27.10.14 11:35
Sugar: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Sugar. It's in everything! Is it good for us? Well, the sugar industry thinks so. Connect with Last Week Tonight online...
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22.03.18 6:30
How the Las Vegas Gunman Planned a Massacre, in 7 Days of Video | NYT - Visual Investigations
Using exclusive surveillance footage obtained from MGM Resorts, we pieced together the last days of Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas gunman.
17 557 000
31.07.17 22:22
Alex Jones: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Alex Jones is known for pushing conspiracy theories, but he also spends a lot of time promoting his own products. John Oliver and a “doctor” “from” M.I.T. test out his marketing strategy.
17 341 739
20.11.15 3:33
Mom texts dead son to cope with grief, gets text back | Humankind
Taylor Thyfault was hit and killed during a high-speed chase in May 2015. Since then, his mother has been texting his old phone as a way to deal with her grief. She never expected a text back.
17 330 312
16.09.16 2:23
Do New Yorkers Actually Give Their Seat Up For a Pregnant Woman?
An Inside Edition reporter put New Yorkers to the test by seeing if they would give up their seat to a pregnant woman.
17 276 353
14.02.17 3:18
This Is How You Should Really Eat Chicken Wings, BLT Sandwiches
There are some everyday items you could be using the wrong way and popular foods you may be eating incorrectly. Could you be eating chicken wings all wrong?
17 261 747
05.10.13 4:33
President Obama Walks The Streets Of Washington
President Obama walks from the White House to a popular sandwich shop in DC to get lunch with Vice President Joe Biden.
17 230 393
26.09.16 21:16
Scandals: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
The 2016 presidential race is teeming with raisins. Sorry…scandals. Connect with Last Week Tonight online...
17 156 746
20.06.16 15:39
Brexit: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Britain could soon vote to leave the European Union. John Oliver enlists a barbershop quartet to propose a smarter option. Connect with Last Week Tonight online...
17 153 419
09.05.16 19:28
Scientific Studies: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
John Oliver discusses how and why media outlets so often report untrue or incomplete information as science. Connect with Last Week Tonight online...
17 019 775
24.07.18 1:18
California Hair Stylist Sets Client's Hair on Fire to Get Rid of Split Ends
Hair stylist JR D'Angeles claims cutting hair with blunt scissors causes breakage and more split ends!
17 006 781
21.01.19 1:49
Toddler Puts Arms up as Dad Is Arrested
Footage of a barefoot 2-year-old in Florida with her arms up in the air as police arrest one of her parents is raising eyebrows. Tallahassee police pulled over a vehicle of suspected shoplifters.
16 980 980
23.06.14 16:26
Dr. Oz and Nutritional Supplements: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
John Oliver outlines what, exactly is problematic about Dr. Oz and the nutrition supplement industry. Then he invites George R.R.
16 929 674
01.06.15 2:49
Boys' reaction to bullying will melt your heart
After a group of 5th grade boys noticed a classmate with a learning disability getting teased, they banded together and made him a part of their gang.
16 924 525
15.07.15 0:00
The Young Turks: Live Show! 8.26.16
Download audio and video of the full two hour show on-demand + the members-only post game show by becoming a member at tytnetwork.com/join.
16 882 891
13.07.17 1:47
Police pull over Florida state attorney
Two Florida police officers are facing scrutiny for a traffic stop where they pulled over a state attorney back in June. The entire incident was caught on the officers' body cameras.
16 860 628
20.02.17 20:06
Putin: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Vladimir Putin is known as a ruthless leader and master manipulator. John Oliver enlists a group of singing dancers to explain that to Donald Trump. Connect with Last Week Tonight online...
16 853 357
14.07.14 14:10
Wealth Gap: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
John Oliver discusses America's growing wealth gap and why it may be a problem in the future. Connect with Last Week Tonight online...
16 777 597
14.08.17 27:00
North Korea: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
As nuclear tensions continue to escalate between the United States and North Korea, John Oliver enlists "Weird Al" Yankovic to perform some accordion-based diplomacy.
16 754 086
02.03.16 3:31
Cops Show The Inventive Ways Drivers Have Tried Avoiding Tolls
More from Inside Edition: bit.ly/2bF0iuC Some drivers are going to outrageous lengths to avoid paying tolls.
16 420 806
15.09.14 15:19
Scottish Independence: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Scotland is about to vote on whether to secede from the UK. There are solid arguments on both sides. But none of that makes bagpipes good to listen to…or does it?
16 409 837
11.03.17 2:08
Parents Charged with Child Endangerment Over 8-Year-Old Son's Prank
More from Inside Edition: bit.ly/2bF0iuC A YouTube video of a child named Rocco and his 20-year-old nanny riding in the bed of a pickup truck in California filled with Orbeez (water and gel
16 409 048
06.06.16 20:51
Debt Buyers: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Companies that purchase debt cheaply then collect it aggressively are shockingly easy to start. We can prove it! Connect with Last Week Tonight online...
16 242 831
07.04.17 2:00
How This Quick-Thinking Jeweler Locked a Suspected Thief Inside
More from Inside Edition: youtube.com/user/cbstvdinsideedition The jewelry store owner who locked a 46-year-old woman in his vault after he says she tried to rob him is speaking out.
16 124 786
16.05.18 1:26
Cops Escort 5-Year-Old Indiana Boy to School After Dad Dies in the Line of Duty
It was a heartbreaking moment as police officers and sheriff's deputies stood shoulder to shoulder, showing their support for a 5 year old boy who was returning to school for the first time since
15 971 851
19.02.18 19:15
Trump vs. The World: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
America's reputation is being damaged by its own president. John Oliver, several dinosaurs, and the NYC Gay Men's Chorus remind the world that our country is...complicated.
15 966 494
23.02.17 0:31
TV Commercial | The Truth Is Hard | The New York Times
The New York Times has a new marketing campaign: "The truth is more important now than ever." For the version that aired during the Oscars: youtu.be/y64d2HUvnRo
15 920 195
06.10.17 2:14
Dad Leads Taxi Driver to Rescue Daughter and Strangers After Vegas Massacre
The taxi driver who rushed a worried father to the grounds of the Route 91 Harvest Festival Sunday is speaking out.
15 862 514
05.12.17 1:03
How to Do the Invisible Box Challenge
More from Inside Edition: youtube.com/user/cbstvdinsideedition The latest craze sweeping social media is the “invisible box challenge,” and one high school cheerleader has it mastered.
15 668 203
12.07.18 30:39
Bodycam Footage Shows Police Shootout in Tulsa, Oklahoma
** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) ** Body camera footage released by Tulsa Police captures the moment John Terry Chatman Jr., 34
15 650 433
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