5 hours 7:37
The New Purple iPhone 12!
Unboxing a brand new iPhone - the purple one this time. They've really done it.
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19 hours 1:02
Meet Google Fi
Google Fi is a different kind of phone plan.
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23 hours 10:52
I kind of upgraded my setup again lol - Loupedeck Live
Ya so...I kinda upgraded my setup a little bit more since last time kek.
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23 hours 11:23
NEW iMac 2021 - My Thoughts!
iMac 2021 - My First Impressions!
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4 hours 26:20
Watching him build his FIRST PC!
Huge thanks to our sponsors for supporting our channel!
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6 hours 3:04
Exynos 2100 5G Mobile Processor: Innovation continues | Samsung
The #Exynos2100 #MobileProcessor is the result of our tireless efforts to go further. We will not stop there, for both mobile innovation and fans who always support us. Thank you.
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16 hours 8:06
MAJOR iPad OS/iOS 15 Updates! Pixel 5a SCREW UP & more..
0:00 - Intro 0:48 - Today’s Deals: - OnePlus 8 Pro click.pckt.shop/to/uAbOs7MFHq - OnePlus Nord N10 click.pckt.shop/to/Lc7CYu8WT4 - Google Pixel 4 amzn.to/3azFcKN - Galaxy Z
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1 hour 4:17
Can Intel Compete Against AMD Again?
Check out the DROP Carina Mechanical Keyboard Kit at dro.ps/tq-carina-april Intel has lost ground against AMD lately. How are they trying to make up for it?
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4 hours 12:17
Finding the Best 60% Gaming Keyboards
Check prices on Amazon below Razer Huntsman Mini: geni.us/AYnR7 Asus ROG Falchion: geni.us/0r2Y9Zg Ducky One 2 Mini: geni.us/AAD5m Anne Pro 2: geni.us/uaikp Motospeed
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17 hours 0:30
Samsung Virtual Experience 2021: Broadcasting
Introducing the next generation of broadcasting station technology. Broadcasting station environments are changing rapidly and demanding a variety of new technologies.
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19 hours 1:00
Google Fi phone plans
Google Fi is a different kind of phone plan. Learn how you can get smarter coverage and helpful features on Fi, including plans designed to fit your data usage.
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23 hours 10:50
Beneath the Surface | Introducing Surface Laptop 4 and all-new Accessories (Ep. 2)
►Join us for Episode 2 of our new YouTube series: Beneath the Surface.
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23 hours 4:01
Android 12 DP3: What's new in final developer preview!
The final Android 12 developer preview has arrived, and that means we're just a few short weeks away from the first public #beta -- the next major milestone towards stable #Android12.
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13 hours 41:57
Level1 News April 23 2021 - Vegas: All the @$$, None of the Grass
0:00 - Intro 0:53 - Ford's BlueCruise self-driving tech did a 110,000-mile road trip 2:14 - Isilon founder lifts the hood on farming startup Carbon Robotics and its weed zapping machine 3:51
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22 hours 11:17
Noctua VS Cooler Master -- 5950X Test!
Learn more about EVGA ELITE Membership at evga.com/Elite Use Associate Code Level1Techs at checkout and save!
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23 hours 0:31
Nvidia Gtc For Everyone
Don’t miss out on #GTC21. Get insights on how be part of a stunning future with #AI with breath-taking demos and talks on what’s possible.
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4 hours 24:50
3D-Printing Lord of the Print's Godzilla Model!
As part of our ongoing adventures in 3D printing, we're putting a spotlight on artists who design specifically for hobby printing in mind.
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4 hours 3:10
Neo QLED - QN85A: Official Introduction | Samsung
Experience ultra-fine light control with Neo QLED. Greatness never ends, but evolves. #NeoQLED #SamsungTV
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19 hours 0:46
International coverage with Google Fi
Google Fi is a different kind of phone plan. Learn how you can get smarter coverage and helpful features on Fi, including international coverage on select plans.
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6 hours 2:14
Voices of Galaxy: Meet the Determined Veterinarian Treating the Pets of the Homeless | Samsung
Voices of Galaxy spotlights the people who use their passion, creativity, and determination along with technology to make a positive impact on their own lives and their communities.
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21 hour 2:26
Mobile app security, Firestore data bundles, New in Chrome 90, and more!
TL;DR 243 | The Google Developer News Show 0:00 - A New Standard for Mobile App Security → goo.gle/2RXfxFy 0:47 - Load Data Faster and Lower Your Costs with Firestore Data Bundles!
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5 hours 1:39
Accelerating Computational Fluid Dynamics
See how AMD EPYC™ CPU based servers deliver up to 85% more performance on CFD applications – speeding time to results to help deliver products with a competitive edge.
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36 min 12:23
AirTags - 20 Things You NEED to KNOW!
Apple AirTags - 20 Things Before Buying! ▶ AirTags Giveaway x4: 1. Subscribe to ZONEofTECH 2. Following ZONEofTECH on Instagram 3.
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19 hours 4:44
Choreography vs Orchestration in microservices | Orchestration
When working with serverless applications that are running on microservices, microservices can interact with one another in different ways such as orchestration or choreography.
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4 hours 0:24
How to: Add a Table of Contents in Google Docs
"Add a table of content in Google Docs Learn More → goo.gle/3gxlmna Try Google Docs for yourself → goo.gle/3oc9fwv Subscribe to the Google Workspace Channel →
19 hours 5:31
Apply AWS Service Catalog Stack Import to Existing AWS CloudFormation Stacks
In this video, you’ll see how to use AWS Service Catalog Stack Import to add governance to AWS CloudFormation stacks.
8 hours 3:55
A Robot that can teach you how to draw 😱
A great robot ideal for the youngest members of the family! This robot will help kids be more interested in art and technology simultaneously! Imagine tech and art in a strong alliance.
23 hours 18:44
AWS Executive Insights: Interview with Su Shan Tan, Group Head of Institutional Banking at DBS
Su Shan Tan, Group Head of Institutional Banking at DBS, discusses customer-centered innovation, changing the company's culture, and celebrating failure in this interview with Scott Mullins
1 hour 1:57
How to add or remove page numbers in Microsoft Word
Get writing help when you need it most. You can insert page numbers in the header or footer of your Microsoft Word document.
1 hour 1:56
What is Amazon Lookout for Vision?
Amazon Lookout for Vision is a machine learning (ML) service that spots defects and anomalies in visual representations using computer vision (CV).
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