5 days 4:18
Police Warn Of Nationwide Violence From Republicans In Coming Days
Police ignored the warnings about violence on the Capitol on January 6th, so hopefully they are taking the new threats of violence seriously.
75 304
5 days 3:19
Republican Attorney General Group Made Robocalls Encouraging Capitol Protests
A shocking new report this week revealed that an arm of the Republican Attorneys General Association actually sent out robocalls encouraging Republicans to show up and march on the Capitol on
84 960
5 days 3:37
Conservative Radio Hosts Risk Cancellation If They Don't Stop Promoting Conspiracies
Cumulus Media, the group that owns 416 radio stations across the country, warned their hosts this week that if they do not stop spreading conspiracy theories about the election, they may lose their
44 459
5 days 4:55
Loyal Cabinet Members Now Abandoning Trump In Order To Save Political Careers
Via America’s Lawyer: Members of the Trump administration have resigned one after the other in the aftermath of last week’s violent insurrection at the Capitol.
42 048
5 days 4:16
Most Americans Want Trump Removed From Office Before His Term Ends
According to a new poll from ABC News Ipsos, most Americans actually want to see Donald Trump removed from office BEFORE his term is over.
89 754
5 days 4:02
Biden Shouldn't Even Attempt To Work With Republicans After This
President-elect Joe Biden still believes that he can work with Republicans, but after the events of the past week and a half it is clear that these individuals only care about their own
34 824
6 days 4:05
Trump Jr. Now Targeted In Inauguration Funds Investigation
Donald Trump, Jr. is now being targeted by the Washington, D.C. attorney general as part of the ongoing investigation into the possible misuse of inaugural funds from his father's inauguration.
436 382
6 days 4:31
Democrats Are Already Backtracking On $2,000 Stimulus Checks
For weeks, Democrats have been talking about getting Americans $2,000 stimulus checks.
24 991
6 days 4:36
Spineless James Comey Says Biden Should Pardon Trump
James Comey has reemerged from retirement to give one of the worst possible takes on the current state of affairs in America.
36 177
6 days 4:44
Drug Companies Face Lawsuit For Exposing Patients To Cancer Causing Medication Valsartan
Via America’s Lawyer: A Chinese pharmaceutical company faces a wave of lawsuits after an ingredient in their blood pressure drug Valsartan was found to cause cancer.
19 257
6 days 3:27
Republican Lawmakers Accused Of Giving Reconnaissance Tours Day Before Capitol Raid
Republican lawmakers in the House are facing claims that they actually gave reconnaissance tours to Trump supporters on the day before the Capitol attack, and they could be facing a major
94 723
6 days 5:59
Trump Can't Find Any Lawyers Willing To Represent Him During Impeachment Trial
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508 826
7 days 4:42
Trump Repeatedly Makes History For His Horrible Presidency
Donald Trump not only made history as one of only a handful of presidents to win the electoral college but lose the popular vote, he is also now the first president to be impeached twice.
112 384
7 days 4:32
Cori Bush Lights Up Donald Trump During Impeachment Speech
Representative Cori Bush, one of the newest members of "The Squad", used her time during Wednesday's impeachment hearing to voice her concerns and thoughts about Donald Trump, specifically labeling
51 649
7 days 4:03
Ayanna Pressley's Panic Buttons Ripped Out Of Her Office Prior To Riot
Representative Ayanna Pressley's staff says that the panic buttons in her office had apparently been ripped out prior to the Capitol Hill riot, and they have no idea why that would have happened.
87 104
7 days 3:20
World Leaders Shocked By Capitol Riot In Washington DC
Via America’s Lawyer: Last week’s violent mob at the Capitol stunned not only Americans, but world leaders across the globe. Mike Papantonio & Farron Cousins discuss more.
32 832
7 days 5:55
Deranged Republican Congresswoman Says She's Impeaching Joe Biden On Day 1
Republicans are already planning revenge against the Democrats, and apparently newly-minted Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene will be the one leading the way.
289 366
7 days 4:11
Mitch McConnell Still Won't Remove Trump After Second Impeachment
Mitch McConnell chickened out, and says he will not hold an impeachment trial for Donald Trump until AFTER he has been removed from office.
58 861
8 days 4:35
Republican Lawmakers Helped Plan Traitorous "Stop The Steal" Riot
According to new reports, some Republican lawmakers were instrumental in helping to both plan and promote the "Stop the Steal" rally that turned into a storming of the U.S. Capitol.
86 265
8 days 4:20
Kevin McCarthy Yelled At Trump After He Insisted Antifa Led Insurrection
Donald Trump, and plenty of other Republicans, have been insisting that the storming of the Capitol last week was somehow the work of Antifa, and some Republicans are now starting to get angry about
129 003
8 days 3:38
Capitol Police Were Sent Home Early On Insurrection Day So They Couldn't Help
According to officers with the Capitol Police force, many of them were actually sent home EARLY last Wednesday, even though they had all been warned about the incoming threat to the Capitol.
162 917
8 days 9:44
Legal Pardons Granted To War Criminal Mercenaries & Penumbra Catheter Found To Have Deadly Defect
Via America’s Lawyer: While the clock ticks down for Trump’s time in office, his latest batch of presidential pardons for Iraq War criminals have stirred controversy.
19 955
8 days 3:51
Trump Doubles Down And Says His Comments To Rioters Were Totally Appropriate
On Monday, Donald Trump gave a brief speech at Joint Base Andrews where he proved that he doesn't understand the severity of his actions when he said that his remarks to the Capitol Hill rioters
68 199
8 days 5:52
Mitch McConnell Told Friends That He Wants Trump Impeached
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68 298
9 days 3:01
Parler Accidentally Helped Bust Capitol Hill Rioters
The right wing morons who uploaded their videos and photographs of themselves storming the Capitol last week have found out the hard way that this was an incredibly stupid move.
120 731
9 days 3:43
Election Official Accuses Giuliani Of Submitting Fraudulent Evidence During Hearing
Rudy Giuliani could find himself in even more trouble after a Georgia election official made the claim that Giuliani knowingly submitted fraudulent evidence to lawmakers in Georgia during a hearing
207 665
9 days 3:57
Stop The Steal Founder Denies Blame And Goes Into Hiding
One of the founders of the "Stop The Steal" movement has been kicked off social media and, according to The Daily Beast, he has now gone into "hiding" while denying any responsibility for what
187 340
9 days 2:56
Court Ruling Says Hospital Corporations Can No Longer Hide Costs & Surprise Bill Patients
Via America’s Lawyer: A federal court has ruled hospitals must disclose all healthcare costs to patients before they undergo treatment. Mike Papantonio & Farron Cousins discuss more.
19 076
9 days 3:33
Melania Trump Caught Plagiarizing Herself In Self Centered Statement On Riots
First Lady Melania Trump apparently plagiarized part of her statement "condemning" the insurrection from last week from part of her 2020 RNC speech.
184 961
9 days 3:38
Donald Trump Is About To Be Impeached AGAIN
On Monday, Democrats put forward their resolution to impeach Donald Trump a second time, this time for inciting the riots and the insurrection that took place last week on Capitol Hill.
68 619
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