3 hours 2:01:05
Live: Amy Coney Barrett CONFIRMED as Supreme Court justice
President Donald Trump hosts the Supreme Court justice swearing-in ceremony of Amy Coney Barrett at the White House by Justice Clarence Thomas.
7 hours 3:09
Seven in custody after special forces end suspected tanker hijacking
An oil tanker docked in Southampton hours after special forces raided the vessel and rescued the crew from a suspected hijacking.
4 hours 3:10
Amy Coney Barrett is sworn in as Supreme Court Justice at White House
Amy Coney Barrett is sworn in as Supreme Court Justice at the White House. Donald Trump called the event a 'momentous day for America' whilst Barrett said she was 'truly honored and humbled'.
7 hours 2:21
NASA reveals water has been found on the sunlit side of the moon | ITV News
Water has been found on a sunlit surface of the Moon for the first time, Nasa has announced.
8 hours 2:03:47
Live: Trump holds campaign rally in Lititz, Pennsylvania
President Donald Trump holds campaign rally in Lititz, Pennsylvania with just 9 days to Election Day.
7 hours 2:47
US Election 2020: Is Pennsylvania more divided than the polls suggest?
Supporters of President Donald Trump hope to show his opponent Joe Biden that winning Pennsylvania will not be as easy as the opinion polls may suggest.
7 hours 57:37
Live: Trump campaigns in Martinsburg, Pennsylvania
President Donald Trump holds campaign rally in Martinsburg, Pennsylvania with just 9 days to Election Day.
9 hours 3:42
Thailand protesters demand investigation into king
Thousands of pro-democracy protesters in Thailand have taken their campaign to the doors of the German embassy in Bangkok, calling for an investigation into the Thai king's activities during his
7 hours 3:46
US Election 2020: Trump and Biden scramble for crucial swing states | ITV News
One week from now, the United States will be on the eve of what's been called the most important Presidential election in our lifetime. Americans are voting as though it really is.
10 hours 7:52
Boris Johnson refuses to extend England’s free school meal scheme
Boris Johnson has defended his refusal to extend free school meals in England over the half-term break, as he hinted that more money might be made available, declaring no one wanted to see children
8 hours 3:04
Belarus: Nationwide strike looms as stun grenades are used against protesters
Police in Belarus have fired stun grenades at protesters ahead of a strike called by opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya.
9 hours 1:52:15
The Richie Allen Show - Monday October 26th 2020
Richie is joined by Dr. Vernon Coleman. Vernon discusses the "collaborators." These are the people who blindly and unquestioningly follow the governments arbitrary rules.
10 hours 7:20
Trump downplays coronavirus fears as election day looms
Welcome to Martinsburg, Pennsylvania, where President Trump is due to fly in for his third rally of the day in the state. (Subscribe: bit.ly/C4_News_Subscribe) Why here?
10 hours 5:36
Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer responds to Trump’s taunts
Tomorrow President Trump heads for Michigan, another state he won by the narrowest of margins in 2016 - just under 11,000 votes.
12 hours 4:11
Why winter makes the coronavirus pandemic worse
Ever since Coronavirus started, people have been talking about a winter wave.
10 hours 2:36
Water on the moon could help establish a lunar base
Could this be the beginning of the next giant leap for humankind - after scientists at the US space agency Nasa said they'd found unambiguous evidence of water on sunlit parts of the moon's
9 hours 2:56
Coronavirus: Parents of Belgian boy 'terrified' after he spent six days in coma with COVID-19
The father of a four-year-old Belgian boy who spent six days in a coma after catching COVID-19 has warned other parents of the risk the virus poses to children.
9 hours 1:26
Nasa finds water on sunlit side of Moon
Nasa has announced they have discovered pockets of water on the surface of the Moon. It represents a huge leap forward for the hopes of conducting deep space exploration in the future.
11 hours 5:45
Inside England’s Covid hospital wards - struggling to cope with the winter wave
If the first wave took hospitals by surprise, there is an air of grim inevitability about the second.
8 hours 2:00
#MOATS: A HILL TO DIE ON | Who advised Boris Johnson that Scrooge was a good look over Christmas?
#MOATS: A HILL TO DIE ON | Who advised Boris Johnson that Scrooge was a good look over Christmas?
8 hours 0:58
Trump says Biden has ‘waved a white flag on life
PRESIDENT Donald Trump said on Monday that Joe Biden has "waved a white flag on life" – and claimed his rival is at 50 per cent mental capacity.
7 hours 3:46
US Election 2020: Why Florida is set to deliver one of the big moments of the US election | ITV News
When it comes to peak drama on US election nights, Florida is ground zero. To arrive here with just a week to go is to touch down in the centre of an electoral storm.
9 hours 2:13
What links US presidential candidate Joe Biden to Wales? | ITV News
The US elections may seem like a world away from Wales, but there is one thing that links Wales to the presidential elections across the water.
11 hours 1:08
Bar breaks hospitality rules to protest over Covid restrictions
A Glasgow bar deliberately breached local coronavirus lockdown rules to protest curbs on the hospitality sector. The owners of Buck’s Bar in Glasgow handed out free meals to those in need on Monday.
11 hours 2:09
Welsh Government to issue 'revised guidance' over supermarket ban following criticism | ITV News
Revised guidance for retailers in Wales will be published on Tuesday after what the Welsh Government has described as "positive discussions" with the sector.
11 hours 2:21
Armed forces storm oil tanker and detain stowaways after ‘hijacking’ | ITV News
Seven Nigerian stowaways have been detained after British armed forces stormed an oil tanker off the Isle of Wight following a suspected hijacking by stowaways.
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