Biden’s Bad Record | Episode 191 (May 2, 2019)

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Published on 6 May 2019, 18:59
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In this episode we’ll talk about the rivalry between Bernie Sanders’ and Joe Biden’s teams when it comes to the issue of healthcare, how Biden got tag-teamed by Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, Jacob Wohl’s fabricated smear of Pete Buttigieg, and Mike talks to newly woke Peter Daou about his political awakening.

Biden and Bernie Having a Spat Over Medicare For All:
Insurances Increase Benefits as Bernie Threatens Them:
Warren Takes a Shot at Biden:
Texas V. Johnson Summary:
Watch the Full Video by ‘Spitting Back’ Here:
Bernie Makes the Case for Felons Voting Rights:
Jacob Wohl Fabricates False #MeToo Accusations Against Pete Buttigieg:
Follow Up to the Buttigieg Story:
Biden Sides With Trump on Venezuela:
Venezuela is Trump’s Proxy Battle with Russia:
Biden Calls For End to U.S. Support for Saudi-led War in Yemen:

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