Davos 2019: Bono on inclusive and sustainable development (LIVE)

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Published on 23 Jan 2019, 9:33
World leaders and top CEOs are meeting in Davos in Switzerland from January 22 to 25 to discuss how to steer policy amid worries of slowing economic growth, damaging trade wars and Brexit.

This year's theme is Globalisation 4.0 and leading figures such as Prince William and Sir David Attenborough are expected to attend alongside prime ministers and presidents. Here's the latest.

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos starts TODAY (January 22) and concludes on Friday, January 25.

For nearly 50 years, world business and political leaders have headed to the small Swiss village to discuss the future of the global economy with the collective mission statement of the organising body, the WEF, to "improve the state of the world”…

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Globalization 4.0 – what does it mean?

How old is Prince William, what is his surname and where do he and Kate Middleton live?

How old is Sir David Attenborough, who was his wife Jane, how many brothers does he have and what is Dynasties about?

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