make Meals Free For Students
Representative Ilhan Omar in the House and Bernie Sanders in the Senate are pushing for legislation that would not only end the cycle of student lunch debt that many children are facing, but it
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CDC Forced To Suppress COVID Data So Schools Could Reopen & Amazon Workers Continue Fight For Rights
Via America’s Lawyer: New emails reveal Trump officials actively cheering efforts to alter COVID guidance from the CDC. Mike Papantonio & Farron Cousins discuss more.
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New Study Warns Of Dire Consequences Of Missing Paris Climate Accord Goals
A new study published in the journal Nature says that if the world misses the goals set forward in the Paris Climate Accords, the world would begin down a path that we would not be able to get off.
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