2 days 56:10
In full: Donald Trump leaves White House and makes speech saying 'we will be back'
The outgoing President Donald Trump has decided not to attend Joe Biden's inauguration in a rare breaking of the tradition.
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1 day 2:49
Trump arrives in Florida as a citizen
Donald Trump left the White House as president and arrived in Florida a citizen after his term ended with Biden's inauguration.
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5 days 2:30
Revealed: ITV News identifies protester who stormed the Capitol | ITV News
A woman who stormed the US Capitol last week wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with an alt-right slogan has been identified by ITV News as a 22-year-old care worker from Pennsylvania.
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3 days 2:13
UK reports record number of COVID-19 deaths
The number of people who have died within 28 days of a positive coronavirus test was recorded at 1,610 –the highest since the pandemic began.
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UK doctors warn Covid-19 patients being admitted to hospital getting younger and sicker
UK doctors are warning that the number of coronavirus patients being admitted to hospitals is continuing to rise, British broadcaster Sky reported on Saturday.
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Donald Trump arrives in Florida as Joe Biden sworn in as next US president
Donald Trump arrived in West Palm Beach, #Florida on Wednesday soon after leaving the White House for the final time.
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Uganda vote: Did troops aim to intimidate opponent?
A spokesman for the Uganda military said troops were in the area to protect the political opponent Bobi Wine after it appeared he was confronted by armed soldiers at his home.
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6 days 1:36
Bobi Wine says military raided home as he rejects 'rigged' Uganda election results
Soldiers jumped over the fence and briefly surrounded the home of opposition leader Bobi Wine outside of the capital Kampala on Friday, hours after the 38-year-old singer-turned-lawmaker rejected
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Calls for tighter lockdown after major study finds COVID-19 cases surge
Scientists have warned Britain may need tougher lockdown measures after a survey found virus cases increased in January after Boris Johnson’s national lockdown was put in place.
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US inauguration: Joe Biden walks out with his wife and fist bumps Obama
President Joe Biden walked out to applause, joined by his wife Dr Jill Biden. Mr Biden shared a fist bump with former president Barack Obama, for whom he served as vice president.
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Uganda's Bobi Wine: 'The situation is desperate'
The opposition party in Uganda is calling for the release of its leader Bobi Wine, who has been under house arrest since polling day, and the re-election of long-term President, Yoweri Museveni.
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'Four Lads in Jeans' Viral Meme Group Reveal Their Mums Were Abused by Vicious Trolls | GMB
Meet the latest global internet sensations! Jamie, Connor, Kevin and Alex have become a viral sensation after a picture of the 4 of them on a night out resurfaced.
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Lady Gaga & JLo sing at President Biden's inauguration
LADY Gaga kicked off Joe Biden’s presidential Inauguration Day swearing-in ceremony in with a performance of the national anthem.
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COVID-19: Cooped-up Brits flock to beaches and parks despite Boris Johnson weekend lockdown plea
COOPED-UP Brits flocked to beaches and parks this weekend to enjoy the winter sunshine after Boris Johnson urged people to stay home.
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Iran's🇮🇷 Ahmadinejad on Biden's Presidency: 'It Makes No Difference Who The US President Is'
Former President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad discusses Joe Biden becoming the President of the United States, saying who the President is doesn't matter and that important decisions are made behind
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The armed militia making their voices heard in the last days of Trump's presidency
Sky News travels to Richmond in the US state of Virginia to meet the armed militia groups protesting in the last few days of Donald Trump's presidency.
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Donald Trump leaves White House for final time as President
President Trump has left the White House for the last time.
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Donald Trump Has 'Lost His Mind' - Piers Morgan Reacts to President Joe Biden's Inauguration | GMB
Yesterday Joe Biden became the 46th US president. His predecessor, Donald Trump, did not attend the ceremony. Subscribe now for more!
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Antifa mob vowing REVENGE smash Dem HQ and burn US flags after Biden sworn in
ANTIFA mobs clashed with cops as rioters vandalized the HQ of the Oregon Democrats, burned American flags outside state capitols and chanted anti Joe Biden slurs during a series of protests held on
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Times Social Media was Hilarious | The Russell Howard Channel
From The Russell Howard Hour, Russell proves that social media isn't always bad - sometimes, it is absolutely glorious. Welcome to the official Russell Howard channel!
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COVID-19: Prime Minister suspends quarantine-free travel in the UK from Monday
Prime Minister Boris Johnsons suspends quarantine-free travel in the UK from Monday with arrivals needing proof of a negative Covid test before setting off.
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‘How Have You Managed to Fail Half a Million Children?’ Education Secretary on the Pandemic | GMB
Susanna Reid asks Education Secretary Gavin Williamson why half a million children are being failed by not having the ability to learn from home with no laptops during the COVID pandemic.
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3 days 12:12
Piers Challenges Minister on Why the UK Has the Worst COVID Death Rate | Good Morning Britain
The UK currently has the highest daily death rate in the world, according to figures collated by an Oxford University research platform.
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2 days 12:49
Ask Dr H: Why Does the UK Have the Worst Death Rate? | Good Morning Britain
Subscribe now for more! bit.ly/1NbomQa Yesterday the UK recorded the highest number of coronavirus deaths in 24 hours since the start of the pandemic.
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COVID-19: Hunger, cold and poverty in lockdown
In one of England's most deprived towns, people are queuing for food as the winter lockdown bites.
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Donald Trump's farewell: Our movement is 'only just beginning'
Donald #Trump has vowed his movement is "only just beginning" as he addressed Americans before he leaves office on Wednesday, and Joe #Biden's #inauguration.
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2 days 2:52:45
Live: Trump's final hours as President ahead of farewell rally
President Donald Trump's final hours in office ahead of his farewell rally in Maryland.
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President Joe Biden arrives at the White House
Joe Biden has walked into the White House for the first time as the 46th President of the United States along with his wife, Dr Jill Biden, and his extended family.
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Uganda election: Yoweri Museveni's presidential victory sparks anger
The Ugandan president's sixth term victory sparks anger among young voters and joy for his own supporters.
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