1 hour 1:01
How Did These Two Lakes Turn Hot-Pink?
What or who dunnit? How did two lakes in a remote area of Argentina suddenly turn hot-pink? That’s exactly what local officials and environmentalists are trying to determine.
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1 hour 1:01
People Run to Take Shelter After Tornado Hits Car Dealership
A tornado barreled through the northeast and caused major destruction, harrowing footage showed. Cameras inside car dealerships showed panicked people running to take cover.
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40 min 11:04
Exposing Toxic Ideologies Infecting Your Mind (Pt. 1) | Eckhart Tolle | SPIRITUALITY | Rubin Report
Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Eckhart Tolle, author, The Power of Now & A New Earth about why many people have become absorbed by toxic beliefs, why we need self awareness more than ever
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9 hours 21:41
Emergency Medical Services: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
John Oliver explains how emergency medical services function in the U.S., why they can be so expensive, and what we can do to fix things. Connect with Last Week Tonight online...
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1 hour 3:33
Dr. Fauci Receives Death Threats From Lunatic
Americans are losing their minds... David Shuster breaks it down. Follow David on Twitter - twitter.com/DavidShuster #DavidShuster #COVID19 #DrFauci
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3 hours 4:18
Why the "wolf turn" is such a big deal
A deceptively difficult gymnastics turn. Subscribe to our channel! goo.gl/0bsAjO Every Summer Olympics, gymnasts amaze viewers by performing incredibly complex and dangerous skills.
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1 hour 3:56
Evangelical Christians More Resistant To Vaccine Than Most Other Groups
Evangelical Christians are more resistant to getting the vaccine than other major religious groups, according to new WSJ reporting.
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1 hour 1:29
Pelosi Without Mask, Wiping Nose After Ordering Others to Wear Them
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has been caught without a mask numerous times in the U.S.
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55 min 7:28
Delta Is 'Life-Threatening' For Younger Americans: Says Mary Mayhew
Florida Hospital Association President Mary Mayhew joins Morning Joe as the state becomes the leader in per capita hospitalizations for the coronavirus.
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1 hour 46:06
Live: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Holds Covid-19 Briefing | NBC News
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo holds a coronavirus briefing and takes questions from reporters.
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1 hour 11:03
Reporters Dig Into Why People Delay Getting The Covid-19 Vaccine Shot
Reporters Brittny Mejia and Jack Healy discuss their latest stories on Americans who remained vaccine hesitant until the virus directly impacted them.
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4 hours 8:42
Rep. Ilhan Omar On Why The Hate She Receives Isn’t Really About Her
Since taking office in 2017 has been subjected to a near constant stream of hate, vitriol and abuse.
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2 hours 4:48
D’OH! Biden Embarrasses Himself When He Tries to Name 3 Reasons He Ran for POTUS
Protect Your Finances With A Trustworthy Source youtube.com/noblegoldinvestments Noble Gold is Who I Trust ^^^ Get more at NextNewsNetwork.com Sub to Gary's NEW Podcast on YouTube
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Media Outlets Have Given Up On Covering Climate Change
Via America’s Lawyer: Images of grisly wildfires in the U.S. plus devastating floods in China and Germany are sweeping the media - yet few networks are pointing the finger at climate change.
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55 min 3:48
Whitaker calls out the Biden admin's 'major failing' border policies
Former Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker discusses the Biden administration's border policies, arguing 'at some point they're going to have to explain this policy to the American people.'
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11 hours 13:47
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - August 1st, 2021
U.S. tops 100,000 Covid cases on Friday, schools reopen as Covid surges, and six million Americans in danger of eviction. Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET 5:30 p.m.
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2 hours 8:40
More infrastructure spending will hurt our children’s futures: Sen. Marsha Blackburn
Sen. Marsha Blackburn on infrastructure, spending, taxes and America’s relationship with China and the U.N. #FOXBusiness Subscribe to Fox Business!
1 hour 2:03
Tesla CEO Elon Musk denies he discussed merger with Apple's Tim Cook
Tesla CEO Elon Musk dismissed claims that he discussed a merge with Apple CEO Tim Cook in a series of tweets. FOX Business' Susan Li with more. Subscribe to Fox Business!
25 min 5:19
Dr. Scott Gottlieb: Worst Of Delta Covid Wave Could Pass In Weeks
Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb joined Stephanie Ruhle to explain the risk the delta variant poses to the country after Covid-19 cases rose approximately 150 percent over the past two weeks.
2 hours 2:47
DC Mayor Bowser officiates large wedding after new indoor mask mandate | LiveNOW from FOX
Videos and photos circulating show a maskless Washington, D.C.
11 hours 6:40
New 'bombshell' exposé shows public officials' exorbitant salaries
MS Center for Public Policy's Douglas Carswell and Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz weighs in on bureaucrats living lavishly on taxpayer money. #FoxNews Subscribe to Fox News!
2 hours 10:29
93% Of US Counties Are Failing
New research has found that people can't afford to live on minimum wage in 93% of US counties. The US is a very normal society.
3 hours 1:43
Jade Carey wins gold, USWNT knocked out; Simone Biles is back for balance beam Tuesday | USA TODAY
The U.S women's soccer team fails to become back-to-back World Cup and Olympic gold medal champions. Simone Biles announced she would compete in Tuesday's balance beam final.
4 hours 10:17
Rethinking Gatherings In A Post-Quarantine World
With the highly contagious Delta variant upending people’s plans to return to work and play, NBC’s Joshua Johnson spoke to Priya Parker, author of the book "The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why
3 hours 11:18
Senator Elizabeth Warren On What Happens Next With Infrastructure
Senator Elizabeth Warren takes a break from presiding over the Senate floor to join Alicia Menendez as America awaits details of President Biden’s trillion-dollar infrastructure package.
1 hour 4:10
Fully Vaccinated Americans No Longer Need To Quarantine In The U.K.
Americans traveling to the U.K. no longer need to quarantine as long as they are fully vaccinated against Covid-19, just weeks after almost all restrictions were lifted in England.
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