16 hours 4:13
Georgia Voters Are Loving Marjorie Taylor Greene's Crazy Antics
The rest of the country might be appalled by what they see coming from Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, but voters from her district in Georgia are absolutely loving it.
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18 hours 3:38
Top Trump Aide Thinks Italy Changed Ballots By Satellite In 2020 Election
Donald Trump's former chief of staff Mark Meadows believes that the country of Italy somehow managed to use satellites to hack into voting machines and change vote totals in the 2020 election.
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19 hours 3:09
Steve Bannon Begs Republicans To Adopt Joe Manchin Into Their Party
Steve Bannon wants Joe Manchin to be a member of the Republican Party, and he is actively trying to get Republicans to recruit him.
50 153
20 hours 4:44
Florida Becomes First GOP State To Sign Law Punishing Tech Giants For Banning Politicians
Via America’s Lawyer: Florida becomes the first state to punish social media platforms for banning political candidates.
19 441
1 day 3:58
Joe Manchin Took Right-Wing Corporate Money Right Before He Flipped On Voting Legislation
Joe Manchin hadn't received any money at all from the right wing corporate lobbyists at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce since 2012.
150 445
1 day 4:22
Marjorie Taylor Greene Attacks Socialism By Describing Horrors Of Capitalism
Marjorie Taylor Greene tried to tweet out an attack on socialism this week by saying that it would lead to everything in this country being owned by just a few people or groups, and the rest of us
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1 day 5:27
Matt Gaetz Allowed To Interrogate FBI Director While Under Investigation By The FBI
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1 day 5:37
Trump Used The DOJ To Spy On His Political Enemies
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1 day 4:36
Local Economies Look To Lose BILLIONS As GOP Governors Cancel Unemployment Aid
Via America’s Lawyer: Republican governors prepare to terminate unemployment benefits for those who suffered job losses during the pandemic.
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2 days 7:17
54 164
2 days 4:12
Dark Money Groups Tied To Trump Are Funding Arizona Ballot Audit
New reports have revealed that dark money groups tied to Donald Trump through their support of him are also paying lots of money to keep the Arizona ballot audit going.
91 540
2 days 4:33
Biden Admin Defends Trump Policy Of Denying Benefits To Elderly Puerto Ricans
The Trump administration had put a law in place that excluded low income elderly, blind, or otherwise disabled Puerto Ricans from receiving benefits from the federal government, and now the Biden
27 106
2 days 3:44
Louie Gohmert Asks US Forest Service If They Can Change The Moon's Orbit
During a climate hearing in the House of Representatives this week, Republican Representative Louie Gohmert asked a member of the U.S.
84 474
2 days 4:46
Trump Keeps Ruining The Legal Defenses Of Capitol Riot Suspects
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2 days 4:32
Matt Gaetz's Legal Troubles Worsen With Possible Obstruction Charges In DOJ Probe
Via America’s Lawyer: Matt Gaetz's world closes in on him as the DOJ investigates whether the FL congressman actively obstructed a federal probe into sex trafficking allegations.
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3 days 4:33
Senate Republicans Whine To DOJ About ‘Unfair’ Treatment Of Capitol Rioters
A group of Senate Republicans sent a letter to the Department of Justice, whining about the treatment of the people who participated in the Capitol riot earlier this year.
125 704
3 days 4:14
Newsmax REJECTED Matt Gaetz's Request For A Job
Several Newsmax employees have now confirmed that embattled Republican Representative Matt Gaetz called them earlier this year to ask about possibly getting a job with the network, but the network
94 553
3 days 5:17
When Corporate Criminals Don't Look Like Criminals
Via The News with Rick Sanchez: Somehow, our system of justice allows people to do things that they don't necessarily have to be responsible for. Is that what we're seeing with opioid manufacturers?
8 000
3 days 4:18
Infrastructure Talks Fall Apart Again After Republicans Refuse To Budge
Republicans are still refusing to come to the table with a "real" infrastructure plan, and negotiations continue to fail as they lack the desire or willingness to take the issue seriously.
30 399
3 days 4:52
IRS Vows To Investigate Tax Leakers After Reporters Reveal Tax Avoidance From Wealthiest American
After ProPublica released the tax information of the wealthiest Americans showing that they paid little to no taxes for many years, the IRS decided that it was time to crack down...on the people who
47 877
3 days 5:09
Trump Praises Autocratic Ruler For Banning Twitter In His Country
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3 days 8:20
Matt Gaetz Plans For Presidential Bid As Investigation Closes In & Amazon Sued For Price Fixing
Via America’s Lawyer: Matt Gaetz suggests he’s considering a presidential run. That’s if the besieged FL representative isn’t jailed for sex trafficking.
87 894
4 days 6:08
Marco Rubio Is Trying To Attract Trump's Base For Future Presidential Run
Republican Senator Marco Rubio is a pathetic campaigner, and he repeatedly has buckled under the pressure when the GOP puts him in the spotlight.
42 681
4 days 3:30
Donald Trump Praises Joe Manchin For Being A Spineless Coward
Joe Manchin received praise from former President Donald Trump on Monday morning for saying that he won't support getting rid of the filibuster to end Republican obstruction.
58 375
4 days 4:04
Companies Celebrating Pride Month Giving Cash To Anti LGBTQ Politicians
Some of the largest businesses that are openly supporting Pride Month have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to anti-LGBTQ politicians in recent years, proving that their use of rainbow flags
16 883
4 days 4:02
Trump's Horrific North Carolina Speech Is The Opening Republicans Have Been Waiting For
Trump has been widely mocked by both those on the Left and the Right for his bizarre performance during a weekend speech in North Carolina, and one former Republican Congressman believes that this
212 606
4 days 5:49
Republicans Brag About Supporting Trump's Lies To Own Jake Tapper
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4 days 2:44
EPA Admits To Altering Data On Deadly Herbicide Dicamba
Via America’s Lawyer: The EPA admits to cutting corners during its safety review of Dicamba herbicides under the Trump administration. Mike Papantonio and Farron Cousins discuss more.
10 999
5 days 4:15
Facebook VP Says Trump's 2 Year Suspension Is Fully Justified
After the company announced that they would be suspending Donald Trump's account for a full two years, Facebook Vice President Nick Clegg appeared on ABC's This Week to defend the company's decision.
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