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Watch In Full: Trump versus Biden in the first US Presidential election debate
US President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden go head-to-head in the first 2020 US election debate on 29 September. Watch the debate here in full.
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First presidential debate in full: Trump vs Biden | US Election 2020
Donald Trump and Joe Biden went head to head for the first time as they kick start a series of televised debates ahead of the November 3 election.
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First US Presidential debate: the 'highlights'
Highlights (if you can call them that) from the first US Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden in Ohio.
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Piers Erupts at Reports of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Reality Show | Good Morning Britain
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's US election video 'violated' the terms of the 'Megxit' deal the couple have with the Queen, according to senior royal aides.
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President Trump and First Lady test positive for COVID-19
President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania have tested positive for coronavirus. The 74-year-old said the couple were self-isolating after Hope Hicks, one of his top aides, tested positive.
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Azerbaijan claims second city has been attacked
Azerbaijan's second largest city has been attacked by missiles from Armenia as the conflict ramps up, an aide to the Azerbaijani president claimed.
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Piers Clashes with Former Trump Aide over Proud Boys ‘Stand Back and Stand by’ Comments | GMB
President Trump and Democrat Rival Joe Biden took part in the first presidential debate in the US overnight.
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In full: Boris Johnson's coronavirus address to the nation
Prime Minister Boris Johnson has urged Britons to 'summon the discipline and the resolve' to avoid a second national lockdown after warning there had been 'too many breaches' of coronavirus rules.
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New lockdown restrictions for North East of England - UK COVID-19 update
Household mixing in any indoor setting is to be made illegal in the north east of England as the number of #coronavirus cases "continues to rise sharply".
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Michelle Obama launches scathing attack on President Trump
Michelle Obama is going after President Donald Trump in a scathing new video that accuses him of “wilful mismanagement” of the coronavirus crisis and of racism.
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US Election 2020: Donald Trump's town hall - the highlights
Highlights from Donald Trump's town hall for the 2020 election. The Republican nominee was grilled by Savannah Guthrie during the town hall.
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At least 16 dead in clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan
The heaviest clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan since 2016 have reignited concern about stability in the south Caucasus, a corridor for pipelines carrying oil and gas to world markets.
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COVID-19 UK: Mayor rejects tougher lockdown rules in northern England
Tougher coronavirus restrictions are being imposed on four new areas - but one mayor says they are "damaging" and he will not accept them.
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Woman missing for two years found alive floating at sea by baffled fishermen
A WOMAN who had been missing from her family for two years has been found floating alive in the sea by baffled fishermen.
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Kim Jong-un appears to cry in emotional military parade speech
North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un appeared visibly emotional as he gave a speech on Saturday at a military parade in Pyongyang.
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CCTV captures missile attack on Ganja, Azerbaijan as tensions with Armenia intensify
As tensions over the long-disputed Nagorno-Karabakh rise, CCTV footage appears to show a missile attack on Azerbaijan's second largest city, Ganja.
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Trump to go ahead with next TV debate but Biden refuses if he still has Covid-19
President Trump has tweeted he is prepared to go ahead with the second televised debate against his Democratic rival Joe Biden.
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Revealed: Trump campaign strategy to deter millions of Black Americans from voting in 2016
Trump’s election campaign wanted to deter millions of Black Americans from voting in 2016.
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Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak lay out plans for new lockdown
The Prime Minister has announced a new three-tier strategy for local lockdowns in an address to the nation.
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The Huge Reveal of Piers' Spitting Image Puppet! Will He Be Outraged? | Good Morning Britain
Piers Morgan's Spitting Image puppet will be revealed on Good Morning Britain ahead of the show's return this weekend.
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Armenia, Azerbaijan border clash killing 39 raises fresh fears of all-out war
Azerbaijani and Armenian forces battled for a second day on Monday after dozens were killed in an outbreak of heavy fighting that has raised fears of an all-out war between the longtime enemies.
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In full: Boris Johnson updates the nation on Covid-19 strategy
Boris Johnson will hold a press conference on Friday afternoon to update the country on the latest news on the coronavirus strategy.
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Coronavirus: Sir Keir Starmer blames UK government 'failure' for new COVID-19 measures
New coronavirus restrictions are "necessary" but were "not inevitable" and represent the government's failure, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has said.
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Armenia and Azerbaijan defy ceasefire calls from Russia and US
France, Russia and the US have called for an immediate ceasefire between Azerbaijan and Armenia - but Turkey said the three big powers should have no role in peace moves.
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Trump breaks into dad dance to YMCA at end of Pennsylvania rally
DONALD Trump showed off his awkward dad dance moves as he boogied down to YMCA at the end of a rally last night.
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HIGHLIGHTS: Pence v Harris Vice Presidential debate
Highlights from the first and only vice presidential debate of the 2020 election, with Republican Mike Pence against Democrat Kamala Harris.
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Swedish scientist blames UK Covid spike on lockdown strategy
Sweden's chief epidemiologist has told Channel 4 News that the UK having a lockdown - and then ending it - was probably the biggest cause of a surge in British Covid cases, compared with much lower
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Kim Jong-un CRIES as he boasts North Korea has 'zero' coronavirus cases at military parade
Kim Jong-un has unveiled a huge new nuclear missile at a military parade in the North Korean capital Pyongyang.
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Royal Biographer Reveals Feud Between Prince Harry and Prince William | Good Morning Britain
A new biography tells of the depth of the Royal Family’s anger and frustration at Harry and Meghan’s decision to quit.
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Questions raised over Trump virus diagnosis timeline after doctors say President doing 'very well'
Doctors treating American President Donald Trump for Covid have delivered an upbeat assessment this afternoon. They say he's in good spirits, doing well and they are extremely happy with his progress.
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