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Trump Loving State Representatives Sign Letter Demanding All 50 States ‘Decertify’ 2020 Results
A group of state-level Republican Representatives from across the country have signed onto a letter demanding that all 50 states immediately decertify their election results and scrub their voting
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Trump Supporters Are Going Door To Door In Florida Looking For Voter Fraud
Trump supporters in the state of Florida are so hellbent on finding voter fraud in the state that they have started going door to door trying to verify if people's mailing addresses match their
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Trump-Loving Senators Hid In A Closet During Capitol Insurrection
A new report from The Washington Post has revealed that several Trump-loving Senators, including at least one who voted against certifying certain electoral college results, were forced to hide in a
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Black Cop Gets Immediately Fired For Calling Out Police Brutality And Racism
A Louisiana State Trooper has been fired after he spoke out about the blatant racism and brutality that he has witnessed as a part of the system.
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Biden Working On Plan To Resume Student Loan Payments For Struggling Americans
The Biden administration has been quietly working on plans to restart the student loan payment process - a plan that is going to cause financial strain for millions of Americans.
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Nestlé Moves From Stealing Water In California To Florida & FDA Warns Xeljanz Linked To Cancer
Via America’s Lawyer: It looks like Nestlé won’t stop drinking more than its fill, as officials across the country continue to grant the company freshwater extraction permits. Mike
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