Blood Moon explained in 20 seconds

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Published on 21 Jan 2019, 11:49
FULL moons and lunar eclipses have long been associated with various legends, myths and dark apocalyptic theories.

But what exactly is a Blood Moon, when can you next see one and when did the UK last experience one?

The term blood moon isn't a scientific term but one coined colloquially.

It refers to a total lunar eclipse because, when the moon is completely eclipsed it takes on a reddish colour.

During this eclipse, direct sunlight is completely blocked by the Earth's shadow.

The moon may turn a red or coppery colour during the total portion of an eclipse.

The red moon is possible because while the moon is in total shadow, some light from the sun passes through Earth's atmosphere and is bent toward the moon.

The only light which can be seen is refracted through the Earth's shadow and this light looks red just like with the sunset.

When was the last total lunar eclipse or blood moon and when is the next one?
A lunar eclipse took place on January 31, 2018, but it was not from the UK.

Stargazers in the UK had to make do with watching the event on a live stream.

The next total lunar eclipse which will be visible in the UK is on July 27, 2018.

Brits will be able to view the moon for around 103 minutes as the moon moves through the Earth's shadow.

Current estimates suggest the total lunar eclipse will begin at 7.30pm and end around 9.10pm.

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