Brexit protocol on Northern Ireland

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Published on 12 Feb 2019, 21:41
Theresa May will today urge MPs to "hold our nerve" over Brexit talks as she pleads with them for more time to get a new deal sealed.

Ahead of another crunch set of crucial Commons debates on Thursday, the PM will beg her own MPs to give her more time to get an agreement that can be passed in the Commons.

She will tell them that talks are at a "crucial stage" but only by standing firm will we get the changes needed to get Brexit done on time - by March 29.

But some MPs think she's deliberately running down the clock to try and force them into backing her deal at the last moment.

The PM is still looking at how to replace the hated Northern Irish backstop with a new plan or to get the EU to agree it needs to be time limited and not trapping the UK in it forever...

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