20 days 5:11
New Florida Law Seeks Justice For Child Sexual Abuse Victims
Via America’s Lawyer: Donna’s Law receives unanimous support from lawmakers, eliminating the statute of limitations for child sex abuse in Florida to help survivors seek justice.
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20 days 5:54
Trump's Demand That Schools Reopen Is More Sinister Than You Think
Donald Trump is demanding that schools start reopening next month, and most people agree that this is a recipe for disaster.
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20 days 4:03
Trump Threatens To "Take Over" Crime Ridden Democrat Cities
The President is drunk with power, and painfully ignorant of the law.
109 521
21 day 4:08
Trump And Pence Are Trying To Kill Americans
At this point it is hard to argue that Donald Trump and Mike Pence are trying to protect Americans from the pandemic. In fact, it almost appears as if they are on the side of the virus.
86 394
21 day 5:13
Anti Mask Crowd Preparing For Massive Tantrums Next Week
Starting next week, major retailers including Walmart, Target, CVS, and countless grocery store chains will be instituting their mandatory face mask policies, which will inevitably lead to
40 554
21 day 4:52
Trump's Attacks On Fauci Blew Up In His Face
The Trump administration began their week by sending out propaganda attacking Dr. Anthony Fauci to media outlets and they're ending the week by pretending that none of that ever happened.
77 371
21 day 4:02
Taxpayers Billed For Assault Cases While Catholic Church Takes Billions From Stimulus Funds
Via America’s Lawyer: Countless small businesses have clamored for federal PPP loans to support their livelihoods, yet billions of dollars are given instead to organizations like the Catholic Church
11 325
21 day 3:54
Republicans Forced To Shrink Trump's Convention As Pandemic Worsens
Donald Trump is a powder keg ready to explode right now.
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21 day 5:14
Trump Goes On Deranged Dishwasher Rant During White House Event
During a White House event on how awesome it is to have no rules in the country, Donald Trump went on a truly deranged rant about water pressure and dishwashers.
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22 days 4:33
Trump Is Bribing Midwest Voters With Free Money From US Taxpayers
Donald Trump has insisted that payments to American farmers continue to flow, and reports now indicate that many farmers are getting money that even they say they don't need anymore.
123 399
22 days 4:14
Scientist Says Florida Republicans Are Hiding Covid 19 Data From The Public
The Florida data scientist that was ousted from her position for refusing to adjust the state's coronavirus numbers to a more favorable tally has now accused the Republicans in charge of Florida of
24 734
22 days 3:41
Republican Governor Kills Mask Mandates In Georgia
Georgia's Republican Governor Brian Kemp has now overridden all local mask requirements in his state, and instead has replaced them with a universal "you should wear a mask but aren't required to do
81 546
22 days 4:22
Democratic War Pimps Love Endless War
Via America's Lawyer: Capitol Hill approves yet another massive military budget for the Afghanistan War while the Coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage our economy.
6 750
22 days 5:17
Trump's Move To Suppress Covid Data Will Get More People Killed
Donald Trump has ordered hospitals to stop turning over their Covid-19 data statistics to the CDC, and instead he wants them handed over to a different government agency that he has more control over.
32 507
22 days 5:08
Ivanka Trump Broke The Law With Idiotic Bean Picture
Ivanka Trump might have thought that her little Goya stunt on social media was cute, but in reality it was a very clear violation of federal ethics laws.
70 125
22 days 4:25
Trump FIRES Campaign Manager Brad Parscale
The Trump campaign has confirmed that Brad Parscale will no longer be Trump's campaign manager for his reelection campaign, quite a shocking move considering the implications of this firing.
165 379
23 days 5:20
Republicans Predict Pathetic Turnout For Trump's RNC Convention Speech
According to reports, Republicans are predicting a pathetic turnout for Donald Trump's speech at the RNC convention.
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23 days 4:45
Ted Cruz Is Mad At Burger King For Teaching People About Science
A sitting United States senator is having an online "beef" with a fast food company over their new sustainability policies.
113 352
23 days 6:18
School District Forces Parents To Sign Covid Death Waiver For Their Kids
A school district in Missouri has come under fire after it was revealed that they are forcing parents to sign Covid-19 "death waivers" for student athletes.
57 112
23 days 9:16
Non-Disclosure Agreement Won't Stop Book Release & Epstein Victims Seek Justice With Maxwell Arrest
Via Politicking with Larry King: The bitter court battle over a book by Trump’s niece Mary continues. Plus, authorities have finally arrested Ghislaine Maxwell, the alleged enabler of Jeffrey Epstein.
14 062
23 days 5:38
Angry Trump Is Now Doing the Opposite Of What Brad Parscale Tells Him To Do
Use code ROF to get 15% off a Vincero watch at vincerowatches.com/rof   According to reports, Donald Trump has grown so angry at his campaign manager Brad Parscale that he is now doing the
107 983
23 days 5:02
Ivanka Trump Tells Unemployed Americans To "Find Something New"
A new ad campaign from The White House says that out of work Americans should simply "find something new", and the campaign appears to be the brainchild of Ivanka Trump.
56 067
24 days 4:30
Trump's Newest Chief Of Staff Is Already Ready To Quit
According to a new report by Politico, Donald Trump's most recent Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, is allegedly already ready to quit the job that he has only had for a few months.
186 179
24 days 4:53
Trump Accused Of Suppressing CDC Data Showing School Openings Are Bad Idea
The head of one of the largest teachers' unions in the country has accused Donald Trump and his administration of attempting to bury an internal report from the CDC that clearly states that
114 856
24 days 5:00
Democrats Are Letting Republicans Hijack Their Party
The Lincoln Project has emerged as a force to be reckoned with during this campaign, and their only goal at the moment appears to be removing Trump and his loyalists from office this year.
29 612
24 days 13:01
Lawsuits Spawn Out Of Police Abuse Protests & President's Approval Hits All Time Low
Via America's Lawyer: Protesters file lawsuits against police departments nationwide alleging police brutality, the very issue that demonstrators were rallying against.
14 529
24 days 4:47
White House Is Now Running A Smear Campaign Against Dr. Fauci
The Trump administration has gone from trying to hide Dr. Fauci from the public to actively claiming that the man is incompetent and has lied every step of the way.
21 252
24 days 4:30
Trump Has Averaged One Lie Every 90 Minutes Since Taking Office
Donald Trump told his 20,000th lie on July 9th, and after doing the quick math, this adds up to one lie roughly every hour and a half since the President was sworn into office.
34 276
25 days 5:35
Trump Freaks Out After Media Catches Him Golfing Again
The media once again reported on Trump's seemingly nonstop golf outings this weekend, but this time the President decided to fire back at the media.
726 469
25 days 7:02
Fox Host Slams Betsy DeVos Over Her Illegal Plans
Fox News host Chris Wallace didn't mince words with Education Secretary Betsy DeVos over the weekend when he told her that her plan to withhold funding from schools that don't open in the fall was
71 993
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