Judge Smacks Down Trump’s Legal Team Over Pathetic Subpoena Argument

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Published on 15 May 2019, 18:00
A federal judge on Tuesday issued a stunning rebuke to Donald Trump’s lawyers who have sued to block a Congressional subpoena for Trump’s financial records. The judge told the lawyers that their argument wasn’t good enough and that they didn’t seem to understand what kind of powers Congress has in terms of oversight of the executive branch. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains what happened.
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Donald Trump's legal team was in court yesterday trying to convince a federal judge that they need to basically kill the subpoena that House Democrats had issued a to get Donald Trump's financial records. Luckily, this judge, uh, Ahmed Metta, a US district judge in Washington decided that, yeah, that's probably not going to happen because judge Metta actually understands not just the rule of law, but our system of checks and balances that we have in place. Uh, judge meadow was very quick to smack down the Trump team's legal arguments. See, the Trump team went in there trying to argue that, oh, Congress can't subpoena his financial records because it's not related to any pending legislation. And as such, they have no authority to do this because it's really just a political witch hunt. And the judge said, yeah, that's not how it works in Congress because Congress has a second job other than writing legislation.
Uh, their second job is actually oversight of the executive branch. You know, basic day one constitutional law type crap that Donald Trump's lawyers, we're hoping this federal judge didn't know about. But the judge did know about it. And the judge made sure to let Donald Trump's legal team know that and took the extra step of actually educating Donald Trump's lawyers on how things work. In fact, the judge went as far as to say, given the fact that Congress does have oversight authority of the executive branch, I don't know that I or anyone in the judicial branch should even be considering this issue because it's well established. Even by the Supreme Court. The judge said that, yes, Congress can do this. Judge went on to say that under your own reasoning, I don't know that the Whitewater investigation or the Watergate investigation could have taken place because neither of those were related to pending litigation or legislation.
Excuse me. However, after the judge issued is very stern rebuke to Donald Trump's legal team and their legal argument, he did say that, I'm not going to rule on this today. I'm going to take a few days. This is obviously a very important issue. I'm going to take my time on this and make sure I do this properly, which is to be honest, probably the right thing to do. I know a lot of us would have loved to have seen an issue of ruling come down right then where the judge said, nope, they can subpoena and get the hell out of my courtroom next please. You know, almost like a fast episode of a judge Judy. But Judge didn't do that. Jess, I'm going to take my time. It's a big issue. We're gonna wait it out. But here's the thing. Whatever this judge decides to rule, and to be honest, it's up in the air.

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