Free Museum Admission For Furloughed U.S. Workers

Published on 19 Jan 2019, 13:57
The U.S. government shutdown is now in its fourth week, with no end in sight.
To help ease the load of workers effected, who are not receiving a paycheck, museums in 27 states, along with 19 orchestras are offering free admission to government workers during the shutdown.
Participating institutions range from The Metropolitan Opera in New York to the San Diego Air & Space Museum, which is home of the Apollo IX Command Module, that helped pave the way for the first walk on the Moon.
Reuters explains, "It may not put a meal on the table for furloughed federal employees, but some U.S. museums and symphonies are supplying food for the mind."
Museum spokesman, Norman Keyes, adds “Museums can offer a place both to get away from the fray and to recharge, and to gain perspective...It will not solve the shutdown crisis, but it can help build positive experiences during a difficult time.”
About 200 furloughed employees have visited the Philadelphia Museum of Art, which is offering free admission to furloughed workers, plus one guest.
Their front steps were made famous in the “Rocky” movie series, and artwork includes Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” and an array of Rubens and Renoirs.

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