9 hours 2:01
Snow & ice warnings as UK weather disrupts roads & vaccine roll-outs
A SNOW and ice warning has been issued for the UK this weekend as the wintry weather disrupts roads and vaccine roll-outs.
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7 hours 3:09
Uganda vote: Soldier points gun at Sky man & Ugandan presidential candidate
Sky's Africa correspondent John Sparks explains how he ran for cover with Uganda's opposition presidential candidate Bobi Wine after a soldier pointed a gun at them.
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5 hours 57:26
COVID-19: New international travel guidelines for UK from Monday
Boris Johnson's full COVID-19 update with Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty and Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance. Watch in full here.
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6 hours 30:37
Donald Trump Being an Absolutely Awful President (Part 3) | The Russell Howard Channel
As Donald Trump prepares to leave the White House with two impeachments under his belt, here is the third instalment of 'Trump Being Awful' from The Russell Howard Hour.
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13 hours 10:48
COVID-19: Insurers must pay up for lockdown losses - Supreme Court
Small businesses are celebrating as insurers are set to pay out on claims potentially worth £1.2bn after a Supreme Court ruling.
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5 hours 1:31
Boris Johnson suspends all travel corridors indefinitely
The Government has suspended all of the UK’s travel corridors over concerns about new Covid variants.
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23 hours 3:21
Joe Biden unveils his ‘American rescue plan’ including $1,400 stimulus checks
Joe Biden unveils his ‘American rescue plan’ including $1,400 stimulus checks. He calls it 'a two step plan to build a bridge to the other side of the crisis we face.
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12 hours 1:00
Grant Shapps details South American and Portugal travel ban to UK
Travel ban from 16 countries including South America and Portugal was introduced from 4am on Friday amid concerns over Brazilian covid strain.
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12 hours 1:15
North Korea unveils 'world's strongest weapon' at military parade
Kim Jong-un vowed to build the country's nuclear capabilities during a parade at which a submarine-launched ballistic missile was unveiled.
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5 hours 2:04
COVID-19: UK to close all travel corridors from Monday
The Prime Minister has announced that anyone arriving into the UK from Monday must have had a negative covid test within 72 hours to be granted entry.
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14 hours 1:13
Indonesia earthquake: Deadly magnitude 6.2 tremor rocks Sulawesi island
A strong, shallow earthquake shook Indonesia’s Sulawesi island on Friday.
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6 hours 43:25
In full: Boris Johnson suspends all travel corridors due to Covid-19 variants
Prime Minister Boris Johnson will hold a Downing Street press conference alongside England's chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty and chief scientific officer Sir Patrick Vallance at 5pm, No
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12 hours 1:39
Commuters pack Tubes as London records England's highest Covid rate
LONDON commuters packed onto early morning Tubes on Friday with NO social distancing as the capital recorded the highest Covid rate in England.
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4 hours 5:03
Boris Johnson axes all travel corridors from Monday over 'vaccine busting' virus threat
Boris Johnson has sensationally axed all travel corridors to stop more mutant variants of Covid hitting the UK which could be "vaccine busting".
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13 hours 14:05
Kate challenges Grant Shapps over Britain's COVID Border Restrictions | Good Morning Britain
Transport Secretary Grant Shapps appeared on today’s Good Morning Britain to speak about the delay on requirements for people travelling to the UK to have a negative test result, as well as the
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13 hours 1:54
COVID-19: Brazil's hospitals 'close to collapse '
Officials in Manaus say hospitals in the area are close to collapse as COVID-19 takes hold across the Amazon's biggest city.
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13 hours 8:08
Should Footballers Be Prioritised to Get the COVID Vaccine? | Good Morning Britain
The biggest game of the season so far takes place at Anfield on Sunday when Liverpool face league leaders Manchester United.
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9 hours 1:07:52
UK Column News - 15th January 2021
Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's UK Column News.
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10 hours 2:14
COVID: Infection rates dropping in England giving hope of pandemic in downturn
Coronavirus infections are falling in parts of England offering scientists hope the current surge of cases will begin to decline.
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14 hours 2:29
Brexit: Scottish seafood delays could mean job losses
New paperwork to allow food exports post-Brexit is not helping companies, and many in the Scottish fishing industry want compensation while the issues are resolved.
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13 hours 2:54
COVID-19: France conducts mass testing as fears grow about the 'English' coronavirus variant
France is mass testing people for COVID-19 as part of a programme which is also trying to identify cases of the 'English' variant of coronavirus.
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14 hours 9:09
COVID-19: UK 'acted as quickly as possible' on variant found in Brazil
Transport Secretary Grant Shapps MP says the government acted 'extremely quickly' identifying the coronavirus Brazil variant.
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7 hours 3:09
Kim Jong-un unveils nuke missile that 'could blitz any US city'
NORTH Korea has unveiled a new submarine-launched nuclear missile it claims is the "world's mightiest weapon".
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12 hours 1:30
Pence thanks National Guard troops guarding the Capitol
Outgoing, US Vice President Mike Pence thanked National Guard troops at the US Capitol on Thursday for their efforts to keep what he described as a "historic" inauguration safe.
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6 hours 48:26
Live: Boris begs Brits to stay at home amid fears of Brazilian coronavirus variant spread
BORIS Johnson will hold a press conference on Friday, as the UK ramps up its mass Covid vaccination programme.
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10 hours 1:18
Student defends lockdown-breaking snowball fight in Leeds
A university student has defended a snowball fight in Leeds which saw hundreds of young people break England's lockdown rules, saying it was "a laugh people needed".
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8 hours 4:43:56
Live: DC braces for trouble ahead of Biden Inauguration
A black metal fence surrounds the US Capitol building. Behind the grated alloy, National Guard troops stand idle.
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9 hours 1:36
Imam warns Muslim community against Covid vaccine conspiracies
Imam Qari Muhammad Asim encourages Muslim communities to take the Covid-19 vaccine and to ignore various conspiracies which he suggests will lead to further targeting from the far-right.
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8 hours 1:15
Boris Johnson begs Brits to stay at home this weekend
BORIS Johnson has begged Brits to stay home this weekend, urging everyone to "think twice" before leaving the house.
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6 hours 44:30
Boris Johnson hosts Downing Street press conference | Watch LIVE 5pm
The Prime Minister is set to use the press conference to give the nation an update on the Covid vaccine rollout.
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