26 days 1:16
Jayme Closs' Kidnapper Gets Into Fight in Prison
Video from inside a New Mexico prison shows the man who kidnapped Jayme Closs get into a brawl with another inmate. 18 Nov 2019, 15:09
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6 days 5:38
6 Holiday Disasters
Disaster can strike any time and the winter holidays are no exception. Andrew Woodard was excited to open his Christmas presents, and so was his cat, Magneto. 8 Dec 2019, 12:36
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20 days 1:41
Two winter storm systems to hit Northeast over Thanksgiving
The strong storm that's hitting the Northeast hit on Sunday evening is just a precursor for a worse storm to come over the Thanksgiving holiday. 24 Nov 2019, 23:32
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19 days 14:08
Why Volvo Is Losing Its Big Lead In Safety
The name Volvo has been synonymous with car safety for decades. The brand has often been the first to introduce key safety features that are now common across the car industry. 25 Nov 2019, 17:01
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2 days 10:49
McConnell: 'No chance' Trump will be removed from office
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell breaks down how the Senate will handle the impeachment inquiry on 'Hannity.' #Hannity #FoxNews FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business | 13 Dec 2019, 3:02
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4 days 9:43
What facial recognition steals from us
There's a massive bait-and-switch at the center of facial recognition technology. 10 Dec 2019, 12:45
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23 days 5:43
Rep. Stefanik: Adam Schiff is an abject failure
House Intelligence Committee member Elise Stefanik and House Minority Whip Steve Scalise discuss the public impeachment proceedings on 'Hannity.' #Hannity #FoxNews FOX News operates the FOX News | 22 Nov 2019, 3:31
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22 days 7:02
Biden snaps at Fox News reporter for question about Hunter Biden's illegitimate son
Hunter Biden is the father; Raymond Arroyo breaks down his 'Friday Follies.' | 23 Nov 2019, 4:08
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23 days 14:22
Hannity: More hearsay and more arrogant bureaucrats
Public impeachment hearings blow up in the Democrats' faces. 22 Nov 2019, 3:06
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10 days 7:11
Ingraham: You know it's over when...
Laura breaks down the top 5 reasons the impeachment fight is over. 5 Dec 2019, 4:15
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3 days 5:48
Graham sends warning to FBI officials responsible for FISA abuse
Sen. Lindsey Graham joins 'Hannity' after a long day grilling DOJ Inspector General Horowitz on the report that rocked DC earlier this week. 12 Dec 2019, 3:45
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28 days 20:17
New Details Emerge After Marathon Impeachment Testimony | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
A state department officer confirms he overheard Trump asked about Ukraine investigations and Trump attacks the ousted ambassador to Ukraine as she tells Congress about his efforts to get rid of her. 16 Nov 2019, 7:37
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17 days 12:15
Gingrich: 'Desperate' Nadler will finally get to shine in impeachment hearings
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich offers insight as the House Judiciary Committee gears up for their public impeachment hearings after the Thanksgiving holiday. 27 Nov 2019, 18:20
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10 days 4:39
Macron Tricks Trump with Toddler Reverse Psychology
French President Emmanuel Macron tricks Donald Trump into defending NATO by using toddler-level reverse psychology on him Trump's last NATO summit was an absolute debacle | 5 Dec 2019, 0:15
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16 days 6:09
Rudy Giuliani Backpedals After Reckless Remarks Threaten Trump Graces | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
Barbara McQuade, former U.S. attorney, talks about Rudy Giuliani's apparent legal peril as his Ukrainian entanglements become better known and his public statements come back to haunt him. 28 Nov 2019, 7:34
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22 days 11:27
'Fiona Hill Is President Donald Trump's Worst Nightmare' | Morning Joe | MSNBC
The panel discusses Fiona Hill's testimony Thursday before the before the House Intelligence Committee. Aired on 11/22/19. 22 Nov 2019, 14:44
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10 days 6:44
Jordan, Collins share takeaways from today's impeachment hearing
The two House Judiciary Republicans go after Democrats' push to impeach President Trump on 'Hannity.' #Hannity #FoxNews FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business Network (FBN), FOX | 5 Dec 2019, 2:47
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7 days 5:03
Nunes: My phone records don't match what Schiff, Dems put in report
Rep. Devin Nunes speaks to Fox and Friends about his phone records being released. 7 Dec 2019, 19:25
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4 days 11:26
Tucker: No one is above the law except Democrats
House Democrats announce their articles of impeachment against Trump. 11 Dec 2019, 1:32
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18 days 6:41
Trump mocks Adam Schiff during annual turkey pardon
Fox News contributor Raymond Arroyo breaks down a Tuesday edition of Seen and Unseen on 'The Ingraham Angle.' | 27 Nov 2019, 4:01
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22 days 13:49
Russian Propaganda Seen Fusing With Republican Ukraine Narrative | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
Rachel Maddow shares video of testimony by former National Security Council official Fiona Hill in which she describes the Russian propaganda roots of the Ukraine conspiracy theory promoted by | 22 Nov 2019, 7:22
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5 days 8:34
Rep. Ratcliffe: This is why Dems are gunning for an impeachment vote
Texas Congressman John Ratcliffe, Republican member of the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees, joins Bret Baier on 'Special Report.' #SpecialReport #FoxNews FOX News operates the FOX News | 9 Dec 2019, 23:36
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4 days 4:53
Jersey City shooting: Gov. Phil Murphy praises brave officers after fatal shootings and lockdown
Six people, including one police officer, are dead after a shootout and standoff in Jersey City on Dec. 10, 2019. Gov. Phil Murphy offered praise to the department at a news conference in the evening. 11 Dec 2019, 0:20
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10 days 13:25
FAKE HEARING: Doug Collins GOES OFF On Democrats At Impeachment Hearing
House Republicans delivered a point-by-point rebuttal Monday to Democrats’ impeachment efforts, claiming in their own report that the evidence collected in the inquiry to date does not support the | 4 Dec 2019, 15:37
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11 days 39:27
Trump, French President Macron clash during meeting at NATO summit
President Trump participates in an expanded bilateral meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron. 3 Dec 2019, 15:08
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11 days 5:29
Jordan: Pelosi's 'imposter' claim underscores 'crazy impeachment strategy'
House Republican report says no evidence for Trump impeachment. 3 Dec 2019, 16:25
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25 days 8:39
Nunes lists questions for whistleblower in opening statement
House Intelligence Committee ranking member Rep. Devin Nunes delivers an opening statement to the public impeachment hearing featuring testimony from Jennifer Williams and Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman. 19 Nov 2019, 15:05
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17 days 6:47
Devin Nunes Now Implicated In Ukraine scandal | All In | MSNBC
Congressman Devin Nunes is at the center of new claims by Giuliani associate Lev Parnas about Nunes reportedly trying to dig up dirt on Biden. Aired on 11/26/19. » Subscribe to MSNBC: on.msnbc. 27 Nov 2019, 6:19
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