Attacks Aimed At “America’s Lawyer” For Speaking The Truth

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Published on 2 Jan 2019, 19:00
Via America’s Lawyer: Mike Papantonio and Farron Cousins, Trial Magazine Executive Editor discuss a recent article by Suzanne Spaulding, former Homeland Security official, who took aim at RT and America’s Lawyer specifically; for pointing out the flaws in the U.S. Justice System. Then, RT Correspondent Brigida Santos discusses how the U.S. clean coal program is failing to deliver on promised smog cuts. Plus a discussion with Legal Journalist Mollye Barrows on how the Supreme Court could limit the travesty of civil asset forfeiture.

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RT has been in the cross hairs of the establishment for several years and that's okay. There have been countless smears against the network for their coverage, but not a single critique says that the network is being dishonest. In fact, establishment types are actually angry at RT for telling the truth. Recently, a former official at the Department of Homeland Security, again took aim at the network and our show specifically for calling out the flaws in our justice system. So we're taking a closer look at this official and the group she's aligned with and I have Farron Cousins to do that with me. Farron has got, has researched this, really we've just started having we?


But the further I look into Suzanne Spaulding, I understand why she would be upset about this program because what we do is we tell stories about corporate America when they steal from mom and pop pension programs. We tell stories when they destroy an ecosystem where they're toxic chemicals. We talk about them when they price gouge with pharmaceuticals and they put pharmaceuticals on the market that kill people. You know, we talk about those stories that Suzanne Spaulding, I promise you has never talked about in her life, nor has she given speeches about how bad Wall Street was when they burned the entire economy down. Cost us what, $8 trillion dollars. So you looked at this person, I did too, give me your take.

Well, Suzanne Spaulding is exactly the kind of person you would expect to be going after a show or a network that attacks corporations because she's funded in her private career now by these same corporations. The groups she is aligned with, The Center for Strategic International Studies, is funded by virtually every corporation we have ever taken on...

On this program. I mean, as you go through and look at the funders of that group, I've got files on every single one of them on just all the crimes they've committed in the last few years and that's what she's all about. So that's why she's so angry right now.

God forbid we should talk about Lockheed when they break the law or Northrop Grumman or Boeing or General Dynamics or Raytheon or Exxon or; these are people we talk about and you know what, that's what we're supposed to do. Because journalism where it comes to these types of stories, most of the time corporate TV and corporate radio can't tell the stories here because, you know, advertisers don't let them do it. But what I was most interested in, I'd love to sit down with Suzanne Spaulding, and just talk about who she talks to. I look at, it is a who's who of corporate CEOs that have been involved in every kind of iteration of corruption in some form or fashion. The CEOs of the business round table now, can you imagine you're in the room with the CEOs of the business round table.

They represent Chamber of Commerce. They represent all of these companies that are paying money to Suzanne Spaulding to be their mouthpiece. That's all she is. She has probably a, she has a security clearance I'm sure, I would hope she still has a security clearance. And so she's able to show up at these meetings with these business types and say I know what's going on and she's able to say to Boeing and and the missile manufacturers, you know, I can probably stir up some real problems about Russia or China or Iran. It's like Wag the Dog. You saw the movie Wag the Dog where you have this entity that actually stirs up war. Well, that's what she's a part of in real life. That's who these people are.