4 hours 2:00
'People don't have to die' says Biden in Covid vaccine push
President Joe Biden declares Covid a 'pandemic of the unvaccinated' as he tells reporters of the importance of getting a double jab.
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5 hours 2:48:14
Tokyo 2020 Olympics live: View of stadium as athletic competitions begins
TOKYO, JAPAN - View of Tokyo Olympic Stadium as athletic competitions begin at the 2020 Olympic Games.
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8 hours 4:48
Luke McCulloch: The popular soldier whose death is still felt today | ITV News
British military involvement in Aghanistan is coming to an end but the pain and loss it involved is not. More than 450 British lives were lost in the war against the Taliban.
8 hours 2:26
Push for young people in UK to get Covid vaccines as Thorpe Park offers jabs | ITV News
Thorpe Park in Surrey was offering jabs to thousands of people in the hope the young will come forward to get them. With only 60% of under 30s immunised health officials are trying anything.
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8 hours 5:44
'My job is to deradicalise the UK's most extreme terrorists in prison' | ITV News
The psychologist charged with trying to reform the UK's most extreme terrorists has spoken exclusively to ITV News about how she tries to deradicalise them.
8 hours 2:30
We're spending more than the Earth can provide - climate change leads to extreme weather | ITV News
Extreme weather events are getting longer, warmer, wetter, hotter and colder. Flooding in London last week left a dirty stain on lives and livelihoods..
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11 hours 5:57
Revealed: North Sea oil company chief exec claims climate emergency is ‘fake’
Scientists overwhelmingly agree the main cause of global warming is the burning of fossil fuels.
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11 hours 4:55
Revealed: Science Museum signed gagging clause with exhibition sponsor Shell
Last month, young activists had to be removed from London's Science Museum by the police, after they staged a protest against oil-giant Shell sponsoring its climate change exhibition.
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11 hours 1:53
Phantom of the Opera's first black female lead hopes to open doors for others | ITV News
For the first time, a black performer is playing one of theatre's most iconic female leads.
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12 hours 14:13
Met Office warns climate crisis has already arrived in UK
Hotter, sunnier and wetter. Britain's weather in the last 30 years was different to the preceding three decades.
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12 hours 2:21
X Factor 'ends' after 17 years, former contestants react | ITV News
Former X Factor contestants have shared mixed reactions to ITV announcing there are "no current plans" for another series of the entertainment show.
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12 hours 2:14
Autistic boy has 'meltdown' in hotel after family refused quarantine exemption
"He wouldn't have managed to stay in a room for 11 days with no access to the outside world." Farheen Rehman explains the ordeal she and her autistic son went through after their application for
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12 hours 6:10
'The RNLI is aiding and abetting criminals' | Former MEP on RNLI aiding Channel migrants
"This is a willful act of illegal behaviour by these people, and the RNLI is aiding and abetting criminals." Former MEP Ben Habib explains why he agrees with criticisms of the RNLI for aiding
13 hours 5:00
'Pingdemic' hampering UK's economic recovery
Report: the UK's economic recovery is now waning due to the dreaded 'pingdemic'! But will the disruption cause a lasting impact beyond the August 16 rule change? Dr Hilary Ingham discusses.
13 hours 2:23
Bootle’s urban gardeners changing mindsets and making a difference with their micro-farms | 5 News
► Have you subscribed to 5 News?: bit.ly/5NewsSub ► Here is a positive tale of the impact being made by a group of community gardeners in Liverpool.
14 hours 2:10
Tokyo 2020: no gold for Glover but her unlikely return inspires other mums | 5 News
► Have you subscribed to 5 News?: bit.ly/5NewsSub ► No medal for rower Helen Glover but for many her journey sums up the Olympic spirit.
14 hours 2:38
MPs call for children's sport campaign after activity stunted during Covid-19 pandemic | 5 News
► Have you subscribed to 5 News?: bit.ly/5NewsSub ► Does your child do 60 minutes of activity every day?
14 hours 8:42
LIVE | Boris Johnson gives a closing statement for Global Education Summit
LIVE | Boris Johnson gives a closing statement for the Global Education Summit.
14 hours 4:26
UK undergoing disruptive climate change and scientists warn to expect more extreme weather | 5 News
► Have you subscribed to 5 News?: bit.ly/5NewsSub ► According to the latest UK State of the Climate report, we are undergoing disruptive climate change with increased rainfall, sunshine and
14 hours 4:17
RNLI donations soar after Nigel Farage labels them 'migrant taxi service'
Nigel Farage yesterday labelled the RNLI a 'migrant taxi service' after footage showed them ferrying migrants from dinghies to England.
14 hours 1:16
Scotland’s quarantine changes ‘are not a free-for-all’
Humza Yousaf has insisted changes made to quarantine rules for travellers to Scotland are “not a free-for-all”.
15 hours 3:30
Up to 14,000 GPs could leave the NHS amid reports of increased stress
"For the first time since I've become a doctor, it does feel like we're on the tipping point of not being able to cope." Dr Dave Triska weighs in on a report that claims up to 14,000 GPs could
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15 hours 1:29
Turkey wildfires kill several as blaze rages across southern resort towns
At least three people were found dead in a forest fire in southern Turkey as authorities battled multiple blazes along its coasts for a second day amid suspicions of arson.
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15 hours 1:15
Pass The Sickbag Piers | Moats Ep 110
The greatest proselytiser for lockdown, Piers Morgan, nearly died from Covid although he was double jabbed.
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15 hours 5:29
Experts warns of dangers of relaxing self-isolation restrictions
"Many other countries with similar vaccination rates have discovered it's much more difficult than they envisaged." Dr Steven McCabe warns how doing away with the self-isolation system could create
16 hours 25:32
Talking Covid-19 with Dr Nathalie MacDermott: What has changed and what can we expect next? | 5 News
► Have you subscribed to 5 News?: bit.ly/5NewsSub ► No one could have foreseen the journey ahead of us. The effects of Covid-19 have touched every aspect of our way of life.
16 hours 1:01
Plane crashes into house after ‘stunt goes horrifically wrong’, three Americans die
THE horrific moment a plane crashes into a house and explodes in Ukraine, killing four people, was captured on camera.
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17 hours 1:39
Gap year goals | 19-year-old student to be youngest woman to fly globe
Gap year goals: 19-year-old to solo fly the world! Student Zara Rutherford is aiming to become the youngest ever woman to fly the globe.
18 hours 2:13
Pelosi calls McCarthy a ‘moron’ after GOP leader opposed new mask mandate
NANCY Pelosi has been blasted for branding Kevin McCarthy a "moron" after the Republican leader opposed a new mask mandate for vaccinated Americans.
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19 hours 13:37
This Body: Black America, hope, trust and Covid vaccine trials
This Body explores the relationship between Black Americans and the medical industry.
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