Trump’s Lifetime Of Lies Comes Crashing Down

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Published on 12 May 2019, 21:00
The past few years haven’t been kind to Donald Trump, and he completely deserves it. The man has spent his entire life creating an image that has been revealed to be a complete con job. His businesses are failures, his net worth is overblown, and his presidency has been an utter failure by every stretch of the imagination. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains how things went so bad for Donald.

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You know, one of the best things about the Trump presidency is that it has destroyed the facade, the false image that this man, Donald Trump has been spending his entire life crafting for himself. You know, earlier this week we had that major New York Times report showing us the Donald Trump over the span of just a few years, lost $1 billion, billion dollars. He also ended up losing more money than any other individual taxpayer for at least two of those years. Nobody lost more money than him. This guy is a serial loser. Trump airlines, bankrupt Trump university, bankrupt and sued Trump steaks gone bankrupt. Trump casinos gone bankrupt. This man has spent his whole life failing, and yet for some reason the public always thought Donald. Even when we saw these stories in the news before he was ever into politics, we still thought, you know what? It's still a pretty successful guy. I'm pretty good guy.
His daddy gave him millions of dollars that he's squandered, that he lost, that he couldn't turn a profit on to save his life, and yet somehow he was always revered as some kind of great businessman. Why? Honestly, simply only because he told us he was. That was it. That was the only justification. You look back at that record at the number of bankruptcies and failed business attempts that this man has had at his tax losses, and I don't care what he says, like, Oh, well we, it was just a tax scam. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. The point is, where did the money go? Show us your current tax returns. Let us compare that. See what your net worth actually is, because I promise you it is nowhere near the what, 10 billion that you've said it is probably not even close. I'm willing to bet you're not even an actual billionaire, but Trump spent his entire life conning the American public and crafting this image that is now absolutely come crashing down.
We've learned that he cheats at golf, that he cheats on everything and everyone. The only people who don't seem to open their eyes to this and understand it are the people that actually show up to his rallies because yeah, you know what? There actually are some Trump supporters out there, people who will vote for Trump in 2020 who understand that it's all a ruse. They understand that he's a con man, but they're good little republicans and so they're going to vote for whatever republican is there. We've seen that in polls. They think he's not a good role model for children. They do think he interfered with the probes, the Mueller probe, they do think he's probably worth a lot less than he is, but dammit, they're going to vote for him again because they're Republicans and so is she now. I say now because he hasn't always been, he does whatever's politically and economically expedient for him.

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