8 hours 4:03
Lincoln Project Calls Trump "Impotent" In Blistering New Florida Ad
The Lincoln Project has decided to just drop the hammer on Donald Trump as hard as they can, and they are running a blistering new ad in South Florida calling Trump "impotent" and then relentlessly
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9 hours 3:05
Ted Cruz Is Terrified Of The Green New Deal
Ted Cruz is resorting to spreading desperate lies about the Green New Deal because he has no real substance to attack the proposal.
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10 hours 3:24
Joe Biden Brilliantly Blasts Republicans For Having No Ideas
Republicans aren't happy with President Biden's infrastructure plans, so he challenged them this week to show their own plans.
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11 hours 3:58
Giuliani's Son Wants Trump To Make Him Governor Of New York
Andrew Giuliani, the son of disgraced former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, is preparing to launch a campaign for governor of New York, and he's planning on meeting with Donald Trump in Florida next week
165 285
12 hours 5:35
Matt Gaetz Begs For Money To Help Fight Off Scandals
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12 hours 4:47
Disgusting FDA IGNORES Tainted Baby Foods
Via America's Lawyer: Some of the most popular baby foods in America contain dangerous levels of toxic metals, and these metals are having a massive impact on the developing bodies of children.
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1 day 3:34
Trump's Big Jobs Accomplishment Was Actually A Complete Failure
In the Summer of 2017, Donald Trump began bragging endlessly about a deal he worked out to send over 10,000 jobs to Wisconsin through a company called Foxconn, and he was heralded by conservatives
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1 day 2:34
Ted Nugent Said COVID Was A Hoax, Now He Says It Almost Killed Him
Right wing musician Ted Nugent has spent the past year trying to downplay the pandemic, and now he says that contracting the disease almost killed him.
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1 day 4:48
Bill Barr Was ENRAGED At Matt Gaetz For Interfering In DOJ Investigation
**Help small businesses reopen with a donation to the COVID Rescue Fund - covidrescuefund.org ** A new report says that then-Attorney General Bill Barr flew into a fit of rage after it
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1 day 6:49
Right-Wing Media Disgusted By Chauvin's Guilty Verdict
While a lot of the country reacted with relief after the guilty verdict of Derek Chauvin was delivered, some right wing pundits were sickened by it and claimed that the deck was stacked against
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1 day 5:29
Florida Toxic Leak Knowingly Caused By Corporate Negligence & GOP United Against Biden's Tax Plan
Via America’s Lawyer: Hundreds of homes are evacuated in south Florida after a breach in the Piney Point phosphate plant reservoir threatened surrounding areas with a 20 foot wastewater tidal wave.
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2 days 3:18
Supreme Court Hands Another Major Legal Blow To Donald Trump
The Supreme Court on Monday dealt another major blow to both Donald Trump and Republicans by refusing to take up a legal challenge to Pennsylvania's voting laws.
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2 days 3:57
Democrats Cave To Centrist Pressure And Reduce Corporate Tax Proposals
Democrats in the Senate appear ready to cave to centrists and reduce the corporate tax hike in the proposed infrastructure package from 28% to 25%.
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2 days 3:42
Texas Republicans Punish Renewable Energy To Distract From Fossil Fuel Failures
Republicans in Texas have proposed legislation that would "punish" renewable energy companies by imposing more financial burdens on the industry, even though these same burdens don't exist for
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2 days 2:57
Manchin And Sinema To Headline Event For Group Fighting Minimum Wage Hike
Democratic Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin are going to be featured speakers at an event next week for the National Restaurant Association, a union-hating, anti-minimum wage increasing
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2 days 4:18
Regulators Issue Warning For Peloton Treadmill Over Child & Pet Safety Dangers
Via Boom Bust: Treadmill manufacturer Peloton is under fire after U.S. regulators are issuing a warning about using the product near children.
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2 days 6:09
Florida Governor Signs Sweeping Attack On First Amendment Into Law
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2 days 1:24
California Power Company PG&E Charged With MULTIPLE Crimes For Role In Wildfires
Via America’s Lawyer: PG&E is criminally charged for causing the 2019 Kincaid Fire that destroyed hundreds of homes.
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3 days 3:45
Matt Gaetz's Ex Girlfriend Is TERRIFIED That The Feds Recorded Her Calls
An ex-girlfriend of Matt Gaetz is now terrified that her phone calls with the women involved in the scandal may have been taped, and that she could end up being charged with obstruction of justice
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3 days 3:35
Georgia Republicans Censure Governor For NOT Entertaining Trump's Lies
Republicans in several Georgia counties have voted to censure Republican governor Brian Kemp and Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger for NOT going along with Trump's lies and
102 695
3 days 3:08
Most Texans Prefer Matthew McConaughey As Governor Over Republican Greg Abbott
A new poll in Texas shows that actor Matthew McConaughey has a nearly 10-point lead over incumbent Republican governor Greg Abbott, should Matthew choose to run for governor.
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3 days 4:11
Marjorie Taylor Greene Forced To Abandon Her Ridiculous "America First" Caucus
Marjorie Taylor Greene has already been forced to sideline her plans to create an "America First Caucus" in the House after massive backlash from both the public and her own Republican Party.
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3 days 5:20
Trump's Legal Troubles Are About To Get Much Worse
**Help small businesses reopen with a donation to the COVID Rescue Fund - covidrescuefund.org ** Donald Trump could easily be in more legal trouble soon, after E.
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3 days 6:02
"Amazonians United" Continues Fight Against The Corporate Goliath Following Failed Union Vote
Via America’s Lawyer: From shoddy COVID protocols to relentless working conditions, the ongoing disputes between Amazon executives and employees is a battle between David and Goliath.
8 177
4 days 4:03
Matt Gaetz's Former Schoolmates Admit He's Always Been A Scumbag
Business Insider spoke to nearly two dozen former classmates of Matt Gaetz from his old high school, and they painted a very clear picture of who Gaetz really is.
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4 days 3:42
Republicans Will Keep Getting Crazier Until They Face Consequences
An opinion piece in The Washington Post this week expounds upon a point made by John Boehner in his new book, and that is that the Republican Party is just going to continue getting "crazier" until
103 492
4 days 3:02
Romney And Sinema Come Up With Pathetic Minimum Wage Legislation
Centrist Senators Mitt Romney and Kyrsten Sinema have teamed up with a ridiculous minimum wage increase proposal.
32 280
4 days 4:29
Liz Cheney Is FURIOUS About Afghanistan Troop Withdrawal
Representative Liz Cheney isn't happy about the fact that President Biden wants to pull U.S.
38 821
4 days 3:30
MyPillow CEO Says His New Social Media Site Won't Actually Allow Free Speech
Embattled Pillow Man Mike Lindell says that his new social media site - oddly called "Frank" - will not actually be the "free speech" haven that he had originally promised.
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