23 hours 1:13
Man Barely Flinches When Car Comes Crashing Into Kitchen
A man was sitting at his dining room table when a car slammed right into his house.
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22 hours 20:09
Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: July 23rd | MSNBC
Watch highlights of Friday's The Rachel Maddow Show, airing weeknights at 9 p.m. on MSNBC.
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17 hours 5:14
Why is China buying US farmland? Morgan Ortagus explains
Former State Department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus explains why China might want to purchase U.S. farmland. #FoxNews #FoxAndFriendsWeekend Subscribe to Fox News!
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9 hours 6:53
Jesse Watters: Meet corrupt congressman Eric Swalwell
'Watters' World' host examines the congressman's lavish lifestyle #FoxNews #JesseWatters Subscribe to Fox News!
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16 hours 3:47
Trump CRIES Over His Embarrassing Legacy
Donald Trump's legacy speaks for itself and he knows it. Leave a comment with your thoughts below! Follow David on Twitter - twitter.com/DavidShuster #RebelHQ #News #Politics
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23 hours 15:06
Gutfeld: Survey shows students wish they learned more life skills before graduating
'Gutfeld!' panel discusses a new survey where the majority of college graduates wish they had been taught more life skills before graduation #FoxNews #Gutfeld Subscribe to Fox News!
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16 hours 3:58
Are Unvaccinated Covid-19 Survivors Protected Against Re-Infection?
In this week’s segment of “Make it Make Sense,” Dr. Chris Pernell explains why those with some level of natural immunity after recovering from COVID-19 should still get vaccinated.
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23 hours 1:10
Dust Devil Makes Mess of Soccer Game
A dust devil swept its way through a soccer match in South America. The whirly phenomenon interrupted a futbol tournament in the Bolivian town of Achocalla.
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11 hours 5:23
Anti-Maskers Caught ATTACKING Cancer Patient
People protesting Los Angeles's new mask mandate attacked a cancer patient outside a medical facility. John Iadarola, Kenya Evelyn, and Charles F. Coleman Jr.
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5 hours 10:23
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - July 24th, 2021
Athletes adjust to new normal at Tokyo Olympics, Covid booster shot update, and breakthrough Covid cases. Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET 5:30 p.m.
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12 hours 4:34
Trump's Coup Was Much Closer Than We Thought
Donald Trump's coup was much closer to becoming an attempted reality than we though, as we've learned from recent reporting
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23 hours 2:14
Team Looks for Unmarked Graves of Black Lynching Victims
A determined group of volunteers in Kansas is looking for three unmarked graves from the 19th century.
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11 hours 1:59:21
LIVE: Absolutely Unhinged Donald Trump Rally Speech
Support the stream, get a Membership at joinpakman.com with coupon code "better21" for a huge discount. Former President Donald Trump speaks to a wacky crowd in Phoenix, Arizona
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7 hours 2:14
Caller: TELL THE TRUTH About Trump's Rally Crowds
Voicemail caller reminds David to tell the truth about Donald Trump's recent rally crowds --- Become a Member: davidpakman.com/membership Become a Patron
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23 hours 12:30
Watch The Beat With Ari Melber Highlights: July 23rd | MSNBC
Watch 'The Beat' weeknights at 6 p.m. on MSNBC.
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Breakthrough Covid Cases Rise Across The Country | NBC News
Across the country, pockets of breakthrough Covid cases are popping up, from students at Stanford to vacationers in Cape Cod.
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16 hours 3:34
Tiffany Cross Reacts To Megyn Kelly’s Criticism Of Naomi Osaka
Megyn Kelly accused Naomi Osaka of not being genuine when the tennis star appeared on the covers of multiple magazines after citing her mental health for pulling out of Wimbledon.
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19 hours 4:44
Janice Dean slams DOJ for dropping nursing home probes: ‘Soul-crushing’
The Department of Justice drops the nursing home investigations in all states including New York; Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean, who lost both of her in-laws to COVID-19, reacts on ‘Fox
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15 hours 3:15
Velshi: Breakthrough Infections Do Not Mean Vaccines Don’t Work
Many are asking: “What’s the point in getting vaccinated if people are getting COVID-19 anyway?” This is an emerging mindset among the unvaccinated, since reports of so-called “breakthrough
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18 hours 14:29
How Air Conditioning Is Warming The World
Summer 2021 is shaping up to be one of the hottest in history, as the effects of climate change are becoming ever clearer.
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23 hours 12:35
Children of Slain Mother Recall the Worst Day of Their Lives
Earlier this year, journalist Maya Chung visited three siblings whose mother, Jennifer Magnano, was killed by her husband Scott in 2007 after years of abuse.
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12 hours 1:29
Anti-Vaccine Protest In Paris Turns Violent With Clashes Against Police
Thousands rallied in central Paris against a plan by the French government to introduce Covid-19 vaccine passes that will be required to enter restaurants and other venues.
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14 hours 5:42
Rep. Smith rips St. Louis prosecutor’s no-show at murder trial: ‘Unacceptable’
Rep. Jason Smith, R-Mo., tells ‘Fox News Live’ there’s ‘no excuse’ for the St. Louis prosecutor to be absent during a murder trial. #FoxNews Subscribe to Fox News!
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10 hours 2:33
FINALLY! MI Gov. Whitmer POWERLESS after Having Her Most Cherished Powers Stripped Away
Get A Free American Eagle Coin W A Gold IRA nnn.is/Noble-Gold-IRA Noble Gold is Who I Trust ^^^ Get more at NextNewsNetwork.com Sub to Gary's NEW Podcast on YouTube here
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22 hours 14:54
The Prison Interviews Diane Downs and Jodi Arias Gave
Inside Edition has gone behind bars to interview some of the most infamous criminals in history over the years, including to speak with Diane Downs and Jodi Arias.
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16 hours 4:56
Newsmax CEO Stuns Audience By Saying Biden Should Be Applauded
Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy shocked the Newsmax audience this week by writing an op-ed that said that President Joe Biden should be applauded for his COVID efforts, and by saying that the vaccines are
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20 hours 3:43
Gladiator Guy Arrested After Filming Capitol Hill Riot For His Mom
This Trump supporter dunked on himself in more ways than one. David Shuster breaks it down. Follow David on Twitter - twitter.com/DavidShuster #DavidShuster #Politics #DonaldTrump
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17 hours 5:56
Majority Of COVID Misinformation Came From Just 12 People
According to new reporting, the majority of COVID misinformation in the United States came from just 12 people.
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7 hours 8:46
Turning Point USA Cancels VIP Attendee
A right-wing adult actress who purchased a VIP ticket to the Turning Points USA conference in Florida - before being removed and banned from the event.
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7 hours 8:20
Dan Bongino: Fighting to preserve freedom in America
'Unfiltered' host reveals to viewers what countries that aren't free look like #FoxNews #DanBongino Subscribe to Fox News!
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