Stay Tuned! Trump To Make 'Major Announcement' On Border Wall Saturday

Published on 19 Jan 2019, 0:31
President Donald Trump said he will make a "major announcement" regarding the US-Mexico border on Saturday afternoon. Business Insider reports the scheduled announcement will be held as the ongoing partial government shutdown nears the one-month mark. Trump battle to fund a barrier along part of the US-Mexico border has culminated into the ongoing government shutdown that has affected around 800,000 federal and contracted employees. The feud between Trump and Congress escalated this week, after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggested he reschedule his State of the Union address due to security concerns. In what is widely seen as an act of retaliation, Trump cancelled Pelosi's trip with other lawmakers to visit US troops overseas, most notably in Afghanistan. Trump has previously said he was considering declaring a national emergency to secure the over $5 billion for his border barrier--which would create a situation in which Americans would be living under martial law.

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