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COVID-19 UK: What are the new Tier 3 restrictions in South Yorkshire?
Around 1.4 million people in South Yorkshire will face living under England's toughest coronavirus restrictions.
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Ireland has announced a six-week coronavirus lockdown
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Hundreds protesting against police brutality in Nigeria at Parliament square
"The President should get them to stop killing innocent people in Nigeria." Dr Kelechi Anyikude speaks to RT UK from Parliament square as demonstrators call to End SARS after reports that Nigerian
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South Yorkshire to move to Tier 3 Covid restrictions from Saturday | ITV News
South Yorkshire is set to move into Tier 3 Covid lockdown restrictions after a deal was reached between local leaders and the government to provide £41 million in extra support.
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Youth centres are vital for young people, yet many are missing out due to the pandemic | 5 News
► Subscribe to 5 News: bit.ly/5NewsSub ►Youth services which offer places and spaces to chat safely in groups can be vital for vulnerable young people and help them with their confidence
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Nigeria: police ‘fired on protesters’ as demonstrations against police brutality continue | 5 News
► Subscribe to 5 News: bit.ly/5NewsSub ►More than a dozen people are reported dead after soldiers opened fire on demonstrators who were protesting against police brutality in Nigeria's
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Coronavirus: South Yorkshire next region in Tier 3 | 5 News
► Subscribe to 5 News: bit.ly/5NewsSub ► It was only a matter of time before another region headed into the highest level of Covid alert.
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Calls for cocaine and ecstasy be sold at pharmacies
Should drugs like cocaine and ecstasy be sold at pharmacies? Well one charity is calling for it!
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Touchdown! Nasa makes historic landing on asteroid | 5 News
► Subscribe to 5 News: bit.ly/5NewsSub ►It is always a bit tricky parking in a tight spot - especially when you're being watched.
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School meals: Marcus Rashford urged the government to 'give our children a chance' | 5 News
► Subscribe to 5 News: bit.ly/5NewsSub ►The pandemic has put even more pressure on families struggling to put food on the table.
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What aid package did South Yorkshire get for going into Tier 3?
South Yorkshire to enter Tier 3 restrictions! But what sort of package were they offered? Councillor Sir Stephen Houghton explains how the financial aid will be implemented.
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‘Did you just call me scum’ - Tory MP to Labour’s Angela Rayner
‘Did you just call me scum?’ Chris Clarkson accuses Labour’s Angela Rayner of calling the Tory MP ‘scum’, after he suggested Labour was trying to ‘exploit’ the coronavirus crisis.
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When will a Covid-19 vaccine be ready in the UK? | ITV News
The head of the UK Vaccine Taskforce think there's a chance a coronavirus vaccine could be ready "this side of Christmas" but the government's chief scientific advisor believes we're "unlikely" to
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Camilla Adds Her Own Chocolate Brownies to Pensioners' Lunch Bags
The Duchess of Cornwall has helped pack lunches, complete with Clarence House chocolate brownies, for African Caribbean pensioners at a day centre.
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MPs to vote free school meals motion lead by Marcus Rashford
MPs are to vote on a motion lead by Marcus Rashford that would see free school meals extended over the holidays.
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Woman in Iran arrested for 'cycling without hijab'
A young woman has been arrested in central Iran for "insulting the Islamic hijab", state media said Tuesday, after a video appeared to show her cycling without a veil.
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Government playing politics with people's lives in Manchester?
"He can give £7,000 a day to those working on a shambolic test and trace system but not an extra £8 per person to Manchester.
3 hours 1:32
Angela Rayner attacked after calling Tory MP 'scum'
Angela Rayner is being told to apologise after she was called out for having apparently called a Conservative MP "scum".
3 hours 3:49
Badge or snack box? NHS staff offered 'gifts' for work during pandemic
NHS staff are being thanked for their work during the pandemic - with choices ranging from a badge, voucher or snack box...
3 hours 2:00
Equalities Minister: Teaching race theory as fact is illegal
'We do not want to see teachers teaching their pupils about white privilege.' Teachers who promote race theory as fact are doing so illegally says Equalities Minister Kemi Badenoch as she told the
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Anyone for Tea
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James O'Brien takes a look at Boris Johnson's ministerial "team sheet" | LBC
James O'Brien examines Boris Johnson's team sheet of Ministers after days of talks with leaders in Greater Manchester about financial assistance which ended without agreement yesterday.
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Downham in Bromley Air ambulance landed
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Republican voters gather at 'Trump House' in Pennsylvania
If the polls are to be believed then Joe Biden will win Pennsylvania. But Leslie Rossi doesn't think so.
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Does the government's initial offer of £60m still stand for Manchester?
The government said its initial offer of £60 million is still available for Manchester after Andy Burnham read live that it dropped to £22 million.
3 hours 3:59
Prince William Highlights Impact of Covid on Cancer Treatment
The Duke of Cambridge acknowledged the "challenging" impact of coronavirus on cancer treatment, as he launched the construction of a £70 million centre to combat the disease.
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Commons in uproar after Labour MP appears to call Tory "scum" in Parliament
Labour MP and frontbencher Angela Rayner caused outrage in the House of Commons after appearing to shout "scum" at Conservative MP Chris Clarkson when discussing the COVID-19 crisis.
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Will a summer of race protests create lasting change? - Prof of History of Slavery at Bristol Uni
Olivette Otele is an historian who is currently Professor of History of Slavery at Bristol University and Vice-President of the Royal Historical Society.
5 hours 2:54
Veteran battling MND vows to fight on for his family
A veteran with motor neurone disease has been left without treatment for 18 months after having an adverse reaction to the main drug used to slow the killer condition.
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UK Column News - 21st October 2020
Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today's UK Column News. 00:29 - The Fake Rebellion in the North - Where's the pandemic?
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