15 days 8:06
The New York Times: The New Version Of Home Alone
Via America's Lawyer: NYT contributor Bari Weiss leaves the publication, blaming the outlet for performative journalism and a hive-mind mentality. Mike Papantonio & Farron Cousins discuss.
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15 days 6:49
Trump's Boasts About His Cognitive Test Are Freaking Out The Public
Use code ROF to get 15% off a Vincero watch at vincerowatches.com/rof   Donald Trump is STILL bragging about "acing" his cognitive exam, but the more the public finds out about the test, the
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15 days 5:24
Trump Decides That Fascism Is His Official 2020 Platform
Donald Trump has announced what he is calling a "surge" of US troops to places like Chicago, to allegedly curb the nonstop violence happening in that city.
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16 days 3:58
Media Praises Trump's Tone As He Lies To Their Faces
The corporate media once again proved how low their bar is and how easily they are duped by Trump by praising him for adopting a more somber tone during his press briefing on Tuesday.
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16 days 3:54
Trump's Acting Homeland Security Chief Admits Arrests Are Coming BEFORE Crimes Committed In Portland
Acting Homeland Security Chief Chad Wolf admitted on Fox News Tuesday evening that the arrests being carried out by DHS officers in the city of Portland are "proactive" arrests, meaning that they
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16 days 5:52
Republicans Bash Liz Cheney For Not Loving Trump Enough
Tuesday was definitely a wild day on the Hill, with House Republicans turning on one another over whether the United States should continue fighting unwinnable, non-goal oriented wars in the Middle
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16 days 9:01
Catholic Church Lobbyists Raid Stimulus Funds & Local Politicians Caught In Bribery Schemes
Via America’s Lawyer: Countless small businesses have clamored for federal PPP loans to support their livelihoods, yet billions of dollars are given instead to organizations like the Catholic Church
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16 days 3:41
Trump Admits He Knows Accused Sex Trafficker And Wishes Her Well
During what was supposed to be a White House press briefing about the coronavirus pandemic, Donald Trump was asked about accused sex trafficker and Epstein accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell.
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16 days 6:18
Tucker Carlson And Sean Hannity Implicated In Sexual Misconduct Lawsuit
Fox News hosts Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity have been accused of sexual harassment in a new lawsuit, and former Fox reporter Ed Henry is being accused of rape in the same suit.
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17 days 4:32
Trump Will Put Up A Massive Fight To Stay In White House If He Loses To Biden
Since the early days of the Trump administration, there has been speculation about whether or not the President would actually leave office peacefully if he were to lose his reelection bid.
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17 days 3:58
The Republican Party Has Become A Sick Cult
The Coronavirus pandemic has exposed the American Republican Party for what it is - a cult.
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17 days 4:11
Trump Is Losing Because His Base No Longer Trusts Him
The American public officially abandoned Donald Trump just a few weeks ago, but his base hung in there as long as they possibly could.
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17 days 2:20
Justice Department FINALLY Targets Generic Drug Companies Over Price Gouging
Via America’s Lawyer: The generic drug cartel in America is beginning to face justice. Mike Papantonio explain more.
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17 days 4:53
Trump Is Using His Businesses To Pocket Campaign Money
Republican donors are being taken for a ride and they don't even realize it. Donald Trump's businesses have been sucking up his campaign cash - hundreds of thousands of dollars worth this year, alone.
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17 days 3:50
Trump Prepares To Send His Secret Police To Other American Cities
Donald Trump is preparing to send his secret police to at least 3 additional Democrat-controlled cities in the United States this week, after he saw the so-called "success" of his deployment in
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18 days 4:26
Trump Promises To Sign Imaginary Healthcare Bill In 2 Weeks
Donald Trump told Fox News host Chris Wallace that he will be signing a new healthcare plan into law in just about 2 weeks. That would be interesting news if such a healthcare law existed.
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18 days 4:58
Ghislaine Maxwell Believes Epstein Was Murdered And That She's Next
Jeffrey Epstein's accomplice, Ghislaine Maxwell, believes that her former boss was murdered by people who wanted to keep him quiet.
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18 days 4:15
Trump Wants To Cripple Coronavirus Response By Slashing Funding For Testing & Tracing
If you needed more evidence that Donald Trump is on the side of the coronavirus instead of the American public, just take a look at his administration's efforts over the past week.
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18 days 4:59
Lawsuits Across America Expose Bribery Of Local City Officials
Via America’s Lawyer: Corruption cases arise in City Halls across the country, exposing bribery and fraud scandals among local officials. Mike Papantonio is joins by Brigida Santos to explain more.
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18 days 9:31
Chris Wallace Absolutely Destroys Trump's Campaign In Crazy Interview
Use code ROF to get 15% off a Vincero watch at vincerowatches.com/rof   Donald Trump's reelection campaign is dependent upon, and Fox News host Chris Wallace destroyed every single one of
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18 days 5:11
Republicans Applaud The Arrival Of Fascism In America
Republicans love to tell us that they need to protect themselves against a tyrannical government, but when the tyrannical government actually presents itself they greet it with open arms. Why?
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19 days 4:39
New Poll Shows Republicans Are Doomed In November
According to a new Gallup poll, the number of Americans willing to identify as Republicans continues to fall, while the number who call themselves Democrats has risen sharply.
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19 days 5:09
Trump's Push To Reopen Schools Is Sending His Poll Numbers To New Lows
Donald Trump refuses to back down from his push to reopen schools in a few weeks, even as the number of new Covid-19 cases continues to climb nationally.
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19 days 5:10
Trump's Team Cheers Him Up By Talking About Beautiful Boaters And Lying About Polls
According to new reports, Donald Trump's aides are having a harder and harder time trying to cheer up the President, so in recent weeks they have resorted to lying to him about poll numbers and
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19 days 3:06
Top Military General Pleads Guilty After 30 Years Of Child Sex Abuse
Via America’s Lawyer: Former Army General James Grazioplene has pled guilty to years of sexually abusing his own daughter Jennifer Elmore. Mike Papantonio & Farron Cousins discuss.
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19 days 5:36
Leaked Documents Show Cops Knew Right Wing Groups Were The Real Threats During Protests
According to leaked documents, police offices and the federal government were fully aware of the fact that it wasn't Antifa that posed a threat to the country during the ongoing George Floyd
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19 days 4:16
Republican Congressman Hit With 3 Felony Charges For Voter Fraud
Republican Congressman Steve Watkins has been hit with 3 felony charges of voter fraud after being accused of using a fake address to register to vote. Watkins serves in the U.S.
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20 days 5:53
Trump Isn't Even Beating Biden In RED STATES
Forget about swing states - according to the latest round of polling, Donald Trump isn't even beating Joe Biden in Red States across the country.
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20 days 4:36
Republican Senators Are Fed Up With Trump And Want To Get Away
Republican strategists and consultants aren't being shy about telling the media exactly what is happening behind the scenes in the Republican Party, and the picture that they are painting isn't one
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20 days 4:12
Trump May Have Ruined His Kids' Chances To Be President
According to conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin, Donald Trump has ruined his kids' chances of ever being President.
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