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Trump and Biden face off in final US presidential debate - highlights
Catch up on the highlights of the final US presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.
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7 days 2:26
Coronavirus: New COVID-19 restrictions enforced in England
New coronavirus restrictions have come into force in England with more than half the population affected.
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4 days 1:41
COVID-19 UK: Two thirds of British people support national ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown
The majority of British people support a two-week "circuit breaker" lockdown, according to a poll by YouGov for Sky News.
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Melania refuses to hold Trump's hand after final debate against Joe Biden
Melania showed her support for Donald Trump as she walked on stage to greet him for a photo op, after a gruelling hour and half long debate against presidential rival Joe Biden.
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6 days 1:31
Anti-mask protesters descend on London calling for lockdown to end hours after new restrictions
Thousands of anti-mask protesters descended on London today calling for "freedom" as the capital entered tougher lockdown rules.
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In full: Donald Trump and Joe Biden clash in final US presidential debate | US Election 2020
Donald Trump delivered a much less combative performance in the second and final presidential debate than the first as he repeatedly portrayed his rival Joe Biden as an establishment politician
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Trump v Biden: The Final Debate
Joe Biden has renewed his attack on President Donald Trump's handling of the coronavirus pandemic during the final debate ahead of the presidential election on 3 November.
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When will a Covid-19 vaccine be ready in the UK? | ITV News
The head of the UK Vaccine Taskforce think there's a chance a coronavirus vaccine could be ready "this side of Christmas" but the government's chief scientific advisor believes we're "unlikely" to
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Boris Johnson says UK Covid-19 Tiers system IS working to reduce the R rate - In full
Coronavirus latest - BORIS Johnson said the tiers system IS working to push the R rate down - as he again rejected another national lockdown.
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Coronavirus: Greater Manchester mayor can't accept Tier 3 restrictions on the government's terms
The mayor of Greater Manchester says he is still willing to do a deal, but says it can't be on the terms that the government has offered.
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COVID-19 UK: What are the new Tier 3 restrictions in South Yorkshire?
Around 1.4 million people in South Yorkshire will face living under England's toughest coronavirus restrictions.
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New Zealand 2020: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern wins second term
Jacinda Ardern has won a second term in office as Prime Minister after her rival conceded in New Zealand's general election.
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The Debate Gets Heated over a Coronavirus Circuit Breaker Lockdown? | Good Morning Britain
Subscribe now for more! bit.ly/1NbomQa Broadcast on 19/10/202 Like, follow and subscribe to Good Morning Britain!
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Trump lashes out at reporters in tarmac scrum
Trump slams reporters in tarmac scrum and calling one ‘criminal’ for not covering Hunter Biden.
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Brexit: Commons clashes as 'oven ready' deal turns to 'no deal' with the EU
Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove clashed with his shadow Rachel Reeves, after blaming the EU for the UK now moving headlong toward a 'no-deal' Brexit after the transition period ends on 1st
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Iceland: PM's interview interrupted by earthquake with magnitude of 5.5
A large earthquake briefly disrupted an interview between Iceland's Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir and the Washington Post foreign affairs columnist David Ignatius. "Sorry...
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France attack: History teacher killed named as Samuel Paty
A teacher called Samuel Paty was killed in a suburb of Paris in an Islamist terror attack after what Emmanuel Macron called a 'cowardly attack'.
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Coronavirus: SAGE member warns of 'difficult times ahead'
Sir Jeremy Farrar says that "Christmas will be tough this year" as COVID-19 infections rise and he has called for a circuit breaker.
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French police arrest 9 people after 18-year-old decapitates teacher in terror attack
Nine people have been arrested after a teacher in France was beheaded by an 18-year-old Chechen in what Emmanuel Macron called a "blatant Islamist terrorist attack".  Samuel Paty had shown his
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End SARS: Celebrities come out after Nigerian Army forces 'open fire on protesters'
Nigerian forces have reportedly opened fire on protesters in Lagos after 12 days of demonstrations against police brutality.
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Greater Manchester given midday deadline to make Tier 3 lockdown deal
The government has given Greater Manchester until midday on Tuesday to reach an agreement on entering Tier 3 restrictions.
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How Donald Trump’s broken promises failed Ohio | Anywhere but Washington
After winning the 2016 election, Donald Trump promised to deliver new jobs and economic prosperity to Youngstown, Ohio, a city suffering from decades of decline.
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Barack Obama mocks Trump on presidential campaign trail: 'They would have called me Beijing Barry'
The former US President Barack Obama poked fun at Donald Trump in Pennsylvania on Wednesday while campaigning for his former Vice President, Joe Biden.
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Live: Thousands of anti-government protesters gather in Thailand
Thai protesters gather in Bangkok for 5th consecutive day.
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Trump vs Biden final debate HIGHLIGHTS - 2020 US election
Check out the highlights as Donald Trump and Joe Biden go head to head in the final debate before the 2020 presidential election.
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Woman 'refusing to wear a mask' & coughing on passengers kicked off EasyJet flight
AN EASYJET passenger was kicked off a flight after coughing on fellow travellers and yelling "everybody f***ing dies".
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Manchester Arena attack inquiry: 'I thought suicide bomber, straight away'
A witness in the Manchester Arena bombing inquiry gives a chilling account of how he came face to face with Salman Abedi.
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In full: Government looking at moving six more areas to Tier 3 rules, says Matt Hancock
The Government is to hold talks with local authorities in six regions with a view to moving them to Tier 3 regulations, Matt Hancock has said.
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Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham on the Government's Tier 3 Deadline & Rising Coronavirus Cases | GMB
Government officials have suggested all of the intensive care capacity in Greater Manchester could be filled with Covid-19 patients by November 12 but local leaders in the region are yet to reach an
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'Donald Trump won the final debate' - Tim Stanley's analysis | Presidential Election 2020
Donald Trump was a "different candidate" in this presidential debate in a performance that shows he could still win this election, says Tim Stanley, leader writer at The Telegraph.
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