5 days 4:25
Meghan McCain Vows To Make Republicans Pay If They Oust Liz Cheney
Meghan McCain didn't mince words on Wednesday when she let Republican leadership have it over their treatment of Liz Cheney.
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5 days 4:35
McConnell Admits His Only Goal Is To Obstruct President Biden
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was asked by reporters recently about the infighting taking place in the Republican Party.
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5 days 4:07
Trump Allies Launch Voter Fraud Propaganda Team
A group of Trump allies, including one of the attorneys he had working on challenging the election, have formed a new group called the Election Integrity Alliance that will siphon money away from
64 352
5 days 6:10
Matt Gaetz Switches From Saving Seat To Trying To Stay Out Of Prison
Via America’s Lawyer: A bombshell letter written by Matt Gaetz associate Joel Greenberg describes how the FL representative paid for sex with at least one underage girl.
272 285
6 days 4:00
Trump's Lawyers Are Trying To Make His Enemies Pay
Donald Trump's lawyers filed a motion in court this week asking the judge to punish Democrats who filed a lawsuit against Trump for inciting the January 6th riot at the Capitol.
180 141
6 days 4:17
Former Bush Speechwriter Says Loyal Republicans Are Either "Liars Or Suckers"
Michael Gerson, a former speechwriter for George W. Bush, said this week that in order for someone to call themselves a "loyal Republican" they would either have to be a liar or a sucker.
57 287
6 days 4:00
Bill Barr's Secret Memo On Trump's Obstruction Of Justice Is About To Be Released
A secretive memo written by former Attorney General Bill Barr's Department of Justice that explains their rationale for not charging Donald Trump with obstruction of justice must be released
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6 days 4:12
Reporter Shuts Down Josh Hawley After He Says He's Being Cancelled During Interview
Republican Senator Josh Hawley sat down for an interview with The Washington Post recently, and during the middle of his interview with one of the largest papers in the country, he shot back at the
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6 days 4:00
Trump's New Social Media App Is Already A Pathetic Failure
Donald Trump has launched a new "social media" app to let his followers know what he thinks about things, but it's really just a weird combination of Twitter and Blogspot meant to give his followers
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6 days 8:07
Former Obama Officials Given Jobs With Corporate America & Matt Gaetz's "Friends" Are Turning On Him
Via America’s Lawyer: Obama-era White House officials have since flocked toward the corporate sector, and many of them are now fighting against minimum wage hikes.
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7 days 3:51
There Was A Second Steele Dossier That Contained Evidence Of Trump Sex Tapes
New reports have revealed that there was actually a second dossier about Donald Trump put together by former MI6 agent Christopher Steele, and this one allegedly had evidence of sex tapes that
254 100
7 days 4:33
Staffers Are Begging Fox Executives To Fire Tucker Carlson
A new report by The Daily Beast reveals that staffers at Fox News have been pleading with the network to fire Tucker Carlson for quite some time, but their cries have fallen upon deaf ears.
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7 days 4:07
Marjorie Taylor Greene Officially Demands That Republicans Be Loyal To Trump
In an attack on her fellow Republicans over the past weekend, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene made an admission that sent chills down the spines of plenty of Republicans when she said that the
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7 days 4:27
Giuliani Says He's Being Framed For Loving Trump
Rudy Giuliani is testing out new defenses in the ongoing investigation into his activities, and his latest talking point is that the whole thing was a setup and that he was framed.
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7 days 4:42
Trump Lawyers Up After Being Sued By Capitol Police
Donald Trump has officially retained legal counsel to represent him in the lawsuit being brought against him by members of the Capitol Police force.
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7 days 2:35
Big Pharma BLASTED For 800% Price Hike On Diabetes Medication Glumetza
Via America’s Lawyer: A federal judge warns drug manufacturers they won't be able to plea out of an 800% price hike on diabetes med. Mike Papantonio & Farron Cousins discuss more.
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8 days 3:31
Jared Kushner Gets Smacked Down By Judge Over Numerous Legal Violations
Jared Kushner is once again facing serious legal trouble, this time for apartment complex's that his company owns a share of in Maryland.
410 250
8 days 4:24
Trump's DOJ Interfered With Giuliani Investigation To Slow It Down
According to a new report, the raid on Rudy Giuliani's properties would have happened a long time ago if Donald Trump's Department of Justice wouldn't have intentionally slowed down the
129 995
8 days 3:41
Newsmax Forced To Issue Public Apology After Settling Defamation Lawsuit
The right wing network Newsmax has been forced to issue an apology and admit that they weren't being honest when they discussed Dominion Voting Systems and some of their workers in the aftermath of
201 136
8 days 3:56
Lobbyists Told To Avoid Matt Gaetz As Scandal Deepens
Lobbyists in the state of Florida have been advised by their firm that they are to avoid the issue of Matt Gaetz and his scandal no matter what, and that they had better not talk to the press about
143 536
8 days 4:15
Trump Gives The Saddest Speech Ever To Bored Hotel Guests
Typically when they leave office, there is such high demand for former presidents to speak at meetings or other functions that they are able to charge upwards of half a million dollars for just an
441 593
8 days 5:25
President Biden STILL Pushing For Julian Assange's Extradition
Via America’s Lawyer: Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been detained in the UK for nearly 10 years.
13 152
9 days 3:17
Deranged Trump Attorney Says He Found Trump Still Living In White House
Former Trump attorney Lin Wood posted a series of updates on his social media this past week where he claims that not only was he wandering around the White House looking for "Joey" Biden, but that
590 839
9 days 3:41
Republicans Dupe Voters By Touting COVID Relief Package That They Voted Against
Multiple Republican lawmakers this week joined the ranks of Republicans who are touting and even boasting about the recent COVID relief package, in spite of the fact that every single one of them
93 559
9 days 3:51
Trump Says He Is 100% Thinking About Running Again In 2024
Donald Trump told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo this week that he is "100% thinking about running" again in 2024.
111 525
9 days 3:42
Not A Single Group Or Party Supports Caitlyn Jenner's Gubernatorial Campaign
Not Democrats, not Republicans, not Fox News, not even her own family support Caitlyn Jenner's bid for California governor, which begs the question "Why the hell is she even running?" What is the
114 889
9 days 3:25
Kevin McCarthy Tells Liz Cheney To Be Nicer To Donald Trump
A new report says that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has asked Republican Representative Liz Cheney to "tone down" her rhetoric about Donald Trump, but she is refusing to do so.
110 519
9 days 4:35
Isaiah Brown Becomes ANOTHER Unarmed Black Man Gunned Down By Law Enforcement
Via America’s Lawyer: 32 year-old Isaiah Brown is in critical condition after being shot 10 times by a Virginia deputy responding to Isaiah's own 911 call.
34 874
10 days 3:59
The Republican Party Cannot Be Saved
The Republican Party is now the Party Of Stupid, and there is no hope at all of salvaging the GOP.
155 121
10 days 4:03
Republicans Start To Realize The Public Isn't Buying Their Lies Anymore
Republicans have spent decades preaching, but never actually practicing, "Fiscal conservatism" where they constantly whine about government spending and debts and say that these things must be
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