19 hours 5:39
The Contrast Between Comey & Trump Is ‘Honesty, Decency, & A Respect For The Rule Of Law’: Daniels
Actor Jeff Daniels, who portrays former FBI Director Jim Comey in Showtime’s “The Comey Rule,” gives his insights on the relationship between Comey and Trump, and expresses why it was important that
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21 hour 5:36
Biden Holds Edge Over Trump As First Debate Approaches
Tomorrow night is the first Presidential debate, and this could either be the beginning of the end of Trump, or it could be the moment that solidifies four more years for him.
33 187
18 hours 7:45
Trump should do a 'transparency' tour, release all info: Fitton on Durham probe
Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton on whether the Durham report should be released before the November election. Subscribe to Fox Business!
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21 hour 12:35
IMPORTANT Things You're Not Being Told About Trump's Tax Returns
Try VPNCity - vpncity.com/page/risk-free-vpn?ref=5eb4cbd144d090d4 IMPORTANT Things You're Not Being Told About Trump's Tax Returns In this video, we cover what the media is overlooking
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23 hours 5:45
PANICKED Don Jr. Tries (And Fails) To Explain Away NYT Report
Become a TYT member at tyt.com/JOIN The Young Turks’ Emma Vigeland ( Twitter.com/EmmaVigeland) breaks down Donald Trump Jr.'s...
28 360
19 hours 11:36
What NYT report tells us about Trump's taxes -- and what it doesn't
After years of secrecy, President Trump's finances are examined in a New York Times investigative report. What does it tell us about his business practices and income taxes?
28 326
17 hours 7:33
2020 election to dictate U.S. immigration policy for decades to come
Some officials at the Department of Homeland Security say they expect President Trump to have a lasting impact on U.S. immigration policy, even if he loses the 2020 election.
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14 hours 3:35
Kamala Harris: Voters Should Decide Who Gets To Fill Open Supreme Court Seat | The Last Word | MSNBC
As Donald Trump and Senate Republicans try to rush a Supreme Court appointment before the election, Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris says it’s important to remember that “people
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19 hours 3:43
Sleepy Joe REVEALS if He’ll Take a Drug Test Before the Debate - This Says It ALL
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17 hours 7:40
Trump Sends Country to Dark Ages with SCOTUS Nomination
Donald Trump takes steps to send the United States back to the dark ages with the Supreme Court nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to replace the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg 👍 Save 20% on facemasks and
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20 hours 6:05
Author, Filmmaker & Daughter of Vice President Pence, Charlotte Pence Bond, on the Supreme Court
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17 hours 59:46
Trump's Taxes, October Surprise Comes in September 9/28/20
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1 hour 1:54
Cleveland business board up ahead of debate
Several businesses close and board windows in anticipation of protests that could follow the first presidential debate. Subscribe to Fox News!
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16 hours 13:10
Trump denies New York Times report on his tax returns; calls it "fake news"
President Trump refused to answer questions Monday about reporting by the New York Times that said he avoided paying any federal income tax for several years.
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1 hour 0:31
Joe Biden's Plan: Surrender
Joe Biden will surrender America to the virus, surrender our families to the violent Left-Wing Mob, and surrender our jobs to China.
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19 hours 4:10
24 252
19 hours 5:34
Trump Demands Drug Tests for Him & Biden
Donald Trump again demands drug tests for himself and Joe Biden before during or after the upcoming Presidential debate 🥄 Use code PAKMAN to get free shipping at magicspoon.com/pakman
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3 hours 1:32:04
WATCH: Senate Republicans meet with Amy Coney Barrett
Senate Republicans meet with Amy Coney Barrett, President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court. Read more: wapo.st/3jiBcAM.
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1 hour 21:03
How America Bungled the Plague | NYT Opinion
A year ago, the United States was regarded as the country best prepared for a pandemic. Our government had spent nearly two decades strategizing for a doomsday scenario. So what went wrong?
23 403
21 hour 23:26
President Trump gives update on coronavirus testing
President Trump delivered remarks on the nation's coronavirus testing strategy.
22 224
3 hours 43:49
Attorney for Breonna Taylor grand jury member to speak
Kevin Glogower, attorney for Breonna Taylor case Grand Jury member, speaks to media.
21 707
3 hours 7:24
Fmr. Mueller Attorney Expresses 'Personal Regret' | Morning Joe | MSNBC
Andrew Weissmann, former lead prosecutor for Special Counsel Robert Mueller, discusses revelations from the NYT's stories on Trump's taxes, and says he has personal regret over not following the
21 354
3 hours 3:23
Nothing will stop Senate Supreme Court vote before election: Blackburn
Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., on Judge Amy Coney Barrett, U.S.-China relations and presidential candidate Joe Biden. Subscribe to Fox Business!
21 339
15 hours 4:42
HOW EMBARRASSING! This Softball Question to Kamala Just Blew Up in Her Face!
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21 193
21 hour 1:26
Pence: 'The American People Should Anticipate That Cases Will Rise' | NBC News NOW
Vice President Mike Pence said that "the American people should anticipate that cases will rise" as efforts for increased coronavirus testing are implemented and states in the Midwest are
21 149
5 hours 5:51
What do Trump, Biden need to bring to the debate stage?
Fox News contributor Robert Wolf on President Trump and Joe Biden facing off in the first presidential debate. Subscribe to Fox Business!
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20 hours 1:50
Kamala Harris: Trump, Amy Coney Barrett ‘Will Overturn The Affordable Care Act’ | NBC News NOW
Kamala Harris expresses concerns over President Donald Trump’s newly announced Supreme Court nominee, Judge Amy Coney Barrett.
19 923
22 hours 18:42
WATCH LIVE: Kamala Harris speaks about Trump's Supreme Court nominee, final weeks of 2020 race
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20 hours 8:35
I Just Had A Major Revelation - Must Watch!!
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17 hours 4:04
Kamala Harris Just EXPOSED Her TRUE COLORS about Leftist Protests and BLM Riots
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