No Bet: Wagers Banned By ‘Jeopardy!’

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Published on 28 Apr 2019, 21:56
Jeopardy! hasn’t generated this much attention since Ken Jennings 74-game win streak back in 2004.
Thanks to James Holzhauer, who has changed the way the game is played thanks to his Daily Double strategy.
As of Friday, he’s already amassed $1,275,587 in winnings in just 17 days.
Believe it or not, there are certain amounts of wagers that are not allowed on the show.
Certain numbers are viewed as hypersexual or associated with white supremacy.
The totals? $69 for obvious reasons. $14, $88, and $1488 for association with neo-Nazi propaganda.
The final number banned from the show is $666 but $420 is actually allowed.

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