2 min 3:28
How the death of a young journalist helped future reporters
John Schofield was 29 when he died covering the war in Yugoslavia 25 years ago. His widow set up the John Schofield Trust to help aspiring reporters.
55 min 9:17
Thousands of Lebanese protest after Beirut explosion
Thousands of Lebanese are taking to the streets again, four days after a huge explosion left at least 158 dead. Some protesters have clashed with police who fired tear gas.
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2 hours 0:40
Clashes erupt as hundreds protest against Lebanon government after blast
Clashes between protesters and security forces erupted in Beirut on Saturday, in the wake of Tuesday's massive explosion that devastated the city.
3 hours 5:42
Beirut explosion: the volunteer clearing up the wreckage of her home city
In the days after the Beirut explosion, the Guardian followed yoga teacher Jana Saleh as she volunteered to help clear up.
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4 hours 1:01
Lebanon PM: 'People have a right to be furious' about blast
The prime minister of Lebanon, Hassan Diab, tells ITV News in an exclusive clip at the site of the Beirut explosion that he understands people's fury about the incident.
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5 hours 1:27:29
South East Hustings
Join the Liberal Democrat Leadership candidates as they debate the matters of importance to members in the South East, party strategy, leadership skills and more.
6 hours 0:54
Bride and groom caught in Beirut blast during video shoot
A bride and groom were posing for a video and photo shoot in central Beirut on August 4 when an explosion at the port, just under a mile away, sent a shockwave across the city, shattering windows
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6 hours 21:26
A Week In Interviews
Interviews include the mother of PC Harper on her new law campaign and the editor of British Vogue on their September issue in a time of change.
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7 hours 1:35
Schools minister on safety in classrooms and quarantine for holidaymakers | Coronavirus
Nick Gibb insists schools will be safe to return to in England come September, and says "dangerous" infection rates abroad are constantly monitored to help the government take decisions on
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7 hours 26:55
Prof. Cornel West: Joe Biden a Neoliberal Disaster, Donald Trump a Neofascist Catastrophe!
On this special episode of Going Underground, we speak to Prof. Cornel West.
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9 hours 2:01
At least 18 dead after Air India plane crashes in Kerala
An Air India plane has crashed at Calicut International Airport after overshooting the runway, killing at least 18 people and injuring 127 of the 191 passengers onboard.
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10 hours 7:21
Meet the woman taking on Europe’s last dictator
Svetlana Tikhanovskaya is no ordinary presidential candidate. In Belarus, president Lukashenko has been in power for 26 years – but the people have had enough.
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11 hours 2:21
‪Go Home, Beach chaos, Blowtorch Britain, children fleeing war, as Boris Tory oity toity head to..
‪Go Home, Beach chaos, Blowtorch Britain, children fleeing war, as Boris Tory oity toity head to Chelsea on Sea licking the rim of coconut off their pinafckncoldas 🤡‬
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11 hours 2:19
Trump vows coronavirus spending spree with payroll tax relief if Dems drag heels on stimulus
PRESIDENT Donald Trump will sign an executive order that will offer enhanced unemployment benefits and defer payroll taxes until the end of the year.
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14 hours 0:41
The scene on Blackstock Road in Haringey on Friday evening
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15 hours 1:38
Happy 32nd Birthday to Princess Beatrice of York!
As Princess Beatrice turns 32, we look back at an important year for the young royal.
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16 hours 5:34
Beirut: Son of former Lebanon PM Rafik Hariri calls for an investigation
Bahaa Hariri, son of the assassinated former-PM Rafik Hariri, has called for a full investigation into the deadly blast in Beirut.
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16 hours 2:30
Taxpayers to foot £350m for Northern Ireland border checks system
The government has pledged £350m for businesses trading between NI and Great Britain, despite insisting that checks will not be needed between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
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16 hours 10:13:11
Live: View of Beirut port third day after massive blast in Lebanon
The Lebanese capital of Beirut wakes the day after the most powerful explosion to hit the city in years shook the ground, shattering windows and causing apartment balconies to collapse.
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17 hours 4:01
Why are migrants crossing the English Channel? - BBC Newsnight
Rising numbers of migrants are trying to cross the English Channel in dinghies and other small boats. Why and what is driving the increase?
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19 hours 1:33
'I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!' 2020 swaps Australia for UK countryside | ITV News
The forthcoming series of I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here!
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19 hours 3:06
The nurse who saved three premature babies during the Beirut blast | ITV News
In the pitch black and surrounded by crumbling rubble everywhere a nurse courageously managed to rescue three premature babies, amid the devastation in Beirut.
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20 hours 3:40
Beirut: Families 'holding on to hope' in the search for survivors
Families of those missing in Beirut await news from the search for survivors, as anger mounts at the speed of the government response.
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21 hour 1:30
At least 16 dead and over 100 injured in Air India plane crash
An Air India Express flight from Dubai has crash landed at Calicut Airport after overshooting the runway in heavy rain.
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21 hour 2:05
Air India plane crash leaves 16 dead after jet overshoots runway and breaks apart in Calicut
SIXTEEN passengers have been killed and four trapped in the wreckage after a plane skidded off the runway in India.
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22 hours 3:50
Aberdeen locks down again as the rest of Scotland tentatively explores its freedom
Aberdeen is preparing for its first weekend in lockdown following an outbreak of coronavirus in the city. Cases linked to the city’s cluster have increased to 101, following an outbreak at a pub.
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22 hours 6:01
Revealed: Areas of the UK likely to be hardest hit by coronavirus job losses | ITV News
Data obtained by ITV News has revealed the crippling impact coronavirus is likely to have on towns and cities across the UK.
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22 hours 2:11
Migrants must be 'returned to France' says Priti Patel as record set for Channel crossings |ITV News
The home secretary has said migrants attempting to enter the UK via the English Channel should be returned to France after a new record was set for the number of people making the crossing.
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22 hours 4:32
True Colours: Health | ITV News
A woman whose baby was stillborn has told ITV News Central that racial bias played a big part in her not receiving the right kind of care.
22 hours 2:20
Twitter biased in its labeling of 'state-affiliated' companies?
Twitter now labels media organisations that are 'state-affiliated'...well, not all of them...
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