7 hours 3:35
Feud Between Marjorie Taylor Greene And Nancy Mace Grows More Intense
The feud between Marjorie Taylor Greene and her Republican counterpart Nancy Mace isn't showing any signs of slowing down, and the two are still bickering back and forth as Republican leadership
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8 hours 4:27
Stephen Colbert Torches Dr. Oz After He Announced Senate Bid
Stephen Colbert from The Late Show tore into Dr.
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9 hours 3:55
Amazon Helping Researchers Find Ways To DIM THE SUN
A new report from Gizmodo has revealed that Amazon is helping climate modelers look at potential ways to dim the sun in order to fight climate change.
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10 hours 3:35
AOC Slams Kevin McCarthy For Bowing Down To "KKK Caucus"
House minority leader Kevin McCarthy has done absolutely nothing to condemn, let along punish, Lauren Boebert's hateful rhetoric that has led to death threats against Democratic Representative Ilhan
42 552
11 hours 5:46
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12 hours 3:50
Cuomo: The Continued Demise Of CNN
Via America’s Lawyer: CNN indefinitely suspends Chris Cuomo after the primetime anchor was found to have provided talking points to Andrew Cuomo amid the former NY governor’s sex scandal. Mike
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1 day 4:35
Trump Begged Aides To Help Overturn 2020 Election Hours Before Capitol Riot
Multiple sources have confirmed to The Guardian that Donald Trump made several frantic phone calls to his allies, including those holed up in the Willard Hotel, to try to figure out ways to stop the
97 304
1 day 3:23
Trump Releases INSANE Statement Begging People To Debate Him About Election Results
Donald Trump has officially become a "debate me" bro after issuing a truly bonkers statement saying that no one is willing to go up against him to challenge his lies about the 2020 election.
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1 day 4:10
Trump's Former Chief Of Staff Agrees To Cooperate With January 6th Committee
Mark Meadows, Donald Trump's Chief of Staff during the Capitol Riot, has agreed to cooperate with the January 6th committee and to hand over the materials that they had subpoenaed from him.
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1 day 4:55
Unhinged Fox Host Compares Anthony Fauci To Nazis
Fox Nation host Lara Logan compared Dr. Anthony Fauci to Nazi torture doctor Josef Mengele during a segment this week, but she claimed that this is just "what people are saying" to her.
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1 day 6:25
Trump's Lawyer Crashes And Burns
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1 day 8:01
Flint Residents Want Criminal Charges For Poisoning Thousands & FDA Gives Xeljanz Cancer Warning
Via America’s Lawyer: Michigan residents are calling a settlement over the 2014 Flint Water Crisis a “Band-Aid on a bullet wound.” RT’s Brigida Santos joins Mike Papantonio to explain why victims
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2 days 4:22
Trump Supporters Are Taking Over Local Elections To Help Republicans Steal The Next One
Trump cultists and Q believers are taking over local election boards across the country in an attempt to help Republicans "steal" the next election cycle (and possibly even more beyond that.) This
25 361
2 days 3:39
Tax Cut Loving Republicans Release Ads Accusing Democrats Of Cutting Taxes For The Rich
In a true showing that irony is officially dead, Republicans are starting to run ads claiming that the Democrats are cutting taxes for the wealthy.
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2 days 3:30
Republican Nutjob Thinks Omicron Variant Is Democrats' Plan To Steal The Election
Republican Congressman Ronny Jackson believes that the new Omicron variant of COVID is somehow going to lead to Democrats stealing the midterm elections through mail-in voting.
64 116
2 days 5:00
Republican Congresswoman Busted Trashing Vaccines On Fox Then Praising Them On CNN
In the span of just a few hours on Sunday, Republican Representative Nancy Mace from South Carolina went on national news and attacked vaccines and praised their efficiency.
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2 days 5:32
Photos Reveal Trump's Golf Courses Are Violating Federal Law
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2 days 6:49
Texas Governor Wants Schools To Ban 'Pornographic' Books & Biden Picks Obama Holdover To Run FDA
Via America’s Lawyer: As school curriculums become a hot-button issue among Republicans, TX governor Greg Abbott is taking aim at books that cover gender identity and sexuality – calling them
12 703
3 days 29:48
Insider Exclusive: DuPont's Cancerous Chemicals Have Poisoned America
IN THIS INSIDER EXCLUSIVE NETWORK TV SPECIAL, “DUPONT’S POISONING OF AMERICA – Larry Moody’s Story” our News team was on location in Pensacola, Florida to meet Wes Bowden, at Levin Papantonio
5 509
3 days 5:00
Republicans Starting To Fracture Over Loyalty To Donald Trump
A new report from NPR has revealed that not all members of the Republican Party are willing to sell their souls to Donald Trump, and the moderate wing of the Party is concerned that the crazies are
105 908
3 days 4:22
Ted Cruz Gets Absolutely Humiliated By Dr. Fauci
Ted Cruz recently suggested that Dr.
79 037
3 days 4:15
Kevin McCarthy Fails To Condemn Lauren Boebert's Islamophobic Remarks
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy issued a statement on Saturday about Lauren Boebert's disgustingly Islamophobic remarks about Representative Ilhan Omar, where McCarthy completely failed to
41 592
3 days 4:48
Biden Reverses Course And Urges Vaccine Patent Waivers As Omicron Variant Spreads
President Joe Biden has reversed course and is now calling on world leaders to waive vaccine patent protections in order to protect against the spreading Omicron variant of COVID-19.
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3 days 5:02
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3 days 9:18
More PFAS Toxins Spreading Globally & Court Ruling Paves Way For Media Giants To Merge
Via America’s Lawyer: Heightened PFAS levels in the arctic signal that cancer-causing agents continue to seep into aquifers around the world, contaminating our drinking water. Mike
7 491
4 days 3:55
Corporations Are Using Inflation As An Excuse To Jack Up Prices For Consumers
Prices for American consumers are continuing to rise, but they aren't rising as fast as corporate profits.
24 220
4 days 3:55
CPAC President Goes Berserk After Sesame Street Introduces Asian American Puppet
Conservatives apparently aren't done attacking Sesame Street, and the latest action by the puppet-led program that drew their ire was the announcement of a new Asian-American character (puppet.)
89 706
4 days 3:56
Republicans Think They Can Ride Moral Panic Nonsense To Midterm Success
Across the country, conservatives are freaking out about non-issues like Critical Race Theory, books that deal with LGBTQ issues, and transgender athletes.
33 671
4 days 3:53
Democrats Are Still Fighting To Get Trump's Tax Returns, And It Isn't Going Well
Democrats in the House of Representatives are still involved in a legal battle to get their hands on Donald Trump's tax returns, and things did not go very well for them in a court hearing last week.
79 467
4 days 8:02
Trump Cabinet Members Celebrate Suppressing COVID Data & School Sex Abuse Made Tougher For Victims
Via America’s Lawyer: New emails reveal Trump officials actively cheering efforts to alter COVID guidance from the CDC. Mike Papantonio & Farron Cousins discuss more.
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