How Red And Blue States Use Weed Differently

Published on 23 Jan 2019, 21:37
According to, "A U.S. state’s politics could be influencing how people use cannabis, suggests a new study out Wednesday from Columbia University. It found that liberal states had higher rates of pot use than conservative states, but conservative states had higher rates of harmful, addictive use. These differences could be seen among certain age groups whether a state had legalized the use of pot in any way or not." Lead Author Morgan Philbins told the press, "[T]hese state-specific cannabis laws exist within a broader policy context and that relationship had yet to be explored (e.g., a medical cannabis law in Hawaii exists within a very different state specific context than, say Arizona),” she told Gizmodo via email. “Other work (e.g., on LGBT rights and immigration) demonstrated that the policy climate as a whole can impact individual health outcomes and we wanted to explore if this was also the case for cannabis use.”

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