10 days 5:10
White Working Class Voters Are FINALLY Sick Of Donald Trump
According to the latest polling data - as well as interviews with former Trump supporters - the white working class voters that put Donald Trump over the electoral edge in 2016 are finally getting
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10 days 4:48
Trump Only Took Pandemic Seriously When Red States Started Getting Sick
According to a new report this week, Donald Trump only began taking the pandemic seriously when aides pointed out - using actual maps - that Republican voters in Red States were starting to get the
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11 days 4:24
Voters Are Pissed Off At Trump And His Secret Police Force Invading American Cities
According to the latest round of polling, voters in swing states (most of which are currently Red States) are not happy at all with Donald Trump sending in his DHS troops to US cities, and a
97 450
11 days 4:19
Republicans Are FURIOUS With Jared Kushner For Hiding RNC Money
House Republicans fear that they are in for another Blue Wave that could wipe out even more Republican seats in November, and they are begging the RNC to give them some cash to run better campaigns.
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11 days 5:01
Our Government Failed Us And A Second Shutdown Is Necessary To Slow Pandemic
Our government at every level has failed us, and now experts are saying that the only way we will be able to slow the pandemic and return to a normal life in the near future is to do another shut
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11 days 2:28
Militia Group Sued For Inciting Violence & Hijacking Peaceful Protests
Via America's Lawyer: The state of New Mexico has filed a lawsuit against a militia group that has posed serious threats to the public in the past. Mike Papantonio explains more.
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11 days 4:08
Christian TV Host Begs Trump To Kill Protestors
So-called Christian TV host Rick Wiles implored Donald Trump recently to bust out the hollow point bullets and use them on the protestors all over the country.
125 194
11 days 3:58
Judge Says Trump's Stormtroopers Can't Arrest Journalists For Documenting Abuses
Late last week a federal judge issued an emergency injunction barring Trump's Homeland Security forces from arresting journalists and legal observers in Portland, unless these individuals committed
235 499
11 days 4:30
Trump Just Made It Easier To Export Armed Drones By Breaking International Treaty
Donald Trump has decided to reclassify part of an international treaty from the 1980's that restricted the export and sale of unmanned aerial vehicles capable of firing weapons.
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11 days 5:13
Mitch McConnell Is Still The Worst Republican In America
Over the past few weeks, Mitch McConnell has repeatedly reminded America that he is the worst Republican in Washington, D.C. and possibly in this entire country.
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12 days 5:00
Trump Left Stunned After Senate Republicans Finally Stand Up To Him
A shocking thing happened this week when Republicans finally found a tax cut that they weren't in favor of passing.
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12 days 4:07
Trump Jr.'s Girlfriend Is Ruining Trump's Reelection Campaign
Kimberly Guilfoyle, the former Fox News host who is dating Donald Trump, Jr., has been put in charge of fundraising for Donald Trump's reelection campaign.
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12 days 5:21
Trump Blames Immigrants And Protestors For Spiking Covid Numbers
During a White House Coronavirus briefing this week, Donald Trump rattled off a list of groups that he chose to blame for the spike in new cases of Covid 19 in the United States.
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12 days 5:31
Corporate Media Ties Right Wing Nut Job Murderer To Jeffrey Epstein
Via America's Lawyer: Just days after being assigned the case investigating Deutsche Bank's involvement with the late Jeffrey Epstein, a federal judge's family is shot and killed.
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12 days 4:01
Fox News Is Destroying Republican Brains
Yet another poll has come out showing that Fox News is little more than brainwashing propaganda for the uneducated masses.
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12 days 4:48
Almost 100% Of Americans Say We Must Reform The Police
A staggering new Gallup poll released this week shows that 94% of Americans believe that at least some changes need to be made to America's police.
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13 days 4:35
Trump's Attacks On Biden's Sanity Are Backfiring On Him
Donald Trump and his children thought that they had a slam dunk attack on Joe Biden when they began highlighting his mental competency.
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13 days 5:20
Matt Gaetz Caught Breaking House Rules By Misusing Tax Dollars
Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz is being accused of violating House ethics rules by allegedly misusing taxpayer dollars on a multitude of different projects.
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13 days 5:09
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Sued AGAIN Over Siding With Scam Colleges
Via America's Lawyer: Nearly two dozen states sue education secretary Betsy DeVos for failing to protect students against predatory loans and for-profit colleges.
20 482
13 days 4:43
Former Trump Official Says Donald Is Subconsciously Sabotaging His Own Campaign
Former Trump administration official Anthony Scaramucci believes that Donald Trump might be, subconsciously, sabotaging his own reelection campaign.
155 081
13 days 5:57
Trump's Team Is Making Joe Biden Look Better Than Ever
The version of Joe Biden that is being created by the Trump campaign is actually pretty awesome. They've claimed that he wants to ban all fossil fuels.
84 937
14 days 5:05
Fox News Angers Trump Again With Latest Poll Numbers
Donald Trump's poll numbers continue to get worse with each new poll that comes out, including the ones from Fox News.
383 607
14 days 5:49
Mike Pompeo And His Wife Accused Of Misusing Tax Dollars And Staff
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and his wife Susan Pompeo have been accused of grossly abusing both their offices and their staffs (and, of course, taxpayer dollars) in a bombshell new report that
30 635
14 days 4:30
Trump Doesn't Want Schools To Implement Covid Safety Measures
The Trump administration announced this week that they will NOT be recommending universities and colleges across the country to test their students for Covid 19 before the return to school, a move
27 026
14 days 3:55
Harvey Weinstein Proposed Settlement Thrown Out By Federal Judge
Via America's Lawyer: A federal judge denies Harvey Weinstein a $25 million settlement and sides with accusers. Mike Papantonio & Farron Cousins discuss.
19 786
14 days 3:44
Trump Admin Orders Filmmakers To Hide Footage Until After Election
Trump's Department of Homeland Security is threatening Netflix filmmakers to not release any of the damning footage that they have captured during a filming session for a documentary about Trump's
250 091
14 days 5:15
Trump Forced To Cancel Republican Convention After Constant Screw Ups
Donald Trump's grand Florida convention has officially been cancelled.
175 630
15 days 4:45
Trump Refuses To Stop Abusing His Power To Enrich Himself
According to reports, Donald Trump has once again abused his power by asking an ambassador to secure the British Open for one of his properties.
120 818
15 days 5:22
Jeff Bezos Made $13 BILLION In A Single Day This Week
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is making more money than any other human in the history of money, and on Monday of this week he pulled in another $13 billion.
27 251
15 days 4:04
Trump Is Violating The Constitution To Protect Statues
According to a leaked memo, the Trump administration has authorized warrantless surveillance of protestors across the country.
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