Defense Contractors Are Making More Money Than Ever From Destruction Around The Globe

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Published on 7 Jan 2019, 19:00
Let's not forget, we're still actively bombing around the globe and defense contractors are making more money than they have made in generations. Ring of Fire's Mike Papantonio and Farron Cousins discusses this issue.

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There's been a ton of coverage of US domestic policy recently, and what the US is doing overseas is being largely ignored, but let's, let's not forget, we're still actively bombing around the globe and defense contractors are making more money than they have made in generations. So this story that's developing right now is, is I'm looking at, uh, as I'm looking at this story, I'm thinking about how sometimes you watch MSNBC. We've talked about this, you'll watch CNN, you'll watch one of the other shows and you'll see you'll see a Boeing missile advertisement and we've talked about this, but I think this really makes an important point. You'll see a Boeing missile advertised on a, on MSNBC. Now you have to ask yourself, am I going to go buy a Boeing missile? No, of course not, but it's on Msnbc because Phil Griffin who runs msnbc likes the advertising dollars and he's willing to chum up a war at the drop of a hat, one war they've been chumming up.

I really do believe I can. You can argue with me. I know you don't. You don't totally buy into what I'm selling you. I think there's a direct connection here. This, uh, this descent between Russia and the US. It started off as a political, you know, you had Hillary lose and Podesta was shown to be the idiot that we've always said Podesta is. And the next thing that happens is the arms industry gets involved in the discussions. Says, yeah, they're pretty bad. We may need another cold war. Well, and then you have Democrats out there that buy into it. I mean, like Lemmings, Russia's bad, Russia's bad another, you know, they hacked our election. That's not where the weapons industry really cared. They didn't care about hacking elections. The weapons industry wanted to sell more weapons. And if you have a good old fashioned cold war baby, you sell a lot of weapons. Well, what's your take on this story? Oh, this, this increase in international killing by the weapons industry.

Seventeen years straight now, we've been bombing all around the world ever since. You know, the first year of the Bush administration basically bombing everywhere. This, this is not a Democrat thing. This is not a republican thing, this is the way the United States is type thing. We're spending a, what is this a, just in 2017, $750 Billion to the Pentagon, which then handed 350 billion of that so that we have to the weapons industry you're talking to, you know, GE, Raytheon, Boeing, all the usual suspects because they need wars and yeah, they would love a war in Russia, which would be one of the dumbest things we could ever ever do. China or Russia that they would love a war in either place, but since can't get that thank, thank God. They're more than happy to just keep bombing the Middle East because as a whole, the US doesn't necessarily care about that. They can't point to where Yemen is on a map. They don't know as a Gary Johnson, the libertarian, they don't know what Aleppo is, so sure they think it's a dog food. Right? If we, if we just bombed somebody or we're launching these airstrikes, it obviously means it's because there was a bad guy over there and we probably got him. That's all they know. They don't understand. War is an industry war, fighting death. Those are profits for these companies that as you point out, you do see