10 min 6:15
Newsmax Host Screams At Veteran After He Criticizes Trump
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1 hour 4:40
Regulators Are STILL Allowing Toxic Baby Foods To Be Sold
Via America’s Lawyer: More than half a year since Congress released a report detailing alarming levels of heavy metals in baby foods, Beech-Nut finally decides to pull its rice cereal products from
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1 hour 0:14
Is being a Republican now a pre-existing condition?
The Ring of Fire – 17 Sep 2021, 14:41
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20 hours 6:06
Trump In Serious Trouble As Judge Allows E. Jean Carroll's Lawsuit To Proceed
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22 hours 4:21
US Hits Grim Milestone As 1 Out Of Every 500 People Has Died Of COVID
The United States has hit yet another very grim milestone in the Coronavirus pandemic, as one out of every 500 people in the country has now died from COVID.
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23 hours 4:51
Gavin Newsom's Recall Victory Was NOT A Repudiation Of Trump
Liberal writers were quick to claim that Gavin Newsom's defeat of Larry Elder in California was somehow a repudiation of Donald Trump, but the reality is actually far less thrilling.
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1 day 3:35
Madison Cawthorn May Have Brought A Weapon To A School Board Meeting
Republican Representative Madison Cawthorn is facing calls for investigation after photographs revealed that he may have brought a weapon to a North Carolina school board meeting this week.
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1 day 6:55
Biden's Declassified 9/11 Report Reveals FBI & CIA Incompetence
Via America’s Lawyer: After 20 years, President Biden declassifies “Operation Encore,” a 16-page FBI report on the 9/11 attacks.
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1 day 4:34
COVID Payments Helped Millions Escape Poverty Last Year
Due to both direct stimulus payments to Americans and the increase in unemployment benefits, the poverty rate actually FELL during the pandemic last year.
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1 day 3:26
Sorry Republicans, But Biden's Vaccine Mandates Are Very Popular
According to a new Axios-Ipsos poll, President Biden's vaccine mandates are actually very popular with Independent voters.
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1 day 4:10
Larry Elder Conceded Defeat And Blamed Voter Fraud Before California Recall Election Even Happened
Conservative talk show host and California gubernatorial candidate accidentally conceded defeat in the recall election BEFORE in-person voting actually took place, and immediately blamed his
91 243
1 day 3:57
Q Followers Question Their Beliefs After ALL Their Predictions Fail
Q adherents in California are beginning to question their beliefs after yet another one of their prophecies failed to happen.
186 861
2 days 5:48
Childish Trump Told Pence They Couldn't Be Friends If He Didn't Overturn Election
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2 days 6:26
Bipartisan Warhawks Push Increased Military Budget & Wisconsin School FAILS To End Free Meal Program
Via America’s Lawyer: After spending $2 trillion over the past 20 years, lawmakers on Capitol Hill aren’t letting the Afghanistan withdrawal get in the way of securing more military funding.
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2 days 3:51
Most Republicans Say Believing Trump's Election Lies Is Vital To Being A Republican Today
A new poll shows that Trump's election lies are not just for the fringe anymore, as a majority of Republicans now say that believing these lies is a central tenet of "Republicanism." There is no
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2 days 5:01
Trump-Loving Lawyer Cries Foul After Conspiracy Theorist Dies Of COVID
A Q fanatic died of COVID this week, and a gaggle of Trump-loving lawyers are claiming that the hospital is to blame because they wouldn't give her Ivermectin, which is not recommended for COVID
130 191
2 days 4:20
Fox Host Flips Out After Restaurant Asks For Photo ID To Match His Vaccine Card
Fox News host Bill Hemmer claims that he stormed out of a restaurant after they asked to see a photo ID to go along with his vaccine card.
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2 days 4:15
Child COVID Deaths In Florida Double As Child Cases Rise Across The Country
The number of children who have died from COVID-19 has doubled in recent months in the state of Florida, coinciding with the reopening of schools in the state.
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3 days 6:13
Melania Trump Attacks Former Staffer Over New Book
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3 days 3:22
Seresto Flea Collars Are KILLING Pets Across America
Via America’s Lawyer: Regulators that rushed the 2012 approval of Seresto flea collars could be responsible for tens of thousands of pet injuries. Mike Papantonio and Farron Cousins discuss more.
10 834
3 days 4:17
Republican Rips His Party For Fundraising Off Of Vaccine Mandate Fears
Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger tore into his Party over the weekend for playing off the fears of their low-information voters and raising money by attacking vaccine mandates.
70 247
3 days 4:45
Supreme Court Justice Admits Term Limits Would Make His Life Easier
Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer is at the center of a fight on the Democratic side of the aisle, with Breyer refusing to retire even though liberals want him to vacate his seat before
37 565
3 days 4:20
Joe Manchin Accuses AOC Of Being Divisive After He Torpedoes Democrats' Agenda
Democratic senator Joe Manchin had the audacity to say that Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is being divisive after he publicly announced multiple times in the past week that he was going to
54 530
3 days 5:36
Florida Republicans Still Hiding COVID Death Data
and use code ROF to save 25% off today, that’s only $14.99 a year.  The Republican-controlled government in the state of Florida is still trying to hide the state's abysmal COVID death numbers
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4 days 5:58
Trump Swears The 2020 Election Will Eventually Be Overturned
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4 days 2:33
New Docudrama 'Impeachment' Portrays Bill Clinton As Good Ol’ Boy
Via America’s Lawyer: The story of Bill Clinton’s impeachment gets the Hollywood treatment by the latest “American Crime Story” TV series to hit FX. But does the show get its facts straight?
14 624
4 days 4:39
AOC Brutally Mocks Sarah Palin Telling Her To Call ‘1-800-CRY-NOW’
Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez brutally mocked Sarah Palin in a video after Palin appeared on Fox News this week to attack AOC.
117 617
4 days 4:33
Republican Donor Allegedly Offered Hush Money To Underage Girl He's Accused Of Trafficking
Anton Lazzaro, a prominent Republican donor from Minnesota, has been indicted on charges of sex trafficking, and that's just the beginning of his disgusting story.
115 057
4 days 4:45
Andrew Yang To Launch Third Party...On The Same Day His New Book Comes Out
Former presidential and mayoral candidate Andrew Yang has announced that he will be launching a new third party and that he no longer identifies as a Democrat.
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