7 hours 4:08
Trump Wants A "MAGA Party" To Challenge Republicans Who Voted To Impeach Him
The real reason for Donald Trump wanting to start a 3rd Party in the United States has become crystal clear: He is doing it out of spite.
96 461
8 hours 3:05
Arizona Republican Party Censures Governor For Not Being Pro-Trump
The Republican Party of Arizona has apparently gone insane, and they voted late last week to censure Republican governor Doug Ducey, along with Cindy McCain and former Senator Jeff Flake.
34 549
9 hours 4:22
Rudy Giuliani Hit With $1.3 Billion Defamation Lawsuit Over His Election Lies
Rudy Giuliani has now been hit with the same caliber of defamation lawsuit as Sidney Powell, as Dominion Voting Systems has filed a $1.3 billion suit against Giuliani for his public lies about the
119 965
10 hours 4:10
Former Governor Rick Snyder & Other Michigan Officials Criminally Charged In Flint Water Crisis
Via America’s Lawyer: Former MI governor Rick Snyder and at least eight other officials are formally charged for their involvement in the 2014 Flint water crisis, which exposed thousands of city
10 598
11 hours 5:02
Marco Rubio Sucks Up To Trump By Saying Impeachment Is Stupid
Republican Senator Marco Rubio said recently that impeachment is stupid, and that we already have enough problems in this country to deal with without it.
30 372
12 hours 5:15
Trump Tried To Screw Over Biden By Firing Chief White House Staffers
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1 day 3:35
Barely Anyone Showed Up For Pro-Trump Inauguration Day Protests
States across the country were gearing up for massive pro-Trump protests at their state capitals this week, as these Trump supporters had promised that this would happen.
206 605
1 day 3:53
Fox News' Ratings Plummet, Now Losing To Both MSNBC And CNN
Since Election Day 2020, the ratings at Fox News have fallen by roughly 20%, and they are now LOSING to both MSNBC and CNN.
220 960
1 day 5:17
Report Says Trump And Epstein SHARED Residences With Underage Models
According to a shocking new report in the upcoming book American Kompromat, Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein allegedly swapped young women back and forth in South Florida, with the men routinely
279 772
1 day 3:17
Big Tech Giants STILL Funneling Money To Joe Biden Over Fear Of Antitrust Laws
Via America’s Lawyer: The Biden administration inherits a slew of antitrust lawsuits aimed at breaking up Big Tech. Mike Papantonio & Farron Cousins discuss more.
18 176
1 day 4:11
Trump's Legal Nightmares Are About To Begin
Now that he can no longer hide behind the shroud of "executive privilege", Donald Trump is about to face a tsunami of litigation that has been waiting for him for a very long time.
347 556
1 day 4:23
More Donors Say They Are Abandoning The Republican Party
The Republican Party continues to hemorrhage donors, and they have now lost 20 of their 30 largest donors for objecting to the results of the electoral college voting.
177 716
2 days 4:20
Donald Trump Wants To Start A Third Party
Donald Trump wants to start a new third political party called the Patriot Party, according to people who have spoke with the former President.
184 652
2 days 4:26
Rupert Murdoch's Son Blames Media Outlets For Radicalizing Conservatives
James Murdoch, the son of media mogul and Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch, said recently that media outlets need to be blamed for helping to radicalize conservatives by spreading nonstop misinformation.
42 851
2 days 3:35
Trump's Niece Says That He Loved Every Minute Of The Insurrection
During a recent interview on Sirius XM, psychologist Mary Trump says that her Uncle Donald enjoyed every single moment of the insurrection that took place earlier this month.
165 776
2 days 1:46
Joe Biden Pushes Through Massive COVID Relief Package First Days In Office
Via America’s Lawyer: President Biden unveils a new $1.9 trillion COVID relief plan, promising boosts to stimulus checks, unemployment insurance, and additional funds to speed up vaccine distribution.
24 502
2 days 4:00
Trump Destroyed The Republican Party And Left Them With No Leaders
What is going to happen to the Republican Party in the coming months and years is really anyone's guess at this point.
162 622
2 days 4:26
Huge Majority Of Republicans Still Think Antifa Stormed The Capitol
More than 66% of Republicans in the latest round of polling believe that it was Antifa that perpetrated the attack on the Capitol on January 6th, not a group of crazed Trump supporters.
35 437
3 days 3:52
Hawley And Cruz In More Trouble After Ethics Complaint Filed Against Them
Republican Senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz are about to face the music after being hit with ethics complaints for their attempts to overturn the 2020 election.
311 649
3 days 3:54
Mitch McConnell Begs Democrats To Not Kill The Filibuster
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is pleading with Senate Democrats to leave the filibuster in place so that no single party has absolute control over the chamber.
118 570
3 days 3:34
Joe Biden Has Officially Cancelled Trump's Border Wall
President Joe Biden has officially cancelled Donald Trump's emergency declaration at the border along with his ill-conceived border wall.
76 768
3 days 5:16
Law Enforcement Agencies FAILED To Act On Warnings Ahead Of Capitol Riot
Via America’s Lawyer: The FBI has been compiling information on extremist groups and white supremacists within law enforcement since 2006.
18 495
3 days 4:21
Trump Supporters Are FURIOUS That He Didn't Pardon Them For Storming The Capitol
One of the lawyers representing a Trump supporter who stormed the Capitol says that his client (the man seen in photos wearing horns) feels like he was duped by Trump because he didn't receive a
364 390
3 days 6:46
Republican Congresswoman Didn't Know Impeaching Biden Would Be So Hard
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611 026
4 days 4:19
Trump Told More Than 30,000 Lies While Serving As President
Trump has left office, and now we can look at the official numbers of how many lies he told while in office. And there were a lot of them.
47 622
4 days 4:08
China Sanctions Former Trump Officials Minutes After Biden Gets Sworn In
Numerous officials from the Trump administration were sanctioned by China immediately following Joe Biden's inauguration, and now these individuals will not be allowed to do business with or even
294 197
4 days 3:28
Trump Spent His Final Hours In White House Yelling About Republicans
Staying ever true to form, Donald Trump spent his final hours inside the White House on Wednesday morning throwing a temper tantrum about Republican leaders.
428 698
4 days 3:41
Joe Biden Is Already Creating Corporate Friendly Cabinet
Via America’s Lawyer: To the dismay of progressives, Biden’s cabinet picks have a long history of favoring corporations over people. Mike Papantonio & Farron Cousins discuss more.
25 031
4 days 5:23
Biden Officials Furious About Trump Not Leaving Any Vaccine Plans
The newly-minted Biden Administration didn't have much time for a honeymoon period, as they quickly learned that the outgoing Trump administration left them with absolutely no means to battle the
67 072
4 days 6:43
Trump Supporters Suffer Meltdowns After Their Conspiracies Don't Come True
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