13 hours 4:29
Trump Killed Plan To Send Every American A Face Mask In Early Days Of Pandemic
Every time Donald Trump gets the opportunity to be a real leader, he fails miserably. That is the lesson that Americans should have learned over the last 4 years.
11 680
13 hours 4:02
Matt Gaetz Accuses Democrats Of Bribery For Helping People Register To Vote
Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz has never been accused of being intelligent, and his latest attack on Democrats and Michael Bloomberg are absolutely bonkers.
35 524
14 hours 5:47
Republican Senator Releases Insane Ad Joking About Killing Leftists
Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler - the woman who allegedly did NOT break insider trading laws earlier this year even though it was quite obvious that it likely happened - has released a new ad
69 046
15 hours 5:07
Hypocrisy Over Ruth Bader Ginsburg Vacancy Turns Into Rallying Cry For Conservatives
Via America’s Lawyer: As the country mourns the death of justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, her Supreme Court vacancy has Republican lawmakers backpedaling on previous comments regarding SCOTUS
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16 hours 7:20
Trump Makes Nation Panic After Refusing To Commit To Peaceful Transition
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17 hours 5:27
The Drywall Got More Justice Than Breonna Taylor
Not a single officer involved in the murder of Breonna Taylor is being held accountable for her death, but one officer IS being charged with property damage.
19 900
1 day 4:17
Trump's Campaign Trying To Figure Out How To Stay In Office If Trump Loses
According to a shocking new report in The Atlantic, Donald Trump's campaign is actually working on contingency plans to allow Trump to remain president even if he loses the election.
83 544
1 day 4:55
Pentagon Spent COVID Relief Funds On Weapons For War
The Pentagon had money that was specifically for helping with the pandemic, but instead they did what they do best and decided to spend it on more weapons and tools for war.
14 512
1 day 8:26
Trump Loving Florida Governor Makes It LEGAL To Kill Protestors
Under a proposed piece of legislation from Ron DeSantis, the Trump-loving governor of Florida, it would be legal for citizens to run over protestors without any fear of prosecution, as long as the
80 163
1 day 9:21
Tech Giants Accused Of Aiding Foreign Leaders To Spy On Citizens & The Push To Regulate Social Media
Via America’s Lawyer: Several tech companies have been accused of aiding foreign governments who are attempting to stifle dissents in their countries. Mike Papantonio & Farron Cousins to discuss more.
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1 day 6:21
Staffers Get Angry Because Trump NEVER Shows Up For Work
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1 day 4:43
Republican Senators Fail Hard After Spending Months Investigating Hunter Biden
Republican Senators have released their long-awaited report about the "actions" of Hunter Biden going to work in Ukraine, and they found...nothing.
57 583
2 days 5:06
Trump Thinks He Can Trick Democrats Into Putting Ted Cruz On Supreme Court
He may not be Trump's first pick for the vacant Supreme Court seat, but Donald is still confident that, if the need arose, he could trick Democrats into putting Ted Cruz on the Supreme Court.
64 228
2 days 5:03
Republicans Try To Destroy Biden With New Report On Ukraine Connections
The Republicans are trying to one-up the Democrats on the Ukraine issue, and they are preparing to release a detailed report about the dealings of both Joe and Hunter Biden in Ukraine.
23 036
2 days 4:56
Mitch McConnell Is Sacrificing Weak Republican Senators To Steal Another SCOTUS Seat
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was never going to follow his own precedent with regard to the Supreme Court vacancy created by the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, that much has
66 947
2 days 8:40
Democrats Unleash New Media Attack On The President & US Sanctions Criminal Court Officials
Via America’s Lawyer: A story filled with anonymous sources from the Atlantic has made some pretty salacious claims about Donald Trump. Mike Papantonio & Farron Cousins to discuss more.
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2 days 5:13
Trump's Base Is Abandoning Him Before The Election
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2 days 8:38
Trump's Likely SCOTUS Pick Wants To Create "Kingdom Of God"
At the very top of Donald Trump's Supreme Court list is a woman by the name of Amy Coney Barrett, a current circuit court judge who, prior to her appointment to the circuit court by Trump, had never
161 290
2 days 6:38
The President Adopts Defunding Campaign Strategy & Medical Supply Fraud Exposed By Whistleblowers
Via America’s Lawyer: President Trump ordered a review of the federal money flowing to several cities that he’s declared “lawless.” But are his actions within his authority?
7 859
3 days 5:06
Trump Threatens To Sign Order Preventing Biden From Running For President
Either Donald Trump doesn't understand what powers the President actually has, or he genuinely believes that his supporters have the collective IQ of a potato.
754 445
3 days 5:49
Trump Supporters Are Breaking The Law To Keep Trump In Power
Over the weekend we got a glimpse at the lengths to which Trump supporters will go in order to preserve their leader's power.
145 739
3 days 5:30
Nancy Pelosi Says She Won't Help Democrats Save Ginsburg's Seat
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi might not have an actual say as to who gets to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg, but she does have tools at her disposal that could help save the seat until after the election.
53 660
3 days 7:31
Trump Promises To Disappear Forever If Joe Biden Beats Him
During a campaign rally in North Carolina this weekend, Donald Trump told the crowd that they would never see him again if he loses to Joe Biden in November.
78 526
3 days 5:31
Don't Be Surprised By Republican SCOTUS Hypocrisy
With the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, many online Democrats have been posting clips and quote from Mitch McConnell about not filling a Supreme Court vacancy during an
43 899
4 days 4:15
Trump Staffers Are FURIOUS With The President For Holding Indoor Rally
Donald Trump might be trying to downplay the dangers of COVID-19, but his staffers clearly understand that this thing is real and that it poses a significant threat.
355 399
4 days 3:13
Michael Cohen Thinks Attacking Trump Will Make Him Rich
Michael Cohen wants us to believe that he is now on our side, and he's going out of his way to paint himself as a sympathetic ally.
23 624
4 days 3:50
Jim Cramer Panics After Calling Pelosi "Crazy Nancy" To Her Face
CNBC host Jim Cramer found himself in hot water this week after he referred to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as "Crazy Nancy" to her face during an interview.
72 378
4 days 3:58
Trump Tries To Blame Blue States For All COVID Deaths
Donald Trump again tried to shift the blame for the pandemic onto Democrats, claiming this week that the death toll in America would be the best in the world if it weren't for the Democratic-run
22 200
4 days 3:45
Lindsey Graham Reminds America How Stupid He Really Is
Senator Lindsey Graham thought that he landed a real zinger on his opponent Jaime Harrison this week, but it turns out that Harrison was not only ready for this attack, but he also threw Graham's
462 427
5 days 4:02
Cue Trump Meltdown As Fox Poll Shows Voters Think He's Less Competent Than Biden
According to a new poll from Fox News, Donald Trump is far less competent than Joe Biden, and voters believe that Trump is less "mentally there" than his Democratic rival.
476 528
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