22 days 2:03
Angry Customer Throws Soup in Restaurant Manager’s Face
An irate customer was captured on video throwing soup into a restaurant manager’s face in Temple, Texas.
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17 days 0:47
Chunky Squirrel Fat-Shamed for Getting Stuck in Bird Feeder #shorts
As if this squirrel wasn’t having a bad enough day, he then had to deal with fat shaming.
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19 days 7:32
Diving YouTubers Have Found Remains of 16 Missing People
In 2018, Oregon-based scuba-diver Jared Leisek started cleaning up local rivers and posting videos of the underwater adventures to his YouTube channel, Adventures With Purpose.
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23 days 14:21
Liberal Hypocrisy is Fueling American Inequality. Here’s How. | NYT Opinion
It’s easy to blame the other side. And for many Democrats, it’s obvious that Republicans are thwarting progress toward a more equal society.
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8 days 8:35
Why you don’t hear about the ozone layer anymore
Finally, some good news about the environment.
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10 days 10:19
Kyle Rittenhouse has a message for Biden
Kyle Rittenhouse calls on the president to watch his trial and slams the media for spreading ‘disgraceful’ lies about his case on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.' #FoxNews #Tucker Subscribe to Fox News!
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10 days 17:36
Kyle Rittenhouse speaks to Tucker Carlson in first TV interview
'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host speaks to Kyle Rittenhouse about the events that led to his homicide trial. #FoxNews Subscribe to Fox News!
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10 days 0:55
‘Where We Bout to Eat At?’ Kid Antwain Fowler Dies at 6 #shorts
Antwain Fowler, who went viral by saying "Where we bout to eat at?" has died, according to his mother.
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24 days 22:29
The Power Grid: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
John Oliver discusses the current state of the nation’s power grid, why it needs fixing, and, of course, how fun balloons are. Connect with Last Week Tonight online...
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17 days 23:37
Union Busting: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
John Oliver discusses the mechanics of union busting, why the companies who do it face so few consequences, and what it really means when your manager wants to talk to you about “your attendance.”
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23 days 3:07
Choking Baby Saved by Stranger’s Lifevac Device
It was a scary moment at a South Carolina restaurant, when a 10-month-old baby started choking on a piece of pancake.
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12 days 9:30
Protests erupt in American cities over Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal
'Big Saturday Show' panel weighs in on demonstrations in New York City, Chicago and Portland. #FoxNews #Rittenhouse Subscribe to Fox News!
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13 days 15:22
Tucker: This drives Democrats insane about Rittenhouse verdict
'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host excoriates Democrats for refusing to accept the Rittenhouse verdict. #FoxNews #Tucker #Rittenhouse Subscribe to Fox News!
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24 days 9:55
Rittenhouse shooting victim confronted with video showing him pointing gun at defendant
Defense attorneys for Kyle Rittenhouse questioned Gaige Grosskreutz, who was shot by Rittenhouse, about his actions leading up to the incident.
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23 days 2:19
13-Year-Old Missing 5 Days Turns Up in Hospital as ‘John Doe’
The family of 13-year-old Nathan Torres assumed the worst after he took off on his bicycle in their California neighborhood, two days ahead of Halloween.
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19 days 0:24
This May Be the World’s Most Beaten Up Shark #Shorts
A diver in south Australia captured stunning underwater footage of what’s being called "the world’s most beaten up shark." The 10-foot long Great White was covered nose to tail with scars.
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14 days 1:46
Hot Soup Thrower Arrested
Thirty-one-year-old Amanda Martinez was arrested Wednesday, charged with a Class A misdemeanor, assault causing bodily injury, according to Bell County Sheriff's Department.
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22 days 12:24
Tucker: This is terrifying and unnerving
‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host reacts to the ‘intentional perversion of justice’ from the prosecution. #FoxNews #Tucker  Subscribe to Fox News!
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23 days 14:34
Gutfeld: This is why the hugest story on Earth must vanish
'Gutfeld!' panel reacts to debunked Steele dossier that accused former President Donald Trump of lewd behavior #FoxNews #Gutfeld Subscribe to Fox News!
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1 day 3:49
School Shooter Suspect Posted Photo of Handgun Allegedly Used
The young suspect in the Oxford, Michigan, school shooting has been charged with terrorism and first-degree murder. Although he is 15 years old, he is being charged as an adult.
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13 days 8:54
Nick Sandmann speaks out on Rittenhouse verdict in Hannity exclusive
Nick Sandmann joins ‘Hannity’ for an exclusive interview on cancel culture and holding liberal media accountable. #FoxNews #Hannity #Rittenhouse Subscribe to Fox News!
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6 days 9:23
Tucker: Americans won't forgive Joe Biden for this
'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host examines what's causing the president's horrible approval rating. #FoxNews Subscribe to Fox News! bit.ly/2vaBUvAS Watch more Fox News Video: video.foxnews.
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17 days 17:55
'The Five' react to trial of Kyle Rittenhouse closing arguments
'The Five' panel react to Monday's back and forth closing arguments between prosecution and the defense in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial #FoxNews #TheFive Subscribe to Fox News!
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28 days 4:16
Texas begins building makeshift border wall with surprising material
Rep. Troy Nehls, R-Texas, says he thinks the new border wall construction is a ‘great idea’ #FoxNews Subscribe to Fox News!
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22 days 16:30
'The Five' react to Kyle Rittenhouse testimony
'The Five' panel discuss day seven of the Rittenhouse trial in which the judge admonished the prosecution multiple times #FoxNews #TheFive Subscribe to Fox News!
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13 days 8:09
Jesse Watters: Biden 'puppet masters' intervened in second Rittenhouse statement
'The Five' panel give analysis on the president's reaction to the Rittenhouse verdict. #TheFive #FoxNews Subscribe to Fox News! bit.ly/2vBUvAS Watch more Fox News Video: video.foxnews.
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9 days 9:16
Laura Ingraham: You can't make this up
Ingraham reacts to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's stance on cash bail #FoxNews #Ingraham Subscribe to Fox News!
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16 days 1:41
Fake Food Covers Empty Grocery Store Shelves to Hide Shortages
Stores are doing their best not to draw customers’ attention to the fact that shelves are much emptier than they usually are.
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13 days 6:00
Biden will 'pay for' characterizing Rittenhouse as a 'white supremacist': Terrell
Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell says the jury issued a 'just verdict.' Subscribe to Fox News!
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17 days 15:20
Tucker: Rittenhouse trial taught us this
'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host examines the role the media played in the homicide case. #FoxNews Subscribe to Fox News!
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