13 hours 2:44
Russia launches Crimean exercises on Ukraine border in a show of force
Russia launched major military exercises in Crimea on Thursday under the personal supervision of Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu as part of a show of force on Ukraine's southern border that has
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19 hours 2:46
Officer serving warrant 'shoots & kills' black dad-of-10 Andrew Brown Jr as he drove away
A BLACK dad-of-10 was reportedly shot dead by a cop who was trying to serve him a search warrant on Wednesday.
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20 hours 3:40
Kate Garraway Updates On How Derek Is Doing After Coming Home From Hospital | Good Morning Britain
After documenting husband Derek Draper's fight to recover from coronavirus in her documentary Finding Derek, Kate Garraway reveals how Derek is doing now.
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14 hours 2:09
Putin painstakingly puzzled after Macron speech cut in Climate Summit glitch shambles
Macron speech cut leaving Putin puzzled leading to a huge awkward silence at Climate Summit after a glitch confused both world leaders.
73 111
14 hours 1:15
Putin leaves Biden hanging for 90 seconds at climate conference after apparent technical glitch
A technical issue left Vladimir Putin looking bemused as he was about to address a summit of world leaders. The glitch meant Emmanuel Macron’s contribution to the climate meeting was cut short.
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11 hours 1:00
US military aircraft damages major UK hospital’s helipad during training exercise
Critically ill patients cannot be airlifted directly to the East of England's major trauma centre after a US military aircraft damaged its helipad during a training exercise.
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16 hours 1:13
Prince William Marks Earth Day with Call to Combat Climate Change
The Duke of Cambridge is calling on Brits taking part in the Earthshot Prize to “harness the spirit of invention” to help save the planet.
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16 hours 1:20
Missing Indonesia submarine with 53 crew 'may NEVER be found in mile-deep sea'
INDONESIA'S navy is searching for a missing submarine with 53 people on board as experts warn it may NEVER be found in the mile-deep waters.
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18 hours 2:04
Russia mobilises 10,000 soldiers and 40 warships in military drills amid tensions with Ukraine
The Russian military conducted massive drills in annexed Crimea involving dozens of navy ships, hundreds of warplanes and thousands of troops in a show of force amid tensions with Ukraine.
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12 hours 4:24:06
Watch live: President Joe Biden hosts Earth Day summit with 40 world leaders
Joe Biden marks Earth Day by hosting a two-day virtual climate summit to announce new carbon emission targets.
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18 hours 2:09
COVID-19: Vaccine passports set to be introduced as Spain & Greece to open up to British tourists
COVID-19: Spain, Greece & Portugal to open up to British tourists as EU discuss vaccine passport scheme EU countries are set to remove their blanket ban on visitors this summer in a move which
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14 hours 5:57
James O'Brien on 'suspect timing' of daily briefings being scrapped | LBC
James O'Brien on 'the suspect timing' behind Downing Street's 'embarrassing' plan to scrap White House-style briefings despite spending £2.6million on a venue.
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23 hours 1:07
Russia: Thousands of Alexei Navalny supporters line streets to demand his freedom
Thousands of supporters of jailed opposition figure Alexei Navalny took to the streets across Russia on Wednesday evening in a final bid to secure his freedom amid reports that he was in a
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20 hours 3:19
Ma'Khia Bryant - Black Girls Matter protest rages on as Ohio probes police shooting of teenage girl
Hundreds of Ohio State University students staged a sit-in and marched through the city on Wednesday to protest the fatal police shooting of a Black teenage girl in a confrontation caught on
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11 hours 20:59
President Biden’s climate summit and how the world celebrated Earth Day
On today’s Daily Climate Show, we look at what President Biden’s climate summit could achieve.
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9 hours 2:21
Nish Kumar tells LBC why the Mash Report was axed by the BBC
“The BBC should clarify that the Director-General did not cancel a comedy show because of its political perspective” Nish Kumar reveals he was told the Mash Report was axed as part of budget cuts.
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20 hours 7:58
Can We Trust British Police? Former Superintendent Claims They've Been Set Up | Good Morning Britain
Trust in the British police has been rocked in recent months with many frustrated with how they've handled the public during the pandemic and also the policing of women during the Sarah Everard
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9 hours 7:11:40
Watch again: Joe Biden hosts Leaders Summit on Climate on Earth Day | Climate change
Boris Johnson has said he is not a “bunny hugger” when it comes to tackling climate change, insisting that green policies will lead to economic growth.
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16 hours 2:07
Earth Day 2021: 'All of us have to step up' - President Biden
US President Joe Biden marks Earth Day by hosting a two-day virtual climate summit to announce new carbon emission targets by 2030. The target is based on 2005 levels of emissions.
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10 hours 15:51
How do you rate Keir Starmer's first year in charge? | LBC
How do you rate Keir Starmer's first year in charge? Jeremy Corbyn and Iain Dale’s Cross Question panel review the Labour leader’s first 12 months in the job.
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10 hours 2:25
India facing a 'storm' of COVID-19 cases
India has reported more than 300,000 new COVID-19 cases in one day, the highest number reported anywhere in the world since the pandemic began.
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8 hours 4:02
Toxic black carbon found in children of Polish town
There are fears for the health of future generations in a Polish town after studies found high levels of black carbon in children.
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18 hours 15:04
George Floyd: a landmark moment for justice in America? | Anywhere but Washington
Anywhere But Washington is made possible by people like you supporting our audience-funded journalism.
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10 hours 1:58
Marcus Rashford joins campaign to end food poverty
Marcus Rashford has already his skill in the political arena as well as on the football pitch.
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18 hours 12:34
George Floyd's Sister: Derek Chauvin Guilty Verdict Is 'Just The Beginning' | Good Morning Britain
George Floyd's sister LaTonya and his niece Bianca are calling on Britons to fight racism in her brothers name.
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21 hour 3:19
Can Biden convince American drivers to go electric?
The United States has a climate target of net zero by 2050 - to help them get there, President Biden is hoping Americans will switch to electric cars.
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10 hours 3:29
UK's housing crisis exposed as girl, 7, sleeps in tent to avoid mould | ITV News
Seven-year-old Skyler sleeps in a tent on top of her bed. Her sleeping set up isn't a peculiar childhood request - she's trying to avoid the black mould covering her walls.
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13 hours 1:16:06
Sovereigns Parade CC202 | Royal Military Academy Sandhurst | British Army
The Sovereigns Parade of Commissioning Course 202 Find us on: army.mod.uk Twitter: twitter.com/britisharmy Facebook: facebook.com/britisharmy Instagram
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13 hours 1:43
The Chernobyl survivor turning waves into power
Inna Braverman survived the Chernobyl nuclear disaster as a baby. Now, she has dedicated her life to fighting pollution.
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16 hours 5:05
Earth Day 2021: 'We can build back greener' - Boris Johnson
The Prime Minister has told the virtual climate summit that the world can bounce back from the pandemic by building back greener.
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