Kitchen Tools That Helped One Woman Lose 25 Pounds

Published on 5 Feb 2019, 14:07
Business Insider writer, Sally Kaplan, has lost about 25 pounds on Weight Watchers.
Even if you're not on a Weight Watchers diet, she swears by 12 kitchen tools that have helped her drop the pounds. They include:
1. An Instant Pot: She uses its 20 minute pressure-cooking function to batch cook healthy food, like beans, which she uses throughout the week.
2. A spiralizer: She mixes spiralized zucchini with regular spaghetti to pasta dishes so that she doesn't go overboard on her carb intake.
3. Non-stick baking sheet trays
Kaplan adds, "They allow you to use less oil when roasting veggies and meats."
Additional kitchen tools that she says have helped her in her weight loss journey include: meal prep containers, a NutriBullet high-powered blender and measuring spoons.

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