1 hour 6:20
Trust Tokens - What is the Privacy Sandbox?
Welcome to What is the Privacy Sandbox? The Privacy Sandbox is a series of proposals to satisfy cross-site use cases without third-party cookies or other tracking mechanisms.
2 hours 9:07
This Motherboard Will Get You More Kills – Sh!t Manufacturers Say
Use code LINUS to get 50% off a 2-year Nordpass Premium plan and get an additional 4 months for free at: nordpass.com/linus Get your Crucial X6 and X8 Portable SSDs here
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2 hours 12:16
ML Max TV S01E01 - What is remote development and how do you do it? | Amazon Web Services
A step-by-step guide to using AWS Systems Manager to securely connect to a remote development environment hosted on Amazon EC2.
3 hours 9:57
What's new in Android Studio Arctic Fox
Get an overview of what tools and features are available in Android Studio Arctic Fox and the new updates and requirements to Android Gradle Plugin 7.0.
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3 hours 3:31
Announcing Jetpack Compose 1.0
Today, we're launching version 1.0 of Jetpack Compose, Android's modern, native UI toolkit to help you build better apps faster. It's stable, and ready for you to adopt in production.
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3 hours 17:09
The SLIMMEST 15" AMD Gaming Laptop - Legion Slim 7 Review
The Legion Slim 7 aims to be the best slim and portable gaming laptop in the 15" category.
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3 hours 11:08
Google Play PolicyBytes - July 2021 policy updates
Theresa, Product Marketing Manager for Android and Google Play, shares key policy updates from our July 2021 Play policy announcements on our user data, ads, store listing and promotions and
4 hours 0:23
How to: Work Offline in Google Drive
Work Offline in Google Drive Learn More → goo.gle/3xOCFGs Try Google Drive for yourself → goo.gle/3dmfRpJ Subscribe to Google Workspace → goo.gle/GoogleWorkspace Follow
4 hours 0:55
Using Google Workspace: Tip of the week from Googler Sakshi Kulshrestha
In this video, Sakshi Kulshrestha - Manager for Google Workspace - shares the importance of the new, integrated chat experience that we have today and how it allows her team to easily collaborate
4 hours 0:30
Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller | Amazon Web Services
Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller provides you routing control and readiness check features to continuously monitor your application’s ability to recover from failures, and control
4 hours 2:25
Kinderpedia | Amazon Web Services
Evelina Necula, the CMO and Co-founder of Kinderpedia describes AWS in three words easy to scale, flexible to use and secure with the users’ data and explains how AWS helped them gain financial
5 hours 1:35
VIVE TALK | Virtual Desktop: Work Anywhere, Anywhere
Work from the office. Work from home. Work from anywhere. With a virtual desktop, the (virtual) world is your oyster.
6 hours 8:16
Shoot and Edit Otherworldly Photos in Night Mode with Maria Lax | Apple
Learn how to shoot and edit otherworldly photos in Night mode on iPhone with the help of photographer Maria Lax and Landon from Today at Apple.
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7 hours 3:55
Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Story of Mahalia's "Whenever You're Ready" Music Video | #XiaomiStudios
When your creativity strikes, wait for no moment to capture it. That's how we shot @Mahalia's new music video "Whenever You're Ready" on #Mi11Series.
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7 hours 5:08
ACV Auctions: Learn How ACV Scales to Serve Hundreds of Millions of Auction Requests Per Month
In this episode we discuss how ACV auctions facilitates the entire automobile auction process in only 20 minutes with a containers-based architecture built on AWS.
8 hours 49:15
Giveaway for N40 Pro
Buy Doogee N40 Pro now at amazing price: bit.ly/3rpokxt Buy Doogee S35 right now: bit.ly/3ByKuCa Facebook(English): facebook.com/Doogee Twitter
9 hours 0:58
OUKITEL - WP15 Infrared Thermometer In Use.
The first Dual 5G Infrared Thermometer Rugged Phone, handy usage in different places.
9 hours 1:40
Four quick pointers that show how CSPs can get started with network slicing on their 4G networks now
Think you need to wait for 5G to do network slicing? Think again! Nokia is explaining the 4 reasons to go ahead using your 4G networks. Don’t wait, act now.
10 hours 0:45
Gaming Monitor RGB Light Bar with 15 modes Blitzwolf
In the networking era, where we are working, studying, entertaining, and gaming, it's easy to burden the eyes with bright and dimmed light.
12 hours 0:55
#DOOGEE S35 the Ruggedness Features Let You be Away from Worries !
#DOOGEE S35 is built strong and with an amazing price from $74.99 right now, buy this model by Aliexpress right now for the global premiere promotion price: bit.ly/3ByKuCa Learn more about
15 hours 47:02
Level1 News July 28 2021: Our Satellites Will Black Out The Sun
one-tab.com/page/Tade8DjXTcS3QAQAhv_fTg 0:00 - Intro 1:13 - Leaked Intel i9-12900K Benchmark Shows 28% Gain Over Ryzen 9 2:58 - iFixit CEO names and shames tech giants for right to
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16 hours 9:57
Samsung Talks Unpacked Expectations, iPad mini Leaked Specs & more!
Video Sponsored by NordVPN. Go to nordvpn.com/pocketnow70 or use coupon code pocketnow70 to get a 2-year plan plus 1 additional month with a huge discount!
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20 hours 0:46
Galaxy Unpacked August 2021: Official Trailer | Samsung
Why change a good thing? Unless you experience something new, you may never know that something could be better. And once you do, you may never go back. So, is "good" good enough?
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21 hour 1:27
Connecting in the Metaverse: The Making of the GTC Keynote | Trailer
The global documentary premiere of "Connecting in the Metaverse: The Making of the GTC Keynote" goes live at #SIGGRAPH2021 at 11am PT on August 11.
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22 hours 29:04
Tesla Model S Plaid vs Long Range!
Use our referral link to receive 1,000 free Supercharger miles with the purchase and delivery of a new Tesla car, or earn a $100 award after system activation by purchasing or subscribing to solar
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23 hours 2:59
New Student Opportunity: AWS Early Careers Innovation Program | Amazon Web Services
In this episode of AWS Community Chats, Aley Hammer is joined with Lucy Wang, a Solutions Architect who is part of our AWS Graduate Program.
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1 day 5:39
PC Parts That Disappeared
Sign up for Private Internet Access VPN at privateinternetaccess.com/TechQuickie Some of the ubiquitous PC parts we're all used to today used to look VERY different...
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1 day 0:15
Kospet optimus 2 smartwatch quick look #shorts
Banggood – 27 Jul 2021, 18:00
1 day 25:39
Secure Development Lifecycle with Vernetta Dorsey and Diana Carroll | Intel Business
In this episode of What That Means, Vernetta Dorsey, a Product Security Staff Engineer at Intel, and Diana Carroll, a Product Security Expert, get to the heart of the secure development lifecycle
1 day 14:14
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