4 days 20:16
What Is Right To Repair?
Do you really own what you buy? And why is it so damn hard to repair your phone?
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3 days 27:48
You blew your budget on WHAT?? - Intel $5,000 Extreme Tech Upgrade
Thanks to Intel for sponsoring this series! In this Home Upgrade, James spends $5,000 to take his home theater and gaming rig to the next level!
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5 days 32:54
I'm Selling Gpus Below Msrp!
Learn more about MSI's MPG Z590 GAMING FORCE motherboard at geni.us/SofH2r Buy on Amazon at (PAID LINK) geni.us/4kK2I Use code LINUS and get 25% off GlassWire at
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6 days 15:10
Is RTX a Total Waste of Money??
and use offer code LTT for 10% off Use code LINUS and get 25% off GlassWire at lmg.gg/glasswire With real-time raytracing availability almost reaching 3 years of time, people starting to
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5 days 11:24
1MORE ComfoBuds Pro Unboxing and Giveaway!
ComfoBuds are the latest fully wireless, noise cancelling earbuds from 1MORE. We've got 10 to give away good luck! Sponsored by 1MORE.
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4 days 9:59
This Sleek New Smartphone Eliminates the Camera Hump...
The TCL 20 Pro 5G is a sleek SnapDragon smartphone featuring no camera hump. Leave your Twitter handle in the comments for your chance to win one of ten. Sponsored by TCL.
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1 day 16:35
More Obvious BS from Dell??
Get a $25 Ting Mobile credit (and enter to win a Galaxy S21+ 5G and Ting swag) at linus.ting.com Remotely monitor and manage your server or PC using Pulseway at
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2 days 15:56
I Should NOT Quit My Day Job
& use offer code LTT for a free trial & 10% off Save 10% and Free Worldwide Shipping at Ridge Wallets by using offer code LINUS at ridge.com/LINUS Recreating Linus digitally is hard
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5 days 3:02
Shot on iPhone 12 — Everyday Experiments: Full Bloom | Apple
Commissioned by Apple. Celebrate spring’s colors, life, and growth with iPhone 12.
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13 hours 19:55
The Moment of Truth…
Join us in War Thunder for FREE at playwt.link/LinusTechTipsBonus Get an exclusive bonus using our link - thanks for supporting the channel!
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3 days 11:30
Drilling Through Apple AirTags...
Apple AirTags have take the world by storm. In this video I test the viability of drilling a DIY AirTag hole for key ring use.
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4 days 3:51
#MiFanStory | Episode 3: The Important Things In Life | Shot On #Mi11i
What makes life so valuable? Is it our family and loved ones, the possessions that we own, or the everyday things that we're passionate about?
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6 days 0:30
Connect safely with privacy & security features | Google Fi
Say hello to Google Fi, a different kind of phone plan that gives you smarter coverage and helpful features, including built-in VPN and spam blocking.
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12 hours 4:14
"Shut Down" Doesn't Actually Shut Down Your PC
Sign up for iFixit’s monthly Pro Tech giveaway!
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6 days 4:24
AWS Innovators - S1E3 Gus & Yumi
Every morning, fashion-student Yumi stares at her wardrobe and turns asks what she should wear.
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4 days 4:30
The Internet Is Fooling YOU
Try FreshBooks free, for 30 days, no credit card required at freshbooks.com/techquickie How do dark patterns influence your behavior online?
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6 days 6:18
NEW AirPods 3 Clone Unboxing! $49 Surprise!
The first 1:1 AirPods 3 clone is here, BEFORE official release. $49 AirPods 3 clone review. It's a perfect replica (based on leaked CADs) Full AirPods 3 vs AirPods Pro design overview!
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4 days 1:09:20
I LOVE These Ads! - WAN Show May 7, 2021
and use offer code WAN for 10% off Save 10% at Ridge Wallet with offer code WAN at ridge.com/WAN Honey automatically applies the best coupon codes to save you money at different
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4 days 11:11
Cool Tech Under $25 - May
Its that time again! Checking out some more cool tech under $25!
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3 days 15:07
Dear System Integrators: Take notes on this pre-built
Thanks to Corsair and Nvidia for sponsoring this video!
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1 day 9:21
Setup Wars Episode 245 - Budget Edition
For the months of May and June, get your very own .TECH Domain and help children get their start in computer science! ▶ go.tech/edgar ►Want to submit your desk setup?
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5 days 1:21
Galaxy Book: Official Introduction Film I Samsung
Introducing the new Galaxy Book. With Galaxy Book's new & upgraded features, it lets you PC like never before. Galaxy Book, the new way to PC. Learn more: smsng.co/GalaxyBook #GalaxyBook
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4 days 1:49
Ready to work, Galaxy Enterprise Edition | Samsung
A comprehensive package of business-ready solutions. Get Ready to Work with Galaxy Enterprise Edition. Discover more: smsng.co/Enterprise-Edition-UK
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5 days 16:34
The Animatronic Robot Designs of Mark Setrakian!
We visit the workshop of animatronics designer Mark Setrakian, whose robot creatures have appeared in some of our favorite films and TV shows.
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2 days 12:19
Top 12 iPhone 12/12 Pro Cases Drop Test! Most Durable Case?
Which iPhone 12, 12 Pro & 12 Pro Max case is the most durable? Top 12 best iPhone 12 cases drop test from 50 feet! Phone Rebel, Mous, Pitaka, Apple, UAG, OtterBox, Dbrand, Spigen, Rhinoshield & more!
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5 days 0:56
Soundbar - S50A: Official Introduction | Samsung
Discover craftsmanship beyond sound with the HW-S50A Soundbar. Wrapped in a sleek and premium textile, with two woofers and a tweeter built in, you’ll find everything you need in a single soundbar.
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5 days 1:46
Galaxy Book Pro I Pro 360: Official Introduction Film I Samsung
The all-new Galaxy Book Pro I Pro 360 is here. Everything from Galaxy you love, unlike any laptop you know. Discover more: smsng.co/Book_Intro #GalaxyBookPro360 #GalaxyBookPro #GalaxyBook
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1 day 4:47
Adam Savage Geeks Out Over EVA Foam Scale Maille!
Adam checks out the latest foam armor design from his friend Ben Eadie's Foam Armory project.
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6 days 57:13
Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Mandalorian Blaster Paint and Weathering!
Adam often builds props just so he can paint and weather them, so this paint-up of his Mandalorian Amban Phase-Pulse Blaster replica has been a long time coming!
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5 days 0:59
Sneak Peak I guess?
#Shorts #Gaming #pc #PCBUILD
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