12 days 0:57
Bill Etheridge: We’re losing our liberty
Ukip’s economy spokesman Bill Etheridge on vaccine Passports! Linktree: linktr.ee/Ukipsocial
14 days 2:30
Do you feel Safe in Tory Britain?
UKIP are the ONLY party speaking out against illegal immigration! #WeDontFeelSafe Linktree: linktr.ee/Ukipsocial
21 day 2:49
21 day 1:35
Donald MacKay: If you want change join UKIP
UKIP Scotland Leader explains why UKIP are needed now more than ever! Linktree: linktr.ee/Ukipsocial
26 days 2:51
Bill Etheridge: Are you happy with the state of our country?
Ukip economy spokesman explains why UKIP are needed now more then ever! Linktree: linktr.ee/Ukipsocial
31 day 8:54
Ben Walker: Illegal immigration is wrong!
UKIP chairman Ben Walker comments on the record number of illegal immigration!
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32 days 1:39
Richard Elvin: Why you should join UKIP
UKIP north east chairman Richard Elvin explains why you should join UKIP! Linktree: linktr.ee/Ukipsocial
35 days 2:00
Why does UKIP still exist?
UKIP leader Neil Hamilton explains why UKIP are needed now more than ever! Linktree: linktr.ee/Ukipsocial
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38 days 2:34
UKIP leader Neil Hamilton Visits Sunderland
UKIP Leader Neil Hamilton visits the Pallion Shipyard in Sunderland. Linktree: linktr.ee/Ukipsocial
38 days 2:33
UKIP says no to vaccine passports
UKIP leader Neil Hamilton explains why UKIP oppose Vaccine passports. Website: UKIP.org Join us: UKIP.org/join Donate: paypal.com/donate/?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=F7UDB9EZKHH9G
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167 days 11:48
Neil Hamilton in Wrexham
Neil Hamilton supporting UKIP's Wrexham candidate, Sebastian Ross, and lead candidate for North Wales, Dr Felix Aubel for the Welsh Senedd election.
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193 days 3:40
UKIP Wales Party Political Broadcast 2021
πŸ—³οΈ Deliver a referendum to Scrap the Senedd 🚣 End the Nation of Sanctuary for illegal immigrants πŸ“ˆ Revive the Welsh Economy 🎬 WATCH our Party Political Broadcast for the upcoming Senedd election &
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234 days 1:15
Vaccine Passports must be opposed
❌ NO to vaccine passports. βœ”οΈ YES to personal liberty and freeing up our economy. ➑️ Join us in opposing vaccine passports - ukip.org/join
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243 days 1:48
Are the borders really closed?
The UK Government says the borders are closed - but not if you cross the Channel by dinghy where you will be eligible for a taxpayer-funded vaccine on arrival. Where's the sense in that? ukip.
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245 days 2:53
Is this the first step to a full amnesty for illegal immigrants?
Given Boris' ambition to give illegal immigrants a full amnesty to stay in the UK, is this COVID amnesty just the first step asks UKIP Leader Neil Hamilton.
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250 days 1:42
Boris Johnson wants a full amnesty for illegal immigrants
The Tories have committed to a temporary amnesty for 1.3 million illegal migrants to receive their COVID vaccine.
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252 days 5:18
Katie Hopkins: Epilepsy and Me
Katie Hopkins talks about her personal experience with epilepsy on this International Epilepsy Day.
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257 days 2:28
UKIP is back on track!
UKIP leader, Neil Hamilton MS, says UKIP is back on track! We're not afraid to tackle the difficult issues that other parties want to simply sweep under the rug.
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258 days 2:12
Katie Hopkins on being British
πŸ“Ί Being proud to be British is fast becoming an unspeakable statement. UKIP's Katie Hopkins says we need to bring back pride in our flag and our nation to have any hope of uniting our country.
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262 days 1:19:40
Neil Hamilton talks to Godfrey Bloom
Listen to UKIP Leader, Neil Hamilton, and Godfrey Bloom talk about the past and future of UKIP, coronavirus, economics, and much more! ukip.org/join
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264 days 2:38
UKIP on Northern Ireland inquiries
πŸ‘‚πŸ» Listen to our Defence Spokesman Lt-Gen Jonathon Riley discuss issues on some of the Northern Ireland inquiries. It's time we took a stand on issues related to our veterans.
270 days 9:03
UKIP Leader on politicians breaking lockdown & Inauguration of Joe Biden
Watch UKIP Leader, Neil Hamilton MS, on talkRADIO calling out the latest batch of hypocritical politicians breaking their own COVID rules by hosting a "boozy party" in the Welsh Parliament over
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272 days 4:16
Lt-Gen Jonathon Riley joins UKIP
πŸ“’ We're delighted to welcome Lieutenant-General Jonathon Riley back to UKIP as our Defence & Veterans spokesman!
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277 days 2:41
Katie Hopkins joins UKIP
πŸ“’ We are pleased to welcome Katie Hopkins to UKIP! "I want to stand with ordinary Brits.
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292 days 6:10
UKIP Leader tells Welsh Parliament that Brexit Deal is "Unfinished Business"
UKIP Leader, Neil Hamilton MS, gives his verdict on the Brexit deal in the Welsh Parliament.
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293 days 5:50
No Deal is better than this Brexit Deal
UKIP Brexit Spokesman, Lester Taylor, analyses the Brexit deal.
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303 days 15:17
Neil Hamilton defends Statues to Welsh Heroes in Senedd
UKIP Leader and MS for Mid & West Wales, Neil Hamilton, delivers a passionate speech in defence of statues to Welsh and British heroes currently under threat by Black Lives Matter and Welsh Labour's
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307 days 34:47
Christmas Livestream
πŸŽ₯ Don't miss our end-of-year livestream featuring: UKIP Leader, Neil Hamilton | UKIP Spokesman & Former MEP, Bill Etheridge | Radio Presenter & Broadcaster, Adam Garrie.
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318 days 4:04
UKIP: Helping yourself as a nation isn't hurting anyone else
UKIP's Adam Garrie on Rich Politics discussing immigration, liberty, devolution, and UKIP's future.
322 days 7:31
Neil Hamilton on Welsh alcohol ban
UKIP Acting Leader, Neil Hamilton MS, on talkRADIO talking about the new Welsh restrictions imposed by the Senedd banning the sale of alcohol in pubs and restaurants. ukip.org/join
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