13 hours 1:02
Teen Caught Destroying Sand Sculpture at Iconic Hawaii Hotel
Police say a teen girl was caught on camera defacing a sand sculpture in a luxury Hawaiian resort Monday night. 17 Aug 2019, 19:19
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18 hours 3:33
Rattled? Unraveling? President Trump reacts to economic news - Day That Was | MSNBC
President Trump has been banking on a strong economy to help him win a second term. And now, in public and in private, the president is reportedly shaken by the prospect of an economic downturn. 17 Aug 2019, 14:08
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10 hours 2:31:23
Watch live: Far-right, extremist groups clash in Portland, Oregon
Far-right, extremist groups clash in the streets after a rally turns violent Portland, Oregon. 17 Aug 2019, 21:38
199 840
15 hours 2:42
Former Antifa member says the group must be condemned
As Portland braces for protests, Gabriel Nadales says Antifa has become far more violent than when he was involved a decade ago. 17 Aug 2019, 17:13
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16 hours 12:15
Trump Is 'Nervous, Rattled' After Warnings Of Economic Turmoil | MSNBC
The Washington Post reports a Trump ally says POTS is ‘rattled’ about the economy and his 2020 reelection. Trump reportedly has ‘no new steps’ planned to counter and economic retraction. 17 Aug 2019, 16:20
174 054
13 hours 3:33
Appeals court sides with Trump administration on asylum rules
Acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan weighs in on a federal appeals court's decision to limit the number of people who can cross the border and claim asylum. 17 Aug 2019, 19:08
158 411
13 hours 1:25
Save Money on Back-to-School Supplies With Budget Mom’s Tips
It's back-to-school shopping, the Budget Mom's way. Miko Love is armed with a list of required back-to-school supplies for her 7-year-old son, and she says she can get everything for just a few bucks. 17 Aug 2019, 19:18
147 420
11 hours 4:10
Lifelong Republicans Jump Ship As Trump Grows More Disgusting
Interviews at the Iowa State fair this past weekend revealed some shocking trends for the Republican Party. 17 Aug 2019, 21:01
141 490
12 hours 4:10
Several states challenge Trump admin 'public charge' rule
The Heritage Foundation senior adviser Mike Howell weighs in on the Trump administration's 'public charge' rule. 17 Aug 2019, 20:12
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9 hours 4:18
Bodycam Footage of Tulsa Police Officer Shooting Suspect After Chase
** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) ** Tulsa police released dash and body camera video of a deadly officer-involved shooting that | 17 Aug 2019, 22:53
127 634
14 hours 5:59
House Judiciary launching investigation into Epstein's death
Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs on mysterious death of Jeffrey Epstein. 17 Aug 2019, 18:10
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16 hours 6:33
Former Trump Casino Exec: Trump’s ‘Bigotry Was Always Visible’ | MSNBC
In an exclusive interview with Ari Melber, former Trump Casino executive Jack O’Donnell gives insight on Trump’s character and longstanding aspirations on becoming President. 17 Aug 2019, 16:23
93 130
17 hours 13:02
Inside The City Where Waymo Tests Self-Driving Vehicles
In Chandler, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix, Waymo's fleet of 600 minivans shuttling people from place to place. 17 Aug 2019, 15:00
83 604
10 hours 1:47
Pro-democracy, pro-government stage dueling protests in Hong Kong
Susan Li reports on the mass demonstrations that have been taking placce in Hong Kong. 17 Aug 2019, 22:13
81 233
14 hours 12:03
Ousted Honduran president calls Hillary Clinton a ‘mafia boss’
Rick Sanchez interviews Honduras’s former President Manuel Zelaya about the reportedly US-orchestrated coup that dismantled his government to further the interests of transnational corporate power. 17 Aug 2019, 18:00
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9 hours 5:02
Microsoft's latest privacy policy says vendors listen to voice data
DOJ and FTC pursuing antitrust probes into tech firms. 17 Aug 2019, 23:14
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12 hours 7:43
Economist Richard Wolff Destroys Opponents Of Student Debt Cancellation
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11 hours 4:47
Caller: Trump is Losing Support from His Base
Caller suspects President Trump is losing support among his base -Become a Member: davidpakman.com/membership -Become a Patron: patreon.com/davidpakmanshow -Join on | 17 Aug 2019, 21:30
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20 hours 10:22
KittyPlays Reveals How to Make Money on Twitch | The Breakdown Ep. 9
The Breakdown host Luke Mones brings us an interview with gamer KittyPlays, who shares how quitting school and moving back to her family’s basement was the best career decision she ever made. 17 Aug 2019, 12:00
58 092
14 hours 6:14
Fox News Has Anti-PC Cringefest
Support The Show On Patreon: patreon.com/seculartalk Here's Our Amazon Link: amazon.com/?tag=seculacom-20 Follow Kyle on Twitter: twitter.com/kylekulinski Like | 17 Aug 2019, 18:00
49 212
10 hours 4:36
Is The DNC Screwing Tulsi Out Of The Next Debates
Sign the petition here | 17 Aug 2019, 22:30
47 374
11 hours 6:45
Kamala Harris Misses The Mark In Response To Tragedy
Support The Show On Patreon: patreon.com/seculartalk Here's Our Amazon Link: amazon.com/?tag=seculacom-20 Follow Kyle on Twitter: twitter.com/kylekulinski Like | 17 Aug 2019, 21:00
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14 hours 6:31
In today's video, Chad Boukzam of AMTV reports on Economic Collapse 2019. 🔴Get the FREE Gold Kit: gold.amtvmedia.com Follow Me on Twitter: twitter.com/amtvmedia 🔴BUY NOW! 17 Aug 2019, 18:05
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6 hours 6:21
Trump Is Worried Antifa Might Hurt Nazis
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5 hours 5:03
Beto O’Rourke Makes OFFICIAL Announcement About Ending His 2020 Campaign
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9 hours 7:10
Get Ready! Here is Their Plan to Take Your Guns
Protect your life savings with a Gold IRA! Click Here! 17 Aug 2019, 23:00
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7 hours 21:43
Nightly News Full Broadcast (August 17th)
Tense standoff in Portland between far right and anti-fascist groups, Epstein’s attorneys pledge their own investigation into his death, and man speaks out after close call with lightning strike. 18 Aug 2019, 1:07
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13 hours 10:48
Far-right groups hold rally in Portland
A rally held by far right groups is underway in Portland. Police are bracing for violence as previous protests between the groups and counter protests have led to fights. 17 Aug 2019, 18:57
37 174
17 hours 3:32
Trump wants to buy what? Greenland? Really?
Reports have emerged that President Trump is considering buying the country of Greenland, the world’s largest island. The US already has an air force presence on the base. 17 Aug 2019, 15:00
36 288
15 hours 8:11
Trump Throws Dogs Under The Bus
Trump hates dogs and that could be deadly for millions of species. John Iadarola breaks it down on The Damage Report. 17 Aug 2019, 17:00
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