Strapping a SHOTGUN to a drone

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Published on 1 Apr 2019, 14:08
Is it a bird? Is it a plane?


Those Russians have invented yet another terrifyingly brilliant killing machine by strapping a gun to a drone

The flying shotgun uses a vertical take off and landing procedure allowing it to be deployed in tight spaces.

It’s been developed by a state-owned manufacturer called Almaz Antey and it’s designed to take out other drones

This version has been described as a “prototype” however Foxtrot Alpha reports a patent has been filed.

Terrifying Russian-built robot which can fire GUNS is not a Terminator-like killing machine, insists deputy PM:

Russian military leaders unveil terrifying robot army including battle-ready android gunslinger:

These are Russia’s top 10 war machines that Vladimir Putin could lay waste to the West in minutes:

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