4 days 1:03
RAW VIDEO: Beirut blast caught on camera
The moment of the huge Beirut explosion was caught on camera by social media users.
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4 days 1:53
Beirut explosion - mushroom shaped blast rips through Lebanese capital
A massive explosion has killed at least ten people and left hundreds injured after the blast devastated part of Lebanon's capital Beirut.
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3 days 3:11
Explained: What happened in deadly Beirut explosion
The size of the explosion that ripped through the port in the Lebanese capital Beirut has shocked the world.
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3 days 1:52
Beirut explosion: what we know so far about port blast which killed 100
Lebanon's capital city Beirut is reeling today after an explosion estimated to be one fifth the size of the nuclear blast which devastated Hiroshima, ripped through the city’s port.
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4 days 2:16
Huge explosion rocks Beirut with widespread damage and injuries | ITV News
A massive explosion has rocked central Beirut, damaging buildings and blowing out windows and doors as a giant mushroom cloud rose above the capital of Lebanon.
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4 days 1:50
Huge explosion rocks Beirut
A massive explosion has rocked the Lebanese capital Beirut. The cause of the blast is unknown but it is feared there are many casualties.
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2 days 1:04
BBC journalist sent flying live on air by Beirut explosion
THE horrifying moment a massive blast ripped through Beirut yesterday was captured in a live BBC broadcast as the journalist was sent flying.
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4 days 6:30
Many casualties as huge explosion rocks Beirut
WARNING: CONTAINS DISTRESSING IMAGES Huge explosions have rocked the Lebanese capital Beirut - causing extensive damage in the port area of the city.
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Beirut blast captured during bride's photoshoot
Watch the moment the explosion in Beirut was caught on camera during this bride's photoshoot.
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3 days 0:44
Beirut: Aerial footage after the explosion
Aerial views of the Lebanese capital show the devastation caused by a huge explosion. At least 100 people are dead and more than 4,000 are injured.
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4 days 5:42:15
Live: Massive explosion shakes Lebanon's capital Beirut
A MASSIVE explosion has killed at least ten people and left hundreds injured after the blast devastated part of Lebanon's capital Beirut.
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1 day 2:10
Flight carrying 191 passengers crash lands at airport in Kerala
Two passengers have died and several are injured after an Air India Express flight carrying 191 passengers crash landed at Calicut Airport in Kerala.
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4 days 3:37
Sky News bureau destroyed in Beirut blast
The offices used by Sky News were about 400m from the blast site in downtown Beirut. They were totally destroyed by the huge explosion.
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Beirut explosion aftermath in Lebanon's devastated capital
Aerial footage of Beirut's devastated port and surrounding area the day after a huge explosion killed at least 100 people and left 4,000 injured in Lebanon's capital.
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"Whose fault? Their fault!" Growing anger in Beirut over tragedy
As the shock of what happened in Beirut dies down, anger is growing on the streets of the capital that such a tragedy was allowed to happen in the first place.
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4 days 1:04
Beirut explosion witness describes blast like a 'volcano'
A witness recounted the moment he saw a massive explosion which rocked downtown Beirut, saying Tuesday's blast was "like a volcano." #BeirutBlast The explosion flattened much of the Lebanese
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2 days 7:29
Inside the Beirut blast site
Sky's special correspondent Alex Crawford reports from inside the area hit by the explosion in Beirut as rescue teams search for those still missing.
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3 days 1:33
Aerial footage shows devastating impact of Beirut explosion
Aerial footage filmed the day after the massive explosion in Beirut shows the full scale of the destruction caused by the blast.
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3 days 15:00
Beirut explosion: Is Lebanon on the brink of collapse? - BBC Newsnight
Lebanon has ricocheted from one crisis to another in the last two years. But what now as the country is placed under a state of emergency following a huge explosion in Beirut’s port area?
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3 days 9:36:30
Live: View of Beirut port after massive blast in Lebanon
The Lebanese capital of Beirut wakes the day after the most powerful explosion to hit the city in years shook the ground, shattering windows and causing apartment balconies to collapse.
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5 days 2:47
COVID-19 UK: government to roll out "ground-breaking" coronavirus test that works in an hour
NEW on-the-spot tests that take just an hour to confirm Covid-19 will help the return to school and air travel. Scientists say the ground-breaking, Brit-made checks are the best in the world.
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Beirut explosion: Lebanon PM vows to punish those responsible for blast
Lebanon's prime minister Hassan Diab has vowed hat whoever was responsible for the massive explosion that rocked Beirut on Tuesday would be brought to justice.
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3 days 3:48
Beirut: Shop owner shows damage caused by blast
Sky News' Alex Crawford speaks to a shop owner in Beirut who's thankful to be alive after his business suffered damage in a huge explosion.
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1 day 0:33
New video shows closest angle to Beirut explosion so far
New footage has surfaced which shows one of the closest perspectives of the Beirut explosions seen so far.
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Pets reunited with owners after Beirut explosion
Lebanese animal volunteers are helping to bring pets back together their owners after the massive Beirut explosion, which killed at least 135 people, injured more than 5,000 and left an estimated
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4 days 1:16
Beirut explosion leaves scenes of destruction across the city
A massive explosion rocked downtown Beirut on Tuesday, flattening much of the port, damaging buildings and blowing out windows and doors as a giant mushroom cloud rose above the capital.
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3 days 1:02
Drone footage shows devastation in Beirut after massive explosion which killed at least 100 people
The massive explosion which killed at least 100 people and left 4,000 injured in Lebanon's capital Beirut is feared to have been started by a reckless welder.
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4 days 0:59
Huge explosion rocks central Beirut
Footage posted on social media shows a huge explosion in the capital of Lebanon, Beirut. The explosion could be seen throughout the city and appears to have happened in the port area of the city.
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2 days 3:31
Bride runs for her life in Beirut blast on her wedding day
A wedding video shows the moment a bride runs for her life during the devastating explosion in Beirut.
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