20 days 21:22
Sponsored Content: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
John Oliver explains why the integrity of local news is so important, how sponsored content could damage that integrity, and why the Venus Veil is so much more than a blanket!
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27 days 19:18
Stand Your Ground: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
John Oliver takes a look at why “stand your ground” laws were created, who they protect, and, crucially, who they don’t. Connect with Last Week Tonight online...
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13 days 6:57
Cereal: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Web Exclusive)
John Oliver explains why we need a fun new cereal, and makes a proposition for Cheerios. Connect with Last Week Tonight online...
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22 days 1:23
World’s Largest Iceberg Just Fell Off Antarctica
A giant slab of ice recently sheared off from Antarctica, and scientists are calling it the largest iceberg in the world.
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4 days 2:03
3-Week-Old Baby Choking on Gas Relief Drops Saved by Cop
It was a race against the clock to save a 3-week old baby after he was struggling to breathe. Police bodycam captured the dramatic rescue with a mother overcome with emotion.
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17 days 2:06
Flight Attendant Gets 2 Front Teeth Knocked Out by Passenger
A Southwest Airlines flight attendant had her teeth knocked out by a passenger in a sickening attack captured on camera.
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6 days 27:02
Asian Americans: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
John Oliver discusses the large and diverse group of people who fall under the term “Asian American”, the history of the model minority stereotype, and why our conversations on the subject need to
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9 days 3:07
12-Year-Old Boy and 14-Year-Old Girl Have Shootout With Cops
A 12-year-old boy and 14-year-old girl who ran away from their Florida group home are in custody after cops say they broke into a house, armed themselves with the homeowner’s guns and opened fire on
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26 days 2:27
How Israel’s Iron Dome Works
Israel’s Iron Dome missile-defense system is designed to intercept and destroy short-range rockets and mortars.
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11 days 1:19
17-Year-Old Pushes Away Bear: ‘I Didn’t Know I Had It In Me’
A brave teen came to the rescue as her four dogs faced off with a big brown bear that was trying to invade the house’s yard with two cubs.
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2 days 1:39
Thieves Run Over 200-Pound Galapagos Tortoise
Brazen thieves caught in the act of stealing a 200-pound Galapagos tortoise in Arizona ran over the animal as they fled the scene.
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24 days 1:51
11-Year-Old Girl Fights Off Would-Be Kidnapper
An 11-year-old Florida girl escaped an attempted kidnapping after a man tried to grab her as she waited at the bus stop.
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15 days 4:58
New footage shows UFOs swarming US Navy ship
Video of Navy radar from 2019 shows as many as 14 objects swarming the USS Omaha off the coast of San Diego, California; reaction on ‘Outnumbered.’ #FoxNews Subscribe to Fox News!
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25 days 9:17
Biden threatens unvaccinated 'will pay the price'
Fox News contributor Joe Concha reacts to Biden's increasing warnings for unvaccinated individuals despite lower reported COVID cases. Subscribe to Fox News!
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23 days 19:23
The Hyperloop May Disrupt More Than Just Travel
Elon Musk coined the term Hyperloop back in 2013 when he released his vision for a fifth mode of transport.
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19 days 2:12
6-Year-Old Who Was Shot’s Final Words Were ‘My Tummy Hurts’
There is fear today on the freeways in Southern California after a slew of shootings. The latest ended in the death of a 6-year-old boy.
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24 days 9:05
Ingraham warns of coming 'climate lockdowns'
'The Ingraham Angle' host blasts the left for their 'mindless COVID fearmongering.' #FoxNews #Ingraham Subscribe to Fox News!
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9 days 1:45
17-Year-Old Discovers and Nearly Falls Into Massive Sinkhole
A 17-year-old boy discovered a sinkhole in his grandfather's field in the Konya province of central Turkey.
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16 days 11:16
Tucker: Stupid people took control of our country
'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host says liberal politicians' excuses are 'just not true.' #FoxNews #Tucker Subscribe to Fox News!
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10 days 11:31
Tucker: Fauci deserves to be under 'criminal investigation'
'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host reacts to Dr. Fauci's emails exposed. #FoxNews #Tucker Subscribe to Fox News!
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10 days 19:50
Inside China's Accelerating Bid for Chip Supremacy
Right now the world is dependent on Taiwan for silicon semiconductors called chips, which give devices like iPhones their functionality. This reliance has the U.S.
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2 days 2:45
Cop Flips Pregnant Mom’s Car for Not Pulling Over Fast Enough
An Arkansas woman is suing a state trooper, claiming he negligently caused her car to flip on the interstate.
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3 days 10:42
Tucker: Latin Americans tell Kamala Harris to 'buzz off'
Tucker Carlson Tonight' host examines the vice president's trip to Central America and her vision for immigration. #FoxNews #Tucker Subscribe to Fox News!
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17 days 22:49
GOP governors rip liberal power grab in 'Hannity' exclusive | Town Hall
Republican governors join 'Hannity' to discuss how they successfully opened their states. #FoxNews #Hannity Subscribe to Fox News!
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23 days 10:59
'It's Going To Happen': Trump's Ex-Lawyer Says Indictment Coming
Citizen Donald Trump now stares down a criminal probe in New York, and prosecutors are putting pressure on the Trump Organization's CFO Allen Weisselberg.
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27 days 9:04
Israel's Iron Dome withstands rockets from Hamas
Hamas rockets are intercepted by Israel's Iron Dome as tensions rise. Fox News' Trey Yingst is on the ground at the Israel-Gaza border with the latest. #FoxNews Subscribe to Fox News!
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9 days 11:45
Tucker: Why did they lie to us for so long
'Tucker Carlson Tonight' reacts to apparent coordinated effort to keep COVID origins a secret. #FoxNews #Tucker Subscribe to Fox News! bit.ly/2vaBUvAS Watch more Fox News Video: video.
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24 days 1:47
Tesla Was Doing 80 MPH While ‘Driver’ Slept: Cops
A 911 caller in Wisconsin reported that the driver of a Tesla was asleep, as the car was traveling over 80 miles an hour. “I mean he’s not erratic or anything, you know, the car’s being safe.
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23 days 1:53
Cop Lifts 3,500-Pound SUV to Free Trapped Woman
A police deputy in the right place at the right time became a real-life Superman.
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19 days 2:11
Teens React After Yearbook Photos Are ‘Modesty Edited’
Several students and their parents at one Florida high school are outraged after their yearbook photos were altered to cover up more of their chests.
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