7 hours 56:12
PBS NewsHour live show September 18, 2019
Stream your PBS favorites with the PBS app: to.pbs.org/2Jb8twG Find more from PBS NewsHour at pbs.org/newshour Subscribe to our YouTube channel: bit.ly/2HfsCD6 Follow | 18 Sep 2019, 23:31
7 hours 7:58
WATCH: Dan Bongino Takes TORCH To NY Times SICK Hit Kavanaugh Piece
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8 hours 2:47
How teens across the country are reacting to news of vaping dangers
After reporting that a 40-year-old man died over the weekend due to vaping, the state of California is launching an ad campaign to warn against the dangers of the practice. 18 Sep 2019, 23:08
10 hours 1:44
President Trump revokes waiver for Calif. to set stricter fuel emission standards
President Trump takes on California once again, this time by rescinding an Obama-era waiver on fuel emissions. One America's Rachel Acenas reports. 18 Sep 2019, 21:01
10 hours 2:25
Netanyahu’s future as prime minister is uncertain: Report
Fox News correspondent Trey Yingst reports from Jerusalem on the Israeli election deadlock. 18 Sep 2019, 21:01
3 hours 3:03
Lester Holt On His Personal Look At Climate Change In Alaska | NBC News Now
Lester Holt considers himself a Californian, but lived in Alaska for four years, and recently returned to learn about the threat of climate change in the area. 19 Sep 2019, 4:15
8 hours 1:37
Washington Monument reopening for first time in years
One of America's most cherished landmarks, the Washington Monument, is finally expected to reopen after years. CBS News got a sneak peak. Major Garrett reports. 18 Sep 2019, 23:11
8 hours 5:05
ALERT: Corey Lewandowski Deserves MOST SAVAGE Award For What He Just Did To Eric Swalwell!
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9 hours 4:40
Federal Reserve Cuts Rates For Second Time In Three Months | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC
The Federal Reserve announced that it is lowering its lending rate by a quarter of a point for the second time this year. 18 Sep 2019, 21:19
7 hours 7:41
Alan Dershowitz Talks about Benjamin Netanyau's Future
Alan Dershowitz talks to Carl Higby about the ongoing Israeli elections and how Benjamin Netanyahu is losing his grasp on power.  They also discuss Trump's new sanctions against Iran and Pompeo's | 19 Sep 2019, 0:01
7 hours 5:50
Georgia governor invites state residents to apply for Senate seat
Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is inviting state residents to apply online to fill outgoing Senator Johnny Isakson's seat. 18 Sep 2019, 23:39
8 hours 27:06
Israel Elections See Netanyahu Doubtful & GM Auto Workers Strike Hits New Tension
Both Republicans and Democrats have a knack for criminalizing the homeless. General Motors has ended the healthcare plans for thousands of striking autoworkers. 18 Sep 2019, 23:13
8 hours 3:57
ALERT: Vietnam War Vet PRAISES Trump With Compliment EVERY American Needs To Hear
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8 hours 1:12
Woman files suit against Lyft after alleged assault
The ride-sharing company Lyft is facing five more sexual assault lawsuits. One of them was filed by Alison Turkos, who alleges she was kidnapped and raped during a Lyft ride in 2017. 18 Sep 2019, 23:09
8 hours 0:31
Tonight's Tipping Points: CA Vaccine Law, Gun Laws, & Ilhan Omar
Visit us at: Website: oann.com Facebook: facebook.com/OneAmericaNewsNetwork Twitter: twitter.com/OANN | 18 Sep 2019, 23:01
8 hours 4:11
9 hours 1:54
Amazon job fairs draw 200,000 applications in a week
Amazon has been deluged by interest from job-seekers since recently launching a recruitment drive to hire 30,000 workers. 18 Sep 2019, 21:57
9 hours 1:39
Soldiers help elderly man facing jail time for minor violation
When an elderly man in Augusta, Georgia, faced jail time for not taking care of his pool, a group of soldiers from a nearby Army base came to his rescue. 18 Sep 2019, 21:42
10 hours 8:12
2020 Dems Hit With DREADED News After Former Reagen Economist Hits Them HARD!
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10 hours 6:56
Actor & Producer Isaiah Washington on his Support for President Trump
Visit us at: Website: oann.com Facebook: facebook.com/OneAmericaNewsNetwork Twitter: twitter.com/OANN | 18 Sep 2019, 20:43
10 hours 1:18
Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Felipe Vazquez facing child porn charges
The Pittsburgh Pirates's All-Star pitcher Felipe Vazquez has been arrested on charges that include soliciting sex from a minor. CBSN has details. 18 Sep 2019, 20:28
11 hours 1:07
Video shows P-61 fleeing from an uncollared mountain lion
Video shows P-61 fleeing from an uncollared mountain lion minutes before he was killed on the 405 Freeway. 18 Sep 2019, 19:32
3 hours 0:33
Kamala Harris To Focus On Iowa For Presidential Election
Kamala Harris shifted her campaign strategy by moving from closed-door fundraisers to retail politicking. According to Politico, a series of polls show her support falling into the mid-single digits. 19 Sep 2019, 3:49
3 hours 0:33
Trump Directs EPA To Take Action Against Homeless Pollution
President Donald Trump is taking action for the environment and against the homeless population in California. 19 Sep 2019, 3:39
4 hours 1:51
Joe Kennedy will challenge Ed Markey for U.S. Senate seat, sources say
Democratic analysts say the 38-year-old congressman is already favored over the 73-year-old incumbent. 19 Sep 2019, 2:43
5 hours 1:38
Mechanic charged with sabotaging plane accused of having ISIS ties
An American Airlines mechanic charged with sabotaging a plane is now accused of having ties to terrorists. According to prosecutors, he shared videos stored on his cell phone of ISIS murders. 19 Sep 2019, 2:09
7 hours 14:14
TOP STORIES: State rep. donates kidney, What it's like being a forensic investigator
Sharing a mix of breaking news, top stories, engaging discussions and popular culture. 18 Sep 2019, 23:57
7 hours 4:50
Wayne Messam's presidential campaign accused of mistreating staff
Miramar, Florida Mayor Wayne Messam is facing accusations by his own campaign staff of mistreatment. Some say the campaign hasn't paid some of its employees. 18 Sep 2019, 23:28
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