6 min 0:28
Falmouth police investigating attempted abduction of teenage girl
Falmouth police investigating attempted abduction of teenage girl
24 min 21:21
Nightly News Full Broadcast (June 12th)
President Biden meets with allies on G-7 Summit day two, 14 people wounded in Austin, Texas mass shooting, and unruly passenger on Delta flight in custody.
31 min 9:08
Doc Reveals Dolphins MAJOR Party Animals
A new documentary reveals that dolphins enjoy puff, puff, passing around puffer fish to get high on their toxins.
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31 min 7:44
Marco Rubio RIPS Val Demings' Progressive Voting Record After Senate Bid Announcement
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46 min 6:00
Benny: When you base your whole presidency on hatred of one man...
150 days in, blue areas are flipping red and the nation is rejecting 'Bidenism.' That's what happens when your whole presidency is based on hatred for one man, and your own country, says Benny
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49 min 2:27
June 12 H.S. roundup: LaSalle, Classical, PCD earn wins before postseason play
June 12 H.S. roundup: LaSalle, Classical, PCD earn wins before postseason play
1 hour 6:29
Boomer Trump Calls Bitcoin A Scam
Donald Trump calls Bitcoin a scam in his interview with Fox News' Stuart Varney. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks. Watch LIVE weekdays 6-8 pm ET.
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1 hour 3:05
Chipotle Raising Prices 4% to Pay Everyone $15/Hour
Voicemail caller cites Chipotle increasing prices by 4% to provide all employees a $15 minimum wage Support The David Pakman Show: -Become a Member: davidpakman.com/membership -Become
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1 hour 4:55
IT BEGINS: MSNBC Analyst OPENLY Calls For Arrests Of Sitting GOP Members Of Congress
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1 hour 1:11
Weather Now: Warmer Weather for Sunday
Weather Now Update from 6/12/21: Warmer Weather for Sunday WPRI 12's Pinpoint Doppler Weather service for Rhode Island and Southeastern Mass.
1 hour 7:23
Diamond and Silk: Liberals only have double standards
Diamond and Silk say the only standards that liberals have are double standards referencing the economy and immigration - Via Newsmax's 'Crystal Clear.' Watch Newsmax on Directv 349, Xfinity 1115
11 205
2 hours 14:39
Profanity Laced Pro-Biden Ad Goes Viral
A profanity-laced Biden ad preaches "buy America for f***'s sake!" is a pro-labor, viral hit - but is it accurate?
19 945
2 hours 1:13:31
2 599
2 hours 7:24
Anti-CRT mom calls out Obama
Tatiana Ibrahim, the mom from Carmel, New York who called out Critical Race Theory, delivers a message to former President Barack Obama for dismissing criticism of the academic curriculum - Via
24 711
2 hours 4:53
Did Trump Really Put His Pants on Backwards?
Audience Question: Did Donald Trump really wear his pants backwards in a recent speech?
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2 hours 8:18
Sunny Hostin ECHOES Liberal Journalist - ATTACKS Americans for their Patriotism
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2 hours 8:32
Growth in Black Business: 'Small Investments Can Boost Small Business'
Black businesses see growth in startup creation amid pandemic stresses - was it the stimulus? Scott Stern and Jennifer Jones Austin join Rev.
3 hours 1:47
How Communist China Is ‘Rewriting the International Corpus’ on Human Rights—Laura Harth
🔵 SUBSCRIBE to #EpochTV: epochtv.com/ATL 🔴 Watch the full episode: 👉👉👉 ept.ms/3ggOkHn Much of Europe and North America has become dependent on China for critical products, from rare
2 303
3 hours 3:47
Four States To End Covid-19 Unemployment Benefits Early
Alaska, Iowa, Missouri, and Mississippi all plan to cut off federal Covid-19 unemployment benefits 3 months early.
1 240
3 hours 2:34
Minnesota’s First Critically Ill Covid Patient Completes Ironman
Ben O’Donnell is a former college fullback and Ironman athlete. At just 38-year-old, Ben nearly lost his life to Covid last year. Now fully recovered, he competed in an Ironman in Tulsa last month.
3 hours 2:08
Common Colds Are Back As People Start To Gather
As more Americans get vaccinated and gather in groups, cases of the common cold are on the rise.
3 hours 2:13
14 People Wounded in Austin, Texas Mass Shooting
Austin police confirm they made one arrest and are searching for the other gunman who injured 14 people when they opened fire on a crowd early this morning in Austin, Texas.
4 980
3 hours 2:25
President Biden Meets With Allies On G-7 Summit Day Two
President Joe Biden met with French President Emmanuel Macron and will also visit the queen at Windsor Castle on Sunday.
6 202
3 hours 0:36
14 injured after shooting at bar in Austin, Texas
14 people were injured early Saturday in a mass shooting at a bar in downtown Austin, Texas. Police have one suspect in custody but another remains at large.
8 786
3 hours 1:27
Disability advocate writes book on his life with Down syndrome
In his first book, "More Alike Than Different," disability rights advocate David Egan writes about his life as a public speaker with Down syndrome. Chip Reid has more.
3 hours 4:14
House Democrats CONDEMN Ilhan Omar for her Horrifying Comments - But There’s One BIG Problem
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3 hours 2:40
Commercial space travel gaining foothold in tourism industry
Vacationing in space is quickly becoming a reality, with several companies launching commercial programs to take civilians to outer space.
3 hours 1:38
Commemorating the fifth anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting
Saturday marks five years since the Pulse nightclub shooting, one of the deadliest mass shootings in U.S. history. In 2016, a gunman opened fire at the gay nightclub, killing 49 people.
3 hours 2:26
Video: Warmer temperatures returning to Massachusetts, but not scorching heat
We'll start out Sunday with clear skies, but the clouds will start to move in early in the evening with a chance for spot showers.
3 hours 2:27
California approaches full reopening amid low coronavirus cases
After more than 15 months of emergency restrictions, California is set to fully reopen on Tuesday. Roughly 142 million people in the U.S. are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
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