5 hours 21:18
Young People Try Windows 98
Try FreshBooks free, for 30 days, no credit card required at freshbooks.com/linus Create your build at buildredux.com/linus Windows has changed a LOT over the last 24 years
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VIVEPORT Infinity | VIVEPORT's VR Classics Collection
Oldies but goodies! New to VR, or need a throw back to the titles you fell in love with from the start? Join Infinity and enjoy these unmissable titles in one subscription!
7 hours 10:47
LEGO Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck Lighting Kit Build!
We assemble the recently released LEGO Tallneck from Horizon Forbidden West, and install a lighting kit that makes this one of the coolest LEGO diorama models we've put together!
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1 day 10:08
Google Pixel 6a Three Weeks Later - Still the HERO!
This is the Google Pixel 6a, but it's also NOT what I think many of us have come to expect..
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1 day 27:36
Reacting to PewDiePie's 7 Billion Dollar Setup!
Checking out Pewd's new gaming setup and IceManIsaac's setup.
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1 day 26:00
Transmitting video over 20,000ft?! - HOLY $H!T
Thanks to DJI for sponsoring this video! DJI Transmission is an innovative video transmission system for film and television shooting.
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1 day 22:36
Ryzen Build - The Most Ever Fit Into This Small Case - 5950x, 3080ti, b550
25% code:TS25 Windows 10 Pro a $16: biitt.ly/cjFl5 Windows 10 Home a $14: biitt.ly/6Fgdj Windows 11 Pro a $22: biitt.ly/uJyPV Office 2021 Pro a $51: biitt.ly/ATC8p
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1 day 10:18
Ask Adam Savage: When Did You Know Making Would Be A Sustainable Career?
In this livestream excerpt, Adam answers Tested member Hrushka's question, "At what point did you know that making was going to be a sustainable career?" Thank you for your question Hrushka!
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1 day 11:06
Samsung 2022 Event - Last Minute LEAKS!
▶ Spigen ArcStation Super Mini Super Fast Charger - geni.us/ZoTspigenSuperMiniAS ▶ Spigen ArcField Wireless Charger - geni.us/ZoTspigen15WwirelessAF Thanks to Spigen for Sponsoring
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1 day 7:53
Getting your first cloud job as a woman in tech
Welcome back to Cracking The Google Cloud Career, where we show how you can…well, crack your cloud career!
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1 day 2:22:34
Intel Takes The L - WAN Show August 5, 2022
Get a free 5 day trial and an additional 20% off your annual subscription on Shortform at: Shortform.com/ltt Visit squarespace.com/WAN and use offer code WAN for 10% off Learn
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1 day 13:23
1 day 31:52
OpenVINO™ 2022.1 New Features Overview | OpenVINO™ DevCon 2022 | Intel Software
OpenVINO™ toolkit 2022.1 is the newest release, and it’s our biggest update yet.
1 day 25:32
NLP & Dynamic Shapes Workshop | OpenVINO™ DevCon 2022 | Intel Software
Natural Language Processing (NLP) is an important field for AI research and applications.
1 day 31:32
How to Maximize Your CPU Compute Power for CNN Inference | OpenVINO™ DevCon 2022 | Intel Software
CPUs are everywhere and can serve as more cost-effective options for running AI-based solutions compared to GPUs.
1 day 58:59
AI Challenge | OpenVINO™ DevCon 2022 | Intel Software
In this interactive session with our Evangelists, the OpenVINO™ team showcases their latest project ideas and field questions from the audience, all leading to a productive AI Challenge indeed!
1 day 15:38
Welcome | OpenVINO™ DevCon 2022 | Intel Software
Welcome to OpenVINO™ DevCon! We introduced the release of OpenVINO™ toolkit 2022.1, sharing background and history of the newly improved OpenVINO™ toolkit.
1 day 28:50
Deploying Spatial Intelligence Across Thousands of Locations | OpenVINO DevCon 2022 | Intel Software
In the age of AI, retailers and other industries with physical footprints are turning to spatial intelligence to understand how people utilize their spaces and tie those insights back to their
1 day 32:32
Powering ML in Game Development with OpenVINO™ Toolkit | OpenVINO™ DevCon 2022 | Intel Software
For this OpenVINO™ DevCon 2022 demo featuring Irisity, we’re showing how the OpenVINO™ toolkit can be linked to other workflows such as video management and access control in order to create an
1 day 26:15
Real-Time Video Analytics with Irisity | OpenVINO™ DevCon 2022 | Intel Software
Until now, the usage of ML in game development was reserved only for the biggest AAA studios.
1 day 33:40
Ask Me Anything | OpenVINO™ DevCon 2022 | Intel Software
With the release of OpenVINO™ toolkit 2022.1, there were certainly questions for the team! It’s a casual sit-down with engineers, Evangelists, and more in this AMA during the event.
1 day 26:26
Optimize Speech Recognition OpenVINO Toolkit & Red Hat OpenShift Data Science | OpenVINO DevCon 2022
Data science and machine learning help drive business decisions and generate income and insights for organizations across a spectrum of industries.
1 day 38:21
AUTO Plug-in Workshop | OpenVINO™ DevCon 2022 | Intel Software
With the increasing adoption of the OpenVINO™ toolkit as the deployment tool of choice, developers are using it for a wide spectrum of applications and use cases, but these configurations may
1 day 1:32:12
Newegg Live Sale - 08-05-22
Jeremy and Tom are answering your questions and walking you through dozens of exclusive deals! Check out all the deals right here: newegg.io/faef9ba Legal: Newegg Inc.
2 days 9:16
AWS IAM Roles Anywhere - Introduction & Demo | Amazon Web Services
IAM Roles Anywhere allows servers, containers, and applications to use X.509 digital certificates to obtain temporary AWS credentials for the same IAM roles and policies that you normally have
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2 days 0:28
New safety features for Firebase Authentication #Shorts
Watch the full version here → goo.gle/3bykNcR MFA, Blocking functions, and more come to Firebase Authentication → goo.gle/3BCrqoY Stay tuned every Thursday for the latest
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2 days 8:47
Build a Python Event-driven Serverless App with Amazon CodeWhisperer | Amazon Web Services
In this video, you will learn how you can build a Python event-driven serverless application with Amazon CodeWhisperer.
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2 days 1:53:11
Windows Central Podcast LIVE | Episode 279 | August 5th 2022
Your weekly source for the best stories and insights from the world of Windows, Surface, Xbox, HoloLens, and everything Microsoft. Hosted by Daniel Rubino and Zac Bowden.
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2 days 5:03
Amazon Macie One-Click Temporary Retrieval | Amazon Web Services
In this video we go over a new capability in Amazon Macie that provides you with a one-click, on-demand retrieval option in the Macie console to quickly investigate the data that was identified as
2 days 4:32
Are USB Speeds A Lie?
Try Vultr today with an exclusive 30-day $150 code for signup at: getvultr.com/techquickie Plugging in multiple USB drives can give you lower than expected speeds!
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