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The Sneak: A True Crime Podcast – "A Visit to Crystal River" (Episode 4) | USA TODAY
We visit Jack Murphy and get to know the man who is somehow out of prison, and preaching the gospel of his lord and savior, Jesus Christ.
1 day 1:27
Hurricane Zeta unleashes fury on Louisiana coast | USA TODAY
Nearly half a million without power after Hurricane Zeta races through Southeast Louisiana.
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COVID-19 human challenge trials come with controversy and promise | USA TODAY
How human challenge trials may help create a COVID-19 vaccine.
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What motivates Asian American voters, the fastest growing electorate in the country? | USA TODAY
Asian American voters: Policies that motivate the growing electorate.
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See how tax brackets affect your income tax rate in surprising ways | Just The FAQs
Why being taxed, say 22% of your income, is a lot more complicated than you may assume. Here's a breakdown of what you actually pay in income taxes.
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Trump to women voters: 'We're getting your husbands back to work' | USA TODAY
Election: President Trump makes new appeal to women at Michigan rally.
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What happened during Trump's '60 Minutes' interview with Lesley Stahl? | USA TODAY
Everything that happened during President Trump's '60 Minutes' interview with Lesley Stahl.
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The Sneak: A True Crime Podcast – "The Hunt" (Episode 3) | USA TODAY
After the heist, a wild manhunt ensues, led by a renegade public prosecutor from New York City. After their capture, Murphy and Kuhn quickly become two of the most famous criminals in America.
3 days 3:23
Calf born in slaughterhouse nursed back to health | Animalkind
Jay and Ellie thought they were going to lose this calf. So they moved him into their living room.
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3 days 17:16
Judge Amy Coney Barrett takes the official Constitutional Oath for SCOTUS | USA TODAY
Justice Clarence Thomas will administer the official Constitutional Oath to Judge Amy Coney Barrett at the White House.
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4 days 21:45
The Sneak: A True Crime Podcast – "The Heist" (Episode 2) | USA TODAY
Murphy and an accomplice, Alan Kuhn, head to New York City, where they decide to pull off what was at that time the largest jewel heist in American history — robbing the JP Morgan gem collection
4 days 3:46
Dad has positive dance energy for son during chemo | Humankind
This dad busted a move just to bring a smile to his son's face while he was undergoing chemo treatments.🕺 RELATED VIDEO » Man in hot dog costume is dancing his buns off
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4 days 1:08
President Trump defends immigration policies, bashes Biden at final debate | USA TODAY
Trump defends child separation policy, asks Biden 'who built the cages' at final debate.
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'SNL' mocks last debate, Giuliani 'Borat' mishap | USA TODAY
'SNL' mocks Rudy Giuliani 'Borat' mishap while spoofing final 2020 presidential debate RELATED: Final presidential debate recap youtu.be/IIYgofmLTiA Maya Rudolph, Jim Carrey and Alec
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Dad inspires kids to raise their hand in service | Militarykind
The military protects us by air, land, and sea. This family really takes that to heart.
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Little girl with spina bifida walks on her own | Humankind
These parents were unsure if their little girl would ever walk. Now they can't keep up with her.
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Joe Biden defends son Hunter at final presidential debate, amid Giuliani allegations | USA TODAY
Joe Biden defends son Hunter Biden during final presidential debate.
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7 days 19:50
The Sneak: A True Crime Podcast – "Crossing the Line" (Episode 1) | USA TODAY
Jack Murphy, a childhood violin prodigy who played in symphony orchestras and earned a full scholarship for tennis to the University of Pittsburgh, drops out and heads to Florida.
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7 days 3:11
Marine crashes bridal shower and makes bride cry | Militarykind
A silly bridal game turned into an unforgettable homecoming surprise. 😱 RELATED VIDEO » Marine makes bride cry on her wedding day: youtu.be/y7lOyQYfdcU Over three years, Marine Cpl.
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Debate recap: Battleground states take center stage between Trump and Biden | States of America
Which candidate is more empathetic to the unemployed as a result of this pandemic?
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7 days 2:27
Final Presidential debate: Less interruptions, more substance between Trump and Biden | USA TODAY
Here are the highlights and notable moments from 2020's final presidential debate.
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7 days 0:54
Joe Biden checks his watch during final presidential debate | USA TODAY
Former Vice President Biden caught checking his watch during final presidential debate.
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7 days 1:11
Biden at final presidential debate: Trump is among 'most racist presidents' | USA TODAY
Biden takes jab at Trump calls him, 'one of the most racist presidents in modern history'.
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7 days 2:03:47
Final Presidential Debate 2020: Trump and Biden face off at Belmont University (FULL) | USA TODAY
President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden face off in 2020's final presidential debate on Thursday, Oct. 22, in Nashville, Tennessee.
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7 days 1:03
President Trump muted while talking health care at final presidential debate | USA TODAY
Pres. Trump muted while discussing health care during final presidential debate.
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7 days 1:08
Trump and Biden on tax returns and foreign money: Debate 2020 | USA TODAY
Trump and Biden point fingers about accepting money from China and Russia.
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7 days 0:50
Biden slams Trump's COVID-19 response at debate: 'People are learning to die with it' | USA TODAY
Trump and Biden spar over COVID-19 response at final presidential debate.
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7 days 1:11
Final Presidential debate 2020: Issue of reopening schools | USA TODAY
Trump and Biden offer different solutions to reopening schools at final debate RELATED: Watch the full final debate between Trump and Biden here
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8 days 4:04
Farmworkers risk their health in order to pay the bills in Imperial County, California | USA TODAY
California's farmworkers are left with a difficult decision during the pandemic - risk their health and life at work or go without food and rent money?
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