Torrential Rain Hits Chongqing Early Saturday Morning

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Published on 9 Apr 2017, 2:38
Heavy torrential rain hit Chongqing early on Saturday morning.

Villages in Fengjie County were heavily affected by the torrential downpour. Floodwater could be vividly seen gushing down the mountain sides.

Hours of heavy rainfall also triggered landslides and many roads were sectioned off due to adverse weather conditions.

The floodwater could also be seen bringing large amounts of earth down with it onto the roads and sidewalks. Traffic was severely affected in many areas due to the collapsed sidewalks.

To ensure the public's safety, police cordoned off selected areas alongside blocked roads, whilst workers in the transportation sector were busy organizing rescue efforts.

After two hours of rescue work a total of 400 cubic meters of collapsed earth and debris were removed. Vital traffic routes were promptly reopened after the rescue efforts were completed.

In Wuxi County of the municipality in southwest China, intense rainfall was recorded in 32 monitoring stations as of 14:00 Saturday. Some sections were completely flooded over and many crop fields were severely affected.

In one of the oldest towns in the county, a number of cars were stranded in the floodwater. Firefighters resorted to using ropes to fix the cars in order to prevent them from being washed away.

This downpour is the heaviest rainfall to date this year. It is predicted that the rainfall will last till Monday but will become much lighter over the next two days.

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