Location chosen for 2nd N. Korea-U.S. summit: Trump

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Published on 20 Jan 2019, 4:11
트럼프 "비핵화 많은 진전... 2차정상회담 개최국 정했다"... 북미 실무협상 스웨덴서 진행 중
The location for the second summit between the leaders of North Korea and the U.S. seems to have been chosen... according to U.S. President Donald Trump... but he says he'll keep the information close to his chest for now.
President Trump did say, however, that the two sides have made a lot of progress concerning North Korea's denuclearization... with senior officials from both sides continuing talks to hammer out the details of the upcoming summit.
Kan Hyeong-woo reports.
North Korea and the United States have picked a country for their second summit,... which will take place near the end of February. But President Trump says the location will be announced later.

It's been widely speculated that the venue will be in Vietnam. Earlier this month, CNN cited a source familiar with the planning process who said that a White House scouting team has visited Bangkok, Hawaii... and the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi.

Speaking to reporters in Washington on Saturday, local time, Trump said he had an incredible meeting on Friday with North Korea's top negotiator Kim Yong-chol... and that both Kim Jong-un and Trump himself are very much looking forward to their next summit.

"We've made a lot of progress that has not been reported by the media but we have made a lot of progress as far as denuclearization is concerned. We're talking about a lot of different things but we've made tremendous progress that has not been reported unfortunately but it will be. Things are going very well with North Korea."

The focus is now on the follow-up negotitations,... which have kicked off in Sweden. North Korea's Vice Foreign Minister Choe Son-hui and U.S. Special Representative for North Korea Stephen Biegun met on Saturday local time in Stockholm. They are expected to discuss the logistics of the next summit.

South Korea's nuclear envoy Lee Do-hoon has also joined them in the Swedish capital for three-way talks,... which are likely to focus on setting a summit agenda. The three sides will continue their discussions until Tuesday.
Kan Hyeong-woo, Arirang News

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