Bernie Sanders Has Plans To Appeal To Minorities, Address Harassment

Published on 19 Feb 2019, 19:59
Sen. Bernie Sanders has announced his bid for 2020.
Business Insider reports Sanders will be encouraged to address the sexual harassment allegations linked to his previous bid for the presidency.
In 2016, the Vermont senator struggled to appeal to minority voters and was criticized for his lack of engagement with black and Latino communities.
In an interview on SiriusXM's **Make It Plain with Mark Thompson**, Sanders said he believes his message will "resonate" in African-American communities.
"It's going to be a message which says we've got to end institutional racism, we've got to pay special attention to those people who have been hard hit economically."
In an interview with Vermont Public Radio on Tuesday, Sanders said his campaign has a plan to address concerns surrounding the sexual harassment allegations.
"We are gonna be providing a whole lot of education ... and training to all of our employees, and we have on board as part of this campaign [a team who] deals with sexual harassment and discrimination."

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